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2018-10-14 04:44:31 UTC  

I did make most of my normie friends watch the we wuz kangz video to explain what the black Israelites were. We have a coven of them in 5 points here.

2018-10-14 04:44:45 UTC  

mr metokur is a gamer

2018-10-14 04:44:52 UTC  

his whole brand was gamergate

2018-10-14 04:44:58 UTC  

@Nemets That's too esoteric for most people

2018-10-14 04:45:05 UTC  

But is he an ethnic gamer

2018-10-14 04:45:12 UTC  

black Israelites gather in covens, noted

2018-10-14 04:45:32 UTC  

@Deleted User Covens are too feminine

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2018-10-14 04:45:39 UTC  

China must apologize for the tocharians

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2018-10-14 04:45:46 UTC  

I usually refer to them as cells

2018-10-14 04:45:54 UTC  

A cell of black Israelites

2018-10-14 04:46:11 UTC  

We wuz sogdians n shiet

2018-10-14 04:46:15 UTC  

Uyghurs are sometimes born blonde/ginger and blue/green eyed.

2018-10-14 04:46:46 UTC  

Uyghurs are odd

2018-10-14 04:47:00 UTC  

I met a lot when I was studying at the university for ethnic minorities in Beijing

2018-10-14 04:47:17 UTC  

One of them who was trying to learn English picked the English name “Gretel”

2018-10-14 04:47:25 UTC  

They are being systematically exterminated by the Han. I'm sure PRC's Silicon Valley co-conspirators are taking notes and helping with logistics.

2018-10-14 04:47:30 UTC  

Unsure if confused or just next gen woke

2018-10-14 04:47:49 UTC  

@ophiuchus THey wanted the most Trad name possible lol

2018-10-14 04:47:52 UTC  

@Nemets Turkey must apologize for the Hittites.

2018-10-14 04:48:58 UTC  

Kinda already happened with the Manchus

2018-10-14 04:49:19 UTC  

The German Green Party is now neck-in-neck with the AfD. The folly of Germans never ceases to amaze me.

2018-10-14 04:49:39 UTC  

@Hakujin - CA Haven't seen you in a while!

2018-10-14 04:49:45 UTC  

The last dynasty of China was ethnic Manchu, but that language is spoken by less than 100 people I think now. That’s kind of Chinese history though- ethnically similar groups have been absorbed by the Han since forever.

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When I was in Germany I noticed this much, they are very stringent on rules and anyone who breaks them will receive the full vitriol of every single one of them.

2018-10-14 04:50:23 UTC  

Or any infringement on said rules is met with overwhelming punishment.

2018-10-14 04:50:35 UTC  

Remind me of Elites from Halo almost

2018-10-14 04:50:40 UTC  

@Nemets Doesn't matter. Turkey must apologize for the Hittites. Maybe "Egypt" (read: Arabs), too.

2018-10-14 04:50:51 UTC  

From what I saw atleast, I could be totally wrong of course.

2018-10-14 04:51:07 UTC  

There’s a lot of kids dressed up as Puyi if you ever go to the forbidden city. Kind of weird.

2018-10-14 04:51:15 UTC  

@Nemets There are explicit camps.

2018-10-14 04:51:26 UTC  

@ophiuchus Huh. Weird.

2018-10-14 04:51:45 UTC  

@Logan How've you been? How's the baby?

2018-10-14 04:52:09 UTC  

@Hakujin - CA Good he is happy and healthy

2018-10-14 04:52:19 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Has anyone looked for smokestacks in the satellite photos? <:redpill:439924063377555497>

2018-10-14 04:53:10 UTC  

I’ve heard he was a redhead too. Was that a real thing or just a process of the mummification?

2018-10-14 04:53:17 UTC  

(Ramses II)

2018-10-14 04:53:44 UTC  

@Logan I really hope we can meet up soon. Now that I'm on the new server it should be much easier.

2018-10-14 04:53:56 UTC  

@Nemets An apt metaphor.