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whats with this kid on a powertrip?

2018-03-30 22:24:18 UTC  

He is

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what do feminists actually want? @franti

2018-03-30 23:20:51 UTC

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2018-03-31 00:02:54 UTC  

Hogg is in for some serious karma. I hope he doesn't turn into a mass shooter once he realizes he fucked up his reputation forever.

2018-03-31 00:04:04 UTC  

I used to think of Anita or Quinn as terrible human beings, con artists, that use actual rape and sexual harassment victims for their personal gain.

2018-03-31 00:04:13 UTC  

But fuck, using dead kids is worse.

2018-03-31 00:22:19 UTC  

@franti Can you link me that site?

2018-03-31 00:22:30 UTC  

Yeah, i believe that too

2018-03-31 00:22:44 UTC  

still, i think he will become a professional activist

2018-03-31 00:22:52 UTC  

@Chloé Adsolution
He just went to bed

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that isnt 8 values

2018-03-31 00:23:41 UTC  

oks, idk then

2018-03-31 00:23:54 UTC  

Didn't you do 8 values already? @Chloé Adsolution

2018-03-31 02:57:50 UTC  

can i get a youtuber role?

2018-03-31 02:57:54 UTC  

i have 3k subs

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Has anybody been brave enough to compliment Harvey Weinsteins choice in women? Asia Argento and Selma Hayek are about as good looking as gals get, especially when they were young when he got them. Harvey we speak your name.

2018-03-31 03:04:04 UTC  

Is it safe to assume that most women who suck at acting got the poke?

2018-03-31 03:15:12 UTC  

pyro said something about dankula

2018-03-31 04:18:39 UTC  

I'm stoned in a Wendy's drive they line

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2018-03-31 04:39:56 UTC  

When are you not, Obelix?

2018-03-31 04:59:57 UTC  

When he is sleeping

2018-03-31 05:01:53 UTC  

*a r e y o u s u r e a b o u t t h a t*

2018-03-31 05:29:47 UTC  

Radeon is always some level of stoned

2018-03-31 05:48:06 UTC  

Amos gotta make dem coin

2018-03-31 05:49:13 UTC  

Amos kiddy fucker Yee?

2018-03-31 05:50:36 UTC  

First time I've heard from him this year

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2018-03-31 06:17:54 UTC  

Screeching harpies went through the comments section on *this* one 🤣

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you'd fucking *have* to in order to do that to yourself