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*team America theme music plays softly in the distance*

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We need to castrate the world to ensure the spread of American seed RT

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still thinking about this

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@Triple Hernan Candace Owens is being used as a wedge to help split apart the democrats by liasing with nigger celebrities

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Im an Alabama nigger and I wanna be free.

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T'hell with the NAACP

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Black people dont have to be Democrats

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Poopity Scoop

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Why is Nick being throttled

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Black people don't have to be black


gas all incels

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Incels have no excuse, tbh.

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Their forum is pretty funny though

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I bet his dad tries to wear matching super hero tshirts to the new Marvel™ (Disney®) movie

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Nick's being throttled because his brand of Paleoconservatism is the logical successor to Trumpism @Alphonsus same reason Jared Taylor is targeted not Spencer

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Ah. No worries then. I stand with Nick.

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Jared Taylor should begome

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Hey I’m not sure if this has been discussed before but how do you guys think the nick vs Ryan dawson thing is going to be pan out? It really doesn’t seem like Ryan is as stupid as nick thinks he is

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Dawson's politics is actually retarded tho

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His knowledge of the Jews is good but his ideas on race are laughably outdated

2018-05-09 18:46:08 UTC  

He has a Japanese wife right? And most likely has mixed race kids. You can hardly expect him to be a race warrior

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@Jeff2 sure yer man over on VDare has a chink wife as well what's his name

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Not the English lad the other guy

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Anyway it doesn't affect his position as a Paleocon, just means he isn't a spergy whignat

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So IBS is officially dead now?

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i guess so