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i see that bob is back


reminder to stay hydrated today, fellas.

don't fuck with broseph. big mistake!

Imagine being white an unable to get a job

has he shidded?

he just shit and pees himself

poop time

has he nudded

my mom

did lanius get ungulaged?

he literally did nothing wrong

ungulag my homie

why are white women obsessed with pit bulls?

do they want to fuck pit bulls?

Hiding doesn't allow shitposting fellas. No more fun


Mods are asleep. Braap post

> 1% battery life


I want to live on the edge @Deleted User




what was that



he prob gonna kill himself

are you gonna fuck her? @Deleted User


your mom

@Gregory Malchuk you like fish and chips?

Any of lads like fish and chips?

@Gregory Malchuk think next time when you want fish and chips


Mods are asleep br**p^ post

what the fuck are you guys watching?

i aint watching that

what is wrong with these people

dat ass


big ass = more cushin for the pushin

imagine not like big booty


what has australia ever done? Fight emus?

whos duane

wheres duane


Imma get some fries later for lunch

fuck the commonwealth

commonwealth? more like commongay


Stalin wasn't a communist so

its the same talking points against Stalin

makes you think


The jevvs created these talking points

how do you eat tea

Its 80 degrees out rn fellas. global warming

Lol imagine being a proud boy

this nigga couldn't even rip up a poster lmao

Proud boys, now that's a movement that will get us the promised ethnostate

we gotta ban libertarianism fellas

Libertarians think there's absolutely no societal issues until the government comes in

did hidling ungulaged you?

The gavin mcinnes types are the worse.

conservatism is the new punk!

its almost 90 degrees lads. global warming

new york

can't wait until later


global warming

having 2 gfs is pretty chad


3 wifes

3 wifes, 7 kids per wife

this is how we save the race

r*p^ isn't bad as long as she consents.

fucking hiding

he's not gulaged

im dating ex again lads. imma regret this

Imagine never dating a non-white in your life

1 word per hour

I've dated a spic and a Ukrainian through out school

Slavs are white

9,156 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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