Message from bigB in Nick Fuentes Server #general

2018-05-10 02:34:48 UTC  

fucking cringe bro

2018-05-10 02:34:56 UTC  


2018-05-10 02:34:59 UTC  

Who are you

2018-05-10 02:35:00 UTC  

You are literally too fucking dumb to converse with

2018-05-10 02:35:02 UTC  

You are new

2018-05-10 02:35:04 UTC  


2018-05-10 02:35:07 UTC  

thats all you say

2018-05-10 02:35:08 UTC  

Poast food instead!

2018-05-10 02:35:11 UTC  


2018-05-10 02:35:12 UTC  

I know for a fact one of the others did know he girl you’re talking about

2018-05-10 02:35:12 UTC  


2018-05-10 02:35:14 UTC  


2018-05-10 02:35:23 UTC  

lanius is the worst poster in this server

2018-05-10 02:35:26 UTC  

@Deleted User this mommy and daddy are fighting shit aint gonna work. but what is that

2018-05-10 02:35:27 UTC  


2018-05-10 02:35:28 UTC  

It's just he said she said let it go

2018-05-10 02:35:30 UTC  

You are literal human trash just stop talking and making a fool of yourself please.

2018-05-10 02:35:36 UTC  

@shinjitsu DM me the chick's username

2018-05-10 02:35:39 UTC  


2018-05-10 02:35:47 UTC  

At the end of the day, this all reflects terribly on Nick and that’s what he doesn’t want.

2018-05-10 02:35:47 UTC  

you literally don't know the context

2018-05-10 02:35:49 UTC  

No end your life pls

2018-05-10 02:35:59 UTC  

there you have it folks

2018-05-10 02:36:07 UTC  

nick is gonna nuke

2018-05-10 02:36:16 UTC  

I'll take you seriously if you can DM me the username

2018-05-10 02:36:24 UTC  

Nick probably should nuke this

2018-05-10 02:36:27 UTC  

why does some shitty discord make nick look bad he doesnt control what people put in it

2018-05-10 02:36:30 UTC  

There you have it retard groid talking about things he doesn’t understand or have the reading comprehension to get through a sentence with

2018-05-10 02:36:36 UTC  

I'm screenshoting everything you do

2018-05-10 02:36:38 UTC  

@dirt flakes saving the old tummy posts based

2018-05-10 02:36:42 UTC  

I love that one tbh

2018-05-10 02:36:52 UTC  

Pasta salad with crab meat and toasted buns with cheese, bacon and pineapple.

2018-05-10 02:36:53 UTC  

ain't it glorious?

2018-05-10 02:36:58 UTC  

its very good

2018-05-10 02:36:59 UTC  

Because if it’s your discord and you have people posting about rape, how do you think that makes you look?

2018-05-10 02:37:02 UTC  

Fuck man, wish i ate like that

2018-05-10 02:37:04 UTC  


2018-05-10 02:37:05 UTC  


2018-05-10 02:37:07 UTC  


2018-05-10 02:37:13 UTC  

@shinjitsu You're actually just a moron, you're not challenging anything I'm saying just calling me retarded.

2018-05-10 02:37:20 UTC  

tbh i had 2 bacon cheeseburgers half an hour ago