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is the a pro anime server?

is this a pro suicide server

i think i will follow that advice

why is this guy talking about kid penis

ok pce out boys im gonna do it

most of the people that got banned were not even rape posting

they just made fun of one of the mods sister

thats a joke

no it isnt

i saw the whole thing

a couple guys got banned for making fun of a mods sister the others got banned for posting nude pictures

alot of the people banned didnt rape post though

they just made fun of a mods sister

is being autistic ban worthy

not really my fight to be in i am just saying what i saw

i came in here 3 days ago

i saw everything that happened

i am talking about the people that got banned

i watch it all happen that day what they were doing

all i can say is once all those people got banned the memes became shit

and thats a crime

but not all the people that got banned rape posted

i guy named nick and a guy named slight

calm down

i was here before people got banned

but fuck you though lol

can this saxon guy post proof otherwise stop calling people pedos

why are there so many rules though

>literally calls the guy a rapist
"nah hes just asking questions"

this guy is calling people rapists

why does some shitty discord make nick look bad he doesnt control what people put in it


i saw you post interacial porn

i recognize your shitty profile pic you posted interracial porn

and telling people to not be degens? lol

its still disgusting

i would rather see a full blown orgy than a interracial couple without the dick being seen

you just called someone else degenerate

"that guys a degenerate" also "its ok for me to thirst over this young girl because its technically legal in my country"

whats going on big guy

isnt sam a kid

i have heard his voice before

is lanius an adult

if he is why is he sending a kid porn

w t f

so the guy calling others degenerates likes sending a 12 year old porn

w t f

w t f

w t f

w t f

but he is an adult isnt he

just because rape posting i doubt they think rape is ok

i joke about gassing jews it doesnt mean i want to gas jews

thinking rape is ok is better than sending a 12 year old boy porn

you freak

interracial porn which is the worst porn

he is a kid i have heard his voice

probably like 15

lanius doesnt understand memes

this lanius guy is a retard

i call it how i see it

ok so you still dont understand memes

ok retard

can we talk about how the lanius guy sends porn to a kid?

he went to Argentina

his skull was looked at and it was found out it wasnt his body in like 2009

and you are going to hell for sending porn to kids

HH? whats wrong with that i love hulk hogan

hulk hogan is a national treasure

hot take: you are all retards except joe

this is an israel first server

go away racist

kek my fellow kekistanis

white people are bad

remember slavery

dide you forget about slavery

your opinions are pretty problematic buddy

i love black people

our country needs to be more black

are you saying black people are stupid

nice pseudo science racist

have you seen wakanda


this retard has not even seen black panther

inbred racist

this is an israel first anti white server

your "truth" is black people are stupid and thats just racist so i discard your opinion

this is an individualist server

whats wrong with jews

cool it with the anti semitic remarks

jews rock!

how could you say bad things about jews when our greatest ally is literally the home land of jews

is this guy really a kike


a leaf and a kike

cool it with the anti semitic remarks

honest about what

that you a stupid inbred racist

we dont like racists around here

we will genocide racists all you genocidal nazis will die

cant believe racist nazis are sneaking into the israel first boss baby fan server


hitler lost and jews run the world shame nazi

also if you say jews run the world you are an anti semite so please leave

just throw roman salutes goyim it will work well for your movement

god lanius your posts are so fucking trash bring the old guys back

i am talking about the old guys that got banned


alt for who

i was here before the banning but i am alt

alright buddy

heaps of people

like 6 people

i dont remember their names

being naughty goys

you posted interracial porn shutup lanius

you just sucked mod dick and got let back in

yes i did

i came in 3 days before it happened

the memes were poppin

now all it is is this lanius guy thirst posting over... a girl in glowing shoes?

because the memes were good before

i was here for 3 days it was great then the mass banning happened and the server went to shit instantly

just let some of them it doesnt matter which ones because this chat has been garbage someone needs to drown out the shit that lanius posts

high quality is you posting the same memes everyday

yea whatever it was good went to shit instantly its all good i dont have any attachment to the server i am just saying what i have witnessed im not gonna post here again cya

only some guys rape posted

the other guys posted a naked thanos pic making fun of a mod

because i was there when it happened


i watched what they posted

who exactly are pagans

tell us

i come in and people are calling people pagans

who are pagans

what a bunch of lies

tell us who are pagans

i will go look

where are the pagans

that is not proof of pagans

fucking show me retard\

you are a liar

those guys are catholics

whos alt

tell me

also tell me who are pagans

and i will be on your side

you are saying people are pagans but have no proof


someone said you have proof of pagans

can you post it

i know one of the guys was a pagan and that was ulf but the others were not pagans

called it

so one guy is a pagan


like i already said before you posted it

yes of one guy

i thought like 10 people were banned

you are saying all the people are pagans because of one retard

yes and fuck ulf

but why are you saying all the guys are pagans you dishonest piece of shit

ban the pagan retard ulf but stop calling people pagans that are fucking christians

what is he

one retard is a pagan "THEY ARE ALL PAGAN POSTING"

get some more then

you guys are slandering christians as pagans its fucking disgusting fuck lanius

there is a reason no more screenshots are shown

learn to tag people idiot

out of what

10 people

"they are all pagan posting"

see i tagged myself

you are retarded

imagine being that low IQ

yes it does

those guys are obviously pagan but you are throwing everyone in with it

2 autists pagan post and you slander a bunch of people to get nick to like you and hate them

kill yourself

oh so he just lied instead

its still a lie

2 people pagan post

2 people pagan post and you slander a bunch of people to try and trick nick into hating them all

which is not true

not true

most of them are christians

who do you know they were not defending our lord

you only have one part of the conversation

not the aftermath


reminder that lanius is a lying piece of shit that fucking lies about nickers

how are they not loyal

they were fucking banned retard

its not like they chose to leave

i am not arguing that hiding

people got banned for posting porn meanwhile lanius posted interracial porn and acts innocent kill yourself you lying sack of shit just ban all kiwis

kiwis are the real jews

never trust an anglo

the eternal anglo

lanius telling nick they were pagan posting snitching on other nickers when it was 2 retards and he slanders 10 fucking christian nickers in the process just to suck off nick

nice way to alienate a bunch of pay pigs lanius

"they are all pagan posting"

2 retards

slanders 10 christian nickers

he deleted it hiding already knows about it

stop being a retard hiding already knows about it

then you act innocent and call others degenerate

you are a pos

of a black guy pounding a white girl you just couldnt see the tits and dick

it was disgusting

are you stupid

he admits to it and hiding says its true

you are a retard

oh so is hiding not trustworthy and the person that posted it admits it? @shinjitsu

because al lthe things we ask evidence for havent been deleted

see he agrees

is this enough proof

a screenshot of him admitting it


theres your proof

i would rather see something nude then non nude of a massive black guy fucking a white girl

its disgusting

even i said ulf was a pagan before he posted the screenshots

297 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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