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2018-05-14 23:46:35 UTC  

and the immigration reforms we want

2018-05-14 23:46:36 UTC  

i think we can all agree on that

2018-05-14 23:46:41 UTC  

There's four millions Jews in Israel, without the US they get turned to lampshades in a year

2018-05-14 23:46:46 UTC  

It's going to be Israel plus USA vs world....

2018-05-14 23:46:52 UTC  

Oy vey

2018-05-14 23:47:02 UTC  

marcus is now the blackpilled biznatch

2018-05-14 23:47:17 UTC  

is "Talking with a feminist" any good

2018-05-14 23:47:17 UTC  

It was always going to be USA for themselves anyway

2018-05-14 23:47:36 UTC  

Nick tweeted that Sheldon Andelson or whatever donated 30 million to republicans because of the iran deal.

2018-05-14 23:47:39 UTC  


2018-05-14 23:47:46 UTC  

ya know I somehow doubt he actually said this

2018-05-14 23:47:52 UTC  

Adelson is tight with Trump

2018-05-14 23:48:01 UTC  

Good buds

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2018-05-14 23:48:51 UTC  
2018-05-14 23:49:01 UTC  

Can you recommend a good pocket knife

2018-05-14 23:49:27 UTC  

Kang cutter XL

2018-05-14 23:51:09 UTC  


2018-05-14 23:51:34 UTC  

i like my cold steel voyager

2018-05-14 23:51:42 UTC  

but i dunno anything about knives

2018-05-14 23:52:07 UTC

2018-05-14 23:52:51 UTC  

I figured Joe the nigger would have an idea

2018-05-14 23:55:25 UTC  


2018-05-14 23:55:38 UTC  

u can ask me in second amendment chat like a good bitch @Deleted User

2018-05-14 23:55:41 UTC  

@Deleted User Mora knives are really good

2018-05-14 23:56:07 UTC  

@Joe the boomer drink toilet water nigga

2018-05-14 23:56:16 UTC  

Economic prices and I've had one for four years doing all sorts of shit jobs and its still in excellent condition

2018-05-14 23:56:22 UTC  

I'm on a Rhodesia rant on another server. Thoughts on Rhodesia, gents?

2018-05-14 23:56:34 UTC  

All the good Anglos went there

2018-05-14 23:56:41 UTC  

Dindu nothin wrong

2018-05-14 23:56:55 UTC  

@Fat Negro

2018-05-14 23:57:14 UTC  

im gunna get hektor a plastic pocket knife

2018-05-14 23:57:27 UTC  

@Alphonsus there's an essay on Rhodesia that's very good two mins I'll find it and pot it in realpolitik

2018-05-14 23:57:56 UTC  

I'd still take you down easy with it

2018-05-14 23:57:57 UTC  

Gotcha, thanks.

2018-05-14 23:58:09 UTC  

I'm a big Rhodiephile.

2018-05-14 23:58:56 UTC  

I'm hugely disappointed my country didn't support Rhodesia. Colonialism is the way