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the virgin toddler should fear the chad pitbull

2018-05-16 04:14:25 UTC  

My friend has pitbulls

2018-05-16 04:14:33 UTC  

Total degenerate

bet you have gay friends too

2018-05-16 04:15:03 UTC  

Why would I want any straight friend s

2018-05-16 04:15:06 UTC  

Thatā€™s gay

2018-05-16 04:15:11 UTC  

Hot take

>real libertarian flag
>not "no step on snek flag"

2018-05-16 04:17:55 UTC  

I have a gadsen flag in my room

2018-05-16 04:20:02 UTC  

Destiny discord has a channel for trap and anime porn

2018-05-16 04:20:09 UTC  

of course

2018-05-16 04:20:12 UTC  


2018-05-16 04:20:47 UTC

2018-05-16 04:26:34 UTC  

The best part is that tumblr women think they are owning society by not having kids

2018-05-16 04:29:31 UTC  

And if they do have kids they sterilize them with HRT

2018-05-16 04:30:06 UTC  

Very fucked

2018-05-16 04:30:24 UTC  

The people that do that should unironicslly be jailed or killed

2018-05-16 04:30:39 UTC  


gib benis

2018-05-16 04:43:56 UTC  

What do you hear

2018-05-16 04:44:29 UTC  

I canā€™t tell if this is a troll or not but I hear one thing and one thing only

tfw no irl spartan program

2018-05-16 04:50:47 UTC  

@here go listen to that tweet

2018-05-16 04:51:05 UTC  

tfw no irl chemical castration for gays program

2018-05-16 04:51:55 UTC  

@shinjitsu That shit says Laurel

2018-05-16 04:52:01 UTC  

How the fuck do you hear Yanny

2018-05-16 04:52:09 UTC  

I hear laurel too

2018-05-16 04:52:23 UTC  

Is this some stupid blue dress gold dress bullshit

2018-05-16 04:52:29 UTC  

I can only hear yanny if itā€™s slowed to like .1x speed

2018-05-16 04:52:32 UTC  


2018-05-16 04:52:48 UTC  

Gold white people hear laurel

2018-05-16 04:53:01 UTC  

Blue fags hear yanny

2018-05-16 04:53:37 UTC  

@Joe the boomer What they talking about