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2020-12-04 20:49:11 UTC  

Happy Friday y’all! Hope everyone has a great weekend ☺️

2020-12-04 20:50:21 UTC  

Did anyone see this ?? The lady [email protected] video is outed. She’s So proud

2020-12-06 02:03:22 UTC  

I seen this but didn't know if it was real or not. Wouldn't surprise me tho

2020-12-06 02:03:34 UTC  

I saw someone say it isn’t

2020-12-06 02:03:47 UTC  

But it sounds like her. Loved her livestream video

2020-12-06 02:04:01 UTC  

Awww man, u see that 🤣🤣🤣

2020-12-16 02:41:52 UTC  

It’s Christmas cookie decorating night and I have fired the wife from the gingerbread men and I’ve taken over

2020-12-16 02:41:56 UTC

2021-01-07 00:43:49 UTC  


2021-01-08 15:36:43 UTC  

It's Friday 😀

2021-01-08 16:31:00 UTC  

“Do not repeat the tactics which have gained you one victory, but let your methods be regulated by the infinite variety of circumstances.”
#theArtOfWar #NotAfraid

2021-01-08 21:23:57 UTC  

Names to remember...

2021-01-11 03:18:57 UTC  

How do I connect with more people?

2021-01-13 15:50:00 UTC  

"Largely symbolic"

2021-01-13 19:53:43 UTC  

Trump used the Stafford act in March. From what i have read he has 1 year to use it however he wants. He's never rescinded the declaration of national disaster. From my understanding it places director dhs and fema over the office working under him. Dhs director resigned. All left now is FEMA. is that right.?

2021-01-13 20:00:41 UTC  

The thing is none of our lives are worth a dime at this point they are calling Trump supporters out.

2021-01-13 21:06:13 UTC  

Indictments Beginning: Comey, Brennan (Treason), Loretta Lynch, Paige, Stroyk, Rosenstein, Susan Rice, Baker, McCabe, Ohr, Sally Yates, Clapper, 4 CIA operatives, Strzok

2021-01-13 21:08:16 UTC  

Can we see these??

2021-01-13 23:28:28 UTC  

BOOM BOOM BOOM video above is old

2021-01-13 23:30:05 UTC  
2021-01-13 23:30:24 UTC  

Released today

2021-01-13 23:34:53 UTC  

I think this is also old. Not as certain as the previous video.

2021-01-13 23:35:45 UTC  

barrLeave of absense not resigned. This is old defintely old

2021-01-13 23:36:38 UTC  

So quick to dimiss...

2021-01-13 23:39:00 UTC  

President Trump just addressed the nation about violence, urging all to stay peaceful. The groundwork is now set for "The Insurrection Act" if he should choose to use it.

2021-01-13 23:43:55 UTC  
2021-01-13 23:46:45 UTC  

TRUMP just sent his My fellow American speech at BOOTUBE White House gov

2021-01-13 23:47:47 UTC  

@David__ You are aware of pre recorded???? It was released today 😁

2021-01-13 23:52:51 UTC  

If you have not prepared, get food and water. Hunker down if you can, stay safe...pray...GOD BLESS AMERICA.

2021-01-14 00:08:27 UTC  

Re-released today