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2021-01-11 23:46:26 UTC  

Dum dum DUMMMMM!

2021-01-11 23:54:13 UTC  

No answer yet.

2021-01-11 23:57:43 UTC  

Question ⁉️
Does anyone know the exact day the 45 days of this 'redline' Bill Trump veto'd
????? Trying to organize my clock on the 45 days thingy of hold on anything in Bill

2021-01-11 23:58:25 UTC  

I'm confused cause they over rode his veto but the redline is still active

2021-01-12 00:01:57 UTC  

I'm not sure

2021-01-12 00:02:26 UTC  

But if your dealing with a renegade, criminal congress, I don't think anything they are doing matters

2021-01-12 00:03:45 UTC  

Agree 💯 was asking for @OldLady and her husband @TNS cause they like the Watch and calender tracking.....
Thanks for any comments 😊

2021-01-12 00:04:00 UTC  

Interesting the House just quit and ajorned when Pelosi phoned in asking they appoint someone as speaker until she gets back(from where?), then shes gone. This was supposed to be the day of impeachment

2021-01-12 00:04:18 UTC  

Instead, Pelosi is AWOL and made one last phonecall before vanishing off the face of the earth

2021-01-12 00:05:15 UTC  

#WheresNancy is trending on Twitter or was after that incident

2021-01-12 00:05:20 UTC  

Military in control I would imagine.

2021-01-12 00:05:45 UTC  

Yes, grabbing them like Batman from the Nolan Trilogy. Boom, gone, boom gone

2021-01-12 00:05:56 UTC  

No announcment, no fanfare, just arrested and gone

2021-01-12 00:06:29 UTC  

Nancy must have seen something before they got her, but she didn't have time for anything else

2021-01-12 00:06:44 UTC  

Strange congress decided NOT to do what she said and just went home

2021-01-12 00:14:07 UTC  

Pelosi: I'm going to be...gone for awile can you appoint X as temporary speaker?

2021-01-12 00:14:17 UTC  

House: No, we are going home

2021-01-12 00:14:22 UTC  

Verrrrry strange

2021-01-12 01:02:45 UTC  

Smells like arrests

2021-01-12 01:04:11 UTC  

Sry tapped wrong one at first, this is the ALERT 😃

2021-01-12 01:30:25 UTC  

He is using the state of emergency from last year to bring in troops(or rather explain the presence of 7200+ National Guard in DC

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2021-01-12 01:48:24 UTC  

Was wondering about that too. If Trump is 45, then why is this the 59th?

2021-01-12 01:49:38 UTC  

59th....yeah that is really weird

2021-01-12 01:51:02 UTC  

59th inauguration guys. Multiple terms for some prezs as far as I can think of

2021-01-12 02:14:29 UTC

2021-01-12 02:14:37 UTC  

I forgot about this.

2021-01-12 02:16:44 UTC  

I remember that one. When the censorship of Covid was heating up

2021-01-12 02:17:27 UTC  

back then twitter said "Read how mail in ballots are safe and succure" underneath the president's tweets

2021-01-12 02:17:45 UTC  

And fact checks on facebook of covid counter narratives

2021-01-12 02:18:27 UTC  

Then in July banning of America's frontline doctors, highwire program on youtube, and supreme crackdown on images on fb showing anti-lockdown demonstrations anywhere

2021-01-12 02:18:50 UTC  

While Donald Trump will be the 45th president, he will be only the 44th person — the 44th male — to actually hold the job.

Recall that President Grover Cleveland served two non-consecutive terms: He won election in 1884, lost in 1888, and won again in 1892 — so he is considered both the 22nd and 24th president.

2021-01-12 02:18:51 UTC  

Then in August, removal of "Child's voice" from amazon prime video, then Qanon crackdown

2021-01-12 02:19:13 UTC  

True Ivan

2021-01-12 02:20:36 UTC  

LoL 😆
Government tries soooooo hard on complicating everything....
I'm betting they have a 20 person think tank just on how to wipe their azzes 🤦🤦🤦🤦😂

2021-01-12 02:43:46 UTC  

I'm assuming use of the old March state of emergency is being used for the Troop pressence in DC. I mean im no constitutional expert, but since there are at least five states worth of Nat Guard in DC, that is only possible with the nationalization of the Guard, via Insurrection Act no?

2021-01-12 02:44:01 UTC  

I understand(Q said this once) that Marines often work with Nat guard