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2019-01-15 06:27:02 UTC  

@Logan where was that link supposed to take me?

2019-01-15 06:27:47 UTC  

Right @Nemets that’s what I understood

2019-01-15 06:28:01 UTC  

corporate groups like gillette? <:really:453005408064241674>

2019-01-15 06:28:36 UTC  

@Jacob I don't know. You may have hep c if you typed it in

2019-01-15 06:28:38 UTC  

when corporations are willing to sacrifice millions to be "woke" it makes me question their real motives

2019-01-15 06:29:39 UTC  

uhhh I guess I'll just buy everything store brand at WinCo from now on

2019-01-15 06:29:52 UTC  

employee owned, so I support whatever the employees' political opinions are

2019-01-15 06:30:06 UTC  

which are probably average American political opinions

2019-01-15 06:31:05 UTC  

Globo homo needs a rebrand. Homotalism? Woke Inc.?

2019-01-15 06:31:07 UTC  

nah, they're too afraid of media and sjws

2019-01-15 06:31:51 UTC  

also, look at gillette coincidental board

2019-01-15 06:32:38 UTC  

@Nemets always count me in for a boycott and phone calls.
but after 3-4 years, i've seen how our side doesn't have the fire that the left does at times

2019-01-15 06:32:45 UTC  

we're too busy working and being productive

2019-01-15 06:33:25 UTC  

to be honest

2019-01-15 06:33:37 UTC  

I don't think working and being productive is an excuse not to do little things like call

2019-01-15 06:33:50 UTC  

I mean sure you should never let politics interfere with being productive

2019-01-15 06:34:22 UTC  

but at-home "activism" that takes 5 minutes like upvoting a Reddit thread or making a phone call isn't really stopping anyone from being productive

2019-01-15 06:35:18 UTC  

to drum up support, our side needs enthusiasm.
and we need to stop putting our faith in donald and other politicians

2019-01-15 06:35:55 UTC  

as soon as he's out, the GOP will fold like a wet blanket

2019-01-15 06:41:21 UTC  

hope one day we'll be able to afford our own full-time protestors

2019-01-15 06:41:57 UTC  

steve king folded and will be on his way out

2019-01-15 06:42:23 UTC  

I saw he talked on the floor today but how hard did he fold @Goose ?

2019-01-15 06:42:25 UTC  

someone like steve scalise is a good template to push further

2019-01-15 06:42:44 UTC  

@fgtveassassin eh typical talking points, but he's been removed from his committee positions

2019-01-15 06:43:30 UTC  

scalise has been in trouble for his "racist" past and has always let it roll off his back.
he's very anti-left, especially since he got shot

2019-01-15 06:43:35 UTC  

I expected typical politician disavowal of WN though, did he go further?

2019-01-15 06:43:43 UTC  

@Goose he’s just out of his committee appointments right they can’t just kick him out of the house???

2019-01-15 06:43:49 UTC  

@fgtveassassin no nothing major

2019-01-15 06:44:11 UTC  

@VinceChaos i don't believe so, but then again it's not like the left abides by laws

2019-01-15 06:45:55 UTC  

meming politicians is the only practical sollution i can think of.
these narcissits live for public affection.
look at lindsey grahm during the kavanaugh debacle

2019-01-15 06:47:13 UTC  

the entire reason AOC is passionately supported is because she's young and energetic.
people don't care if she's right or wrong, they just enjoy her.
same reason trump got in because he bucked the system

2019-01-15 06:47:22 UTC  

people are tired of the niceties

2019-01-15 06:47:43 UTC  

‘McCarthy, R-Calif., called King's remarks "beneath the dignity of the Party of Lincoln and the United States of America."’
Wtf do you know about Lincoln, mofo

2019-01-15 06:48:03 UTC  

i can't roll my eyes hard enough

2019-01-15 06:48:20 UTC  

I hope the Republicans don't tear themselves apart over this

2019-01-15 06:48:49 UTC  

Hopefully Democrats tear themselves apart first

2019-01-15 06:48:50 UTC  

Imagine being a normie republican after seeing what the left is doing

2019-01-15 06:49:21 UTC  

Imagine being

2019-01-15 06:49:49 UTC  

We live (in a society)

2019-01-15 06:50:56 UTC  

I only know Inglewood from that song about how “California knows how to party”