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2019-02-10 01:04:18 UTC  

Boosting our numbers through reproduction is essential.

2019-02-10 01:04:21 UTC  

If you opt out of having a legacy, that's on you

2019-02-10 01:04:59 UTC  

Atomistic philosophy. We have to treat each other as members of an extended family.

2019-02-10 01:05:12 UTC  

A brother's loss is a loss for us.

2019-02-10 01:06:50 UTC  

I'm afraid most whites will never see our people as an extended family until neo-liberalism has come to an end.

2019-02-10 01:07:46 UTC  

Indeed, and until then we should look out for each other.

2019-02-10 01:08:36 UTC  

And we've lost our strength of will due to bourgeois softness

2019-02-10 01:09:22 UTC  

I have a girl I intend to marry and have kids with, and I encourage everyone in this group to do the same.

2019-02-10 01:09:37 UTC  

Bring up your children with our values and they’ll be warriors for the cause.

2019-02-10 01:09:51 UTC  

Even if you’re afraid of the risks, the benefits far outweigh them.

2019-02-10 01:10:32 UTC  

The question is how do you find somebody attractive (physically and intellectually) who hasn’t been subverted

2019-02-10 01:10:53 UTC  

Everyone's been subverted

2019-02-10 01:11:05 UTC  

Basically all the white girls I know are NPCs

2019-02-10 01:11:05 UTC  

Make yourself attractive. Develop your value as a male and attractive women will change their philosophy for you.

2019-02-10 01:11:16 UTC  

I speak from experience.

2019-02-10 01:11:39 UTC  

A good wife is made, not stumbled upon.

2019-02-10 01:11:41 UTC  

My problem is all the girls I meet in college are not feminine. Why did girls replace nice dresses with those awful yoga pants as everyday wear?🤔

2019-02-10 01:11:52 UTC  

Lift, make money, develop your social skills. Red Pill has good advice on that but it’s a means to an end and the end should be marriage and child rearing.

2019-02-10 01:12:13 UTC  

DairyMaxx speaks the truth.

2019-02-10 01:12:21 UTC  

I’ll take your word for it, I just haven’t seen evidence of it personally. Then again I am just an incoming college student

2019-02-10 01:12:24 UTC  

Women follow your lead.

2019-02-10 01:12:59 UTC  

College girls are often some of the worst available women

2019-02-10 01:13:13 UTC  

In fact a guy who has the balls to rebel against the dominant social structure and not give a shit is an attractive quality.

2019-02-10 01:14:07 UTC  

It irks me how many go to study worthless things like sociology

2019-02-10 01:14:34 UTC  

Sociology and psychology major are big red flag.

2019-02-10 01:14:37 UTC  

Doesn't irk me. Just how women are.

2019-02-10 01:14:42 UTC  

And the ones in engineering are usually the masculine feminist types

2019-02-10 01:14:43 UTC  

You blame them for having a maternal instinct?

2019-02-10 01:14:44 UTC  

They study gender/feminist studies

2019-02-10 01:14:59 UTC  

They're just brainwashed by the dominant society. Women are awful submissive toward the status quo.

2019-02-10 01:15:04 UTC  

No, I’m saying they shouldn’t go to college if they’re studying useless things

2019-02-10 01:15:29 UTC  

I don't think they should go to college at all

2019-02-10 01:15:38 UTC  


2019-02-10 01:15:41 UTC  

Of course they're studying useless things. They don't think college is for learning. They go for social opportunities and because it's something they're "supposed" to do.

2019-02-10 01:16:12 UTC  

Personally I never blame women for anything. I blame men for creating a society that misleads them and not having the balls for standing up against it.

2019-02-10 01:16:49 UTC  

Why did the men before us allow all this to happen? @Ryonne

2019-02-10 01:17:11 UTC  

I ask myself that everyday

2019-02-10 01:17:38 UTC  

I have no clue what the answer is

2019-02-10 01:18:45 UTC  

No prenup no marriage for me

2019-02-10 01:19:13 UTC  

Look at the history of the 20th century. Study that and it gives you the answer.