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trolling f33sh in behind the visible again?

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also, on another note, according to temple grandin's logic, if you teach an autistic how to hunt and etc. then they'll have little to no problems surviving in the wilderness.

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The current Navy secretary not that controlled op faggot

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FBI’s McCabe Leaked Intel About Seth Rich, New Lawsuit Says via @realmattcouch

What struck me today was the involvement of his brother Aaron in the seth rich evidence

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i have a theory on 'the 10 days of darkness' ...i don't think it's 10 days in 1 area, i think it's 10 cities(since we've had at least 2-3 already) in the past 2-3 days

I suspect exfiltration operations 😃

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plenty of them

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@TechBorn the link to SB2 article is in the description as well.

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We all know who Comey is. What I find funny is the political message here insinuating he is against POTUS, therefore he is for Killary and validates his fuckery and coverups. What’s deeper, and perhaps scary in a sense, is who is he activating and for what purpose in this tweet.

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u think he's poking at trump..what he's really saying is he's not in the usa

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On the surface sure. But under the layers he is communicating with someone to do something.

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Just gotta write this idea down and you can quote me:

Spygate/Deepstate is a method used by the powerful and elite to funnel tax collected dollars around the world at the same time other world governments do the same. The rich stay rich. The powerful remain powerful and the politicians remain in office.

It’s a multifront laundering/outsourcing of wealth scattered which becomes untraceable at a certain point.

This has been around for a long time. This has been going on long before Trump.

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#Live #JayLive We will sue swiftly over new #Asylum rules !
#TuesdayThoughts #BorderCrisis

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if it's 1,700 yrs old..why does it look like it's written on plywood