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2018-06-30 08:51:07 UTC  

not just muh catcheism

2018-06-30 08:51:13 UTC  

he didnt even give a guarentee

2018-06-30 08:51:18 UTC  

just a judegement call based on gods love

2018-06-30 08:51:54 UTC  

I agree with you. I'm just saying the pope was probably cucking. Also, I watched the clip a while back, he asked the kid "Would God let a man like your father go to heaven". So He didn't give a definitive statement. More of just made it like he was implying otherwise

2018-06-30 08:52:06 UTC  

go to hell*

2018-06-30 08:52:19 UTC  

Yeah, I see that he could have been tactfully avoiding telling the harder truth

2018-06-30 08:53:31 UTC  

Yeet, where does the church say that? just out of curiosity

2018-06-30 09:00:18 UTC  

2018-06-30 09:17:34 UTC  

really makes you think

2018-06-30 09:21:22 UTC  

as a pagan

2018-06-30 09:22:22 UTC  


2018-06-30 09:22:26 UTC  

fuentes is an aztec pagan

2018-06-30 09:26:09 UTC  


2018-06-30 09:37:14 UTC  

fuentes is mescan

2018-06-30 09:37:19 UTC  

retweet if u agree

2018-06-30 09:39:53 UTC  

> Be english, a pack of apes attempt to break into your house

2018-06-30 09:40:13 UTC  

> Defend yourself (no gun of course its illegal) call one of them a nigger

2018-06-30 09:40:29 UTC  

> Police come and detain you for racially aggravated assault

2018-06-30 09:40:30 UTC  

>"a gang"

2018-06-30 09:40:35 UTC  

i bet they were all white

2018-06-30 09:40:41 UTC  

smdh fucking England needs to be more inclusive

2018-06-30 09:41:33 UTC  


2018-06-30 09:44:56 UTC  

2018-06-30 10:11:32 UTC  

@everyone hey where are my Chicago nibbas at?

2018-06-30 10:13:08 UTC  

Nick you ever sleep mate

2018-06-30 10:13:53 UTC  


2018-06-30 10:14:54 UTC  

i sense discrimination against Long Island nibbas

2018-06-30 10:15:30 UTC  

Yeah. The whole civil war 2.0 meme keeps me up tbh. I just feel restless these days

2018-06-30 10:15:59 UTC  

You yanks best have a plan to head south when things get bad

2018-06-30 10:16:08 UTC  

i'm deep in blue country

2018-06-30 10:16:14 UTC  

but luckily no one here has any guns so i should be safe

2018-06-30 10:16:21 UTC  

Supreme Emperor Cuomo has seen to that

2018-06-30 10:16:45 UTC  

No guns = total safety huh, woah

2018-06-30 10:16:50 UTC  

Sleep is for homosexuals and pagans

2018-06-30 10:17:28 UTC  

are all pagans not homosexuals?

2018-06-30 10:17:28 UTC  

when the civil war starts and one side literally has nogunz, i think it's safe to assume which side is going to win