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That's all I have to say

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Thank you for coming to my Ted talk

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How do time zones work in that model though

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That map makes no sense

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That was a fake. If can not see it with your own eyes, you need glasses. Good luck

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Why r People dum

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@Salade like people who blindly believe they are on a spinning water ball inside an infinite vacuum?

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I think he means more like people who believe we're on a big infinite plate

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Lol yeah

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@Bear. i dont think anything is infinite.

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I wish to be enlightened about the flat earth

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can some1 answer my questions

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<@221423521824374785> - not many are intentially liying -- for, many are simply -> teaching (or "regurgitating") what THEY TOO have been "aught/shown or told to teach" etc

and ... also ...many people are "compartmentalized" certain "businesses" and are on a "need to know" basis, and..many of the "higher ups" feel that many others DONT NEED TO KNOW - m'kay
yes you do see like a "cone" -- with physical eyes
and -- you cannot see the sun "at night" etc, because it is TOO FAR AWAY across the plance (earth)
-- the sun is a small local light (reflection of light)

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the "stars" are much much higher for one thingie, m'kay

-- and, ...? being in an "airplane" ..aka higher altitiudes,'re STILL going to have a "vanishing point" ..and or aka Horizon line, ..and ..the sun will be beyond that!
-- being "higher altitude" only extends that visible/visual "range" , more than you being closer to ground level ___

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watch the vid, rather than me composing novels
for a "VISUAL" topic

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small sun

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ok, one more time for the _slow-learners_

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i am a "domer" so i say its inside the dome, or a layer of dome, sure

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<@172482928457023488> that is flat earth society non sense

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<@172482928457023488> against the rules

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But what about earth 2

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also a sphere

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@✧Mike Flatbird (Mike Blackbird)✧ but the horizon is not 15 metres away, its around 5 kilometers away. The lines that would be seen from a side view would be really close to parallel

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Looking for a copy of a map of flat earth that I can charter flights plans with if that makes sense?

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All maps are flat

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Choose your poison

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Hello I am new to the flat life

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How does night and day work

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The sun is close. It cant light the entire earth at once

2019-03-20 13:38:35 UTC  

When does the sun light the entire earth ?

@Citizen Z am looking for a map that the Flat earther people use to give to a local pilot in order to charter a Flight course and its fuel cost. Am a very affluent person and this year I am planning on taking a trip around the world using a local pilot who I have used many times. I got talking to him about my idea he seem to want in on this but for health and safety he need to chart a flight plan and give it to UK CAA group in order to get the go ahead. It would be very useful to have that map that you guys use as the normal one I have post is meant to be wrong or something when I looked into this.

Also the map we have been looking at is this one. can you tell me is this the one people use if so we can make a sort of flight plan from it.

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