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you're a SLEEPWALKER though ..so ..how can you be "tired"?

lols -- Go back to bed _you're sleepwalking again_ . .

maneuvers? -- all i see (from that) is **manure** .. 💩

@Kebab Removalist -- Are you promoting Balls Earth, in that film 🤔

--See,..even "Mee6" likes my Discussions ✔
..He just promoted me to Level 1 because of that last post 👌
knuh'mean doe

Care to carry it over unto <#484515890759729182>
--and get your ass paddled (smacked)? 😃

AssTroll "fish-sticks" huh? 🤔

@Kebab Removalist - dunt bee sofa king we todd did

i have so many -- im bursting at the seams

-- What time we going Livestream, kiddo ?

i dont have time for texting - lets go livestream, m'kay

--or go finish playing in your sandbox ...

*winks -- heres MY "Matrix" vid, and Shrek soundtrack combined, lol ; )

v( '.' )v

Spank you very much

😃 /
i jus might! yeap...

..be bk soon, ..couple mins......

jus coming back
** hmm scrolled thru posts, ..hmm wow ..is Father's Day 2moro (Today)? 🤔
wow dang lol i didnt know that
that-that was comin up

i hear ya
hmm 2nite though ..i got Vodka and OJ
hmm an' a touch of whipped cream
hence makes it go from "Screwdriver" to a "Creamsicle"

im a Virgo

-- born of a Virgin

eh you dont want me to post /compose Novels about that, here n now, ..m'kay

more indoctrination : /

-- and heh ..seems the more "edge-0-muhCated" (lol), ..people are?...the more likely they are to remain asheep

*asheep and or asleep

i love FF

Final Fantasy

G'n Bro @Citizen Z
hope u have a pleasant rest my'man

Heres that vid real quick
that eYe was talkn bout lol..
nice one...

yeah its pretty cool
a viral vid too, ...like almost 9million views etc

ha..yeah COOl, right Mitch?!! @[Ex-Mitch] 21.2.19

Gnight Gwench
Have a goody

Bird/s yes

but heheh..i didnt catch what the Q for the voting even was/is

"vote" for what exactly 😃

what was the Q about

far as what tho

3D graphics, or
*oh, nvm ..i see

hmm cool - sounds good

have you made a/any Birds yet or

oh wow, yeah thats cool

hoo did?


ahh hey ! teehee.. There's MrJ
Howya doin bro

🌠 nice

lulz-- i got a few InMe already doe 😉

whutchyu sippin on tnite doe?-- @Mr.J

me, ...couple vodkas and OJ's
wid..whipped cream tho,..of course

Hmm -- heartfelt, passionate, n Soulfull discourse huh
sounds lovely 2me



hmm i gotta make me anudder......

.... 😮 <:giggle:485714802123997184>

@Mr.J - sounds good
im up fer a lil chat ifya want sure
yeah i'll swoosh in there inna cupl , k

*sorry--took a lil long/er
yeah -- was juss multitaskin and finishin up some sidetasks for the night -- to cap it off, so i can be situated
-- hmm Yeah,.. ...gettin jussa lil late... type shizz... but... yeap 😃 sure!.. love to talk to ya n see how MrJ's doin/been 👌

teehee 😊 yep
oh , and heh.. my man @shroominati ! ..with the "weeeee"'s and the "wheeeees" ; )
-- lols,.. my man shroomi has been known for that, for a while, ..huh bro ; ) giggles
*Yep, i used to see ya postin **_weeeeeee_** , a lot back in the day/s : D

__Yeah, (for any onlookers) ...sorry on the (green) "Trollface" (Gif pic up there)..teehee, ..but, ..only reason i even posted that was because of the conversation right before/above it__ ↑ 👌
and thought it would be funny : )

k ✔
thanks -- jus syn

🤔 ...

@DrPeper -- uh please keep your satanic content InYourOwn personal files, ok please -- um lets not get overboard or outtahand with things -- its not necessary or needed and will not produce any good results for that matter --

you're truly sitting here 'minimizing' it, huh 🤔
nah.. **that** is what's the "sad" thing here \

if i dont wanna see "gore" pics etc, ..then ...i should be able to be free from that here, in this public place etc

*im using a relevant Analogy^

smarten up man : /

im not even Christian , nor religious, at all
to being with

-- I am, though, however, ..a very Spiritual Being

3rd line (now u know)

n please dont think its just "me" -- im sure others wouldn't appreciate such content etc -- if they were to see it, or..or saw it
-- But ...i have addressed (and confronted)-it perhaps FOR **them**
-- See , ..so

Have a Splendid night...

there are Tricks that get Played and Spells that get Casted, in this World my Bro @Citizen Z
-- and sigh .. Its a Deep & vast Topic for one (Me) to even sit here and begin to try to post about it - or explain it, n give examples, of 'how-so' : /

-- ok, and with-that-said , ..hmm welp, perhaps that "meme" wouldnt've been too bad? , ..if there were NoOneElse to post "under" it *(referring to what that particular meme stated and implied, etc) , because then .. Anyone and/or EveryOne would've been totally in-the-clear, and with no harmful things brought onto them, whether big or small, or, whether in this physical experience (lifetime) ..or the Afterwards , ..and thus would've been soley on him, her, or the person that posted the particular content , ..along with - __their__ "intent/intentions" , that are usually Embedded within→ what people → post and say and present and think about, etc the list goes on -- This is a so-called "strange" world (for lack of better word or term, at this moment), and that people dont even seem to be RealEyesing, and or..they're 'underestimating' such things --

We should all be mindful & aware that Things 'happen' through yes→ "Thoughts and Intent" -- ThoughtsBecomeThings,(and more+),.. but.. im trying not to compose a small book about it here lol :/
-- But, ..as harmless, or minimal as some things can (seemingly) 'appear' perhaps on the surface, or at face-value, can actaully be more sinister and wicked (if negativity would be the case, for the particuar example), ..could be more→ "such and such" / or sinister wicked or hidden unpleasant surprises than people'd realize at 'that' particular time -- But, ..i say?→ why risk it..why gamble ..why take those kinds of chances, to be blantanly put in Harm's Way, even if perhaps on a metaphysical and spiritual level or to have possible bad consequences and or bad karma handed-off to someone, -- and to risk a possibilty of an innocent being momentarily might've had their Armor down or off to the side, or were caught-off-guard etc

lol a "TL;DR" version of it -- "Things" ,that people say, do, think about, reflect on, contemplate on, ..write, say, type, text, post, upload, ETC, ..have more of an "effect/affect/impact" on outcomes and events than most (majority) of people assume/think/believe/or know about/or understand about ..at least at this point in their "life" and development of one's "being" (self)

Welp -- if (what, or, anything i just wrote) if any of it seems stupid or crazy etc, ...one could perhaps try to look at it this way .. lol as "art" (since we're in the Art-Gallery room) huh
--- So, perhaps ...if at the very least ...think of this as poetic , arts & crafts and or arts and literature✍
Liberal Arts , too
-- But, **eYe** likes to **Thinks**that peoples can understand and **See** the 'picture' eye am painting (painted)
for the palette is colorfull and the brushstrokes are broad 💨

perhaps the multiple "@ everyones" about it though, were a lil Spammy..
just sayn doe...

wow .. room stays quiet till i start posting 🤣

wow, ...i just spent 5 mins on that
* (BOT got me) 🤖
-- said .. 'message contained 13 newlines' and.. it deleted my post x D

poof 💨

--welp lol, ..was tryna offer my Tech help ✔
i work in the tech field *(as some know, ..but..others dont), so, ..eh ..i was gonna offer my assistance, free of charge, ..if anyone ever needed.
was gonna say ..just message me..if you (ANYone) have any→ computer or tech problems

-- but eh..i guess everyones on phones nowadays, and not desktop/laptops, so ...eh.... guess my tech-expertise isnt needed round Discord giggle..

k -- guess i'll minimize Dcord (to my Taskbar) again....n .. get my arse _back to work lols......_
-- k, see yas a lill later on! : D 👋

^ i dunno! but, lulz, dont feel bad!..i got attacked too!
. . attacked--by a Tomato, out in the other room juss now <:tomato:486195703706681345>

<:bahahaha:485147430740951041> 💥

---said i had too many lines, .."message contained 13 newlines"
and poof 💨 [deleted my message] ...😮

guessn it means---i gotta stick to **One-liners** ✍ lol

(Hopes Yahs like that BloggieBlog i wrote further up there)↑ lulz?
✍ Nopes..wont be anymore of'doze round here -anymore :x :

🤔 that Vortex Bot aint gettin u guys for lengthy posts huh
-- It got Me though ..juss an hour ago, lol smh, ..
-- yep,.. and deleted my whole post/"paragraph" that i wrote ...
hmm strange then, ..i dunno..........

am **Lookin Over Things**
-- looks2 **Be** some **Good** reads **Here** 👍

Hey yep though -- juss wanna say right quick, ..hmm might wanna be **on Yah's** safe **side** before **Yah's** Send or **Enter** and "copy" (what Yahs wrote) , heheh yeah copy **and** /or paste, 2**Be**Safe, ..'case that TomatoBot zaps the **whole** comment/paragraph n goes Poof 💨
**and** woods have to compose a whole **new** one HeHe
lol giggle
knuh'mean doe sayn ; )
-- k; ) **_Much love_** . . .

<:tomato:486195703706681345> <:giggle:485714802123997184>

lulz, ~Ikr?!, ...TomatoBot <:snapsnap:484956825863585792> struck again

<:tomato:486195703706681345> n' got meh 💥 ( > . < ) <:oof:485078292723138572>
```They Got me, Johnny, ..they got me```


🤘 😆
```you've been,..Thun-Der-Struckkk!! ♪♫♫```

@Soldz (CF) whutchya sellin 🤔 (lols)...

@The Gwench - "Flat Earth Surf" ...will be in there (over there) inna seccy, k .....

wait, uh oh, ... lols? ...cant create links now

eh maybe theres a universal one. somewhere huh ...i'll take a lookey around ...

▬ what do we do, ..use the one in <#484513001626664972> ? or

seemed i was able to create links 2 days ago

Anybody around? lol

@Soldz (CF) -- Do you see option to be able to make 'invite links' ?
(for > any rooms)

-- ah, ok..thanks you 👌
* was checking to see if was only me lol

@Soldz (CF) it→ 'was' there though.. at least a day or two ago, .. i remember making one
-- oh ok though thanks -- Guess i'll just perhaps pass along the other one

I guess no moderators been watching for the past 10 mins that ive been asking my questions lol sheesh lol...

* (thinks for a minute)
Ahh , perhaps there's some SuperGreat voicechat going on somewhere this evening (it seems)

🗣 📢 <:lul:484994724118134784>


oh, and btw ...was gonna say..

you can use the one i just used, if you want
its the "main" one, i guess

found in→ <#484513001626664972>

... <:snapsnap:484956825863585792> @Soldz (CF) i just added you as a friend ❗

lol -- **__hows THAT__** for some _"next Level" shizzz!!!_

; )

haha ...Giggily Pics ; )

-- Gonna warm-me-up a fesh _Cuppa_ . .

was bouts to say .. anyone need a Refill

@Soldz (CF) - Tea huh
what flavors

- me, ..not so much 'hot' tea, ..i like iced-tea though
more so > rasberry iced-tea


speaking of..

did i just hear this shit right, the other day?...

they trying to say "kids" can friggn SELL > Lemonade? or have Lemonade stands? n stuff, ..without a friggn Permit/s ? 🤔

-- Anyone else hear that?

*just got back..from grabbing my cuppa

so, ..wait what? ...whats not common

oh, ...other countries dont have kids with little "lemonade stands"? selling lemonade drinks?

how about "garage sales/lawn sales" then? ...they gonna try making us/people get "permits" for those?

"permit" to sell a Car in your lawn or driveway?

need a "permit" to sell anything now? ..or wuhh...

i juss dont get it..

🗣 📢 😱
```you cant HANDLE the Truthhhhhhh```

well --- i swear to tell da hole tooth and nuttin butt da'tooth 👌

Ha .."Mee6" loved me for that comment ✔
🆙 📶

<< ciggy 🚬

@I-VaPE-ChEMtrAiLS 🍞 🤔
you'd .. sit down and "break bread" with'em, huh! ; )

...or drive each other bananas

i have a verty "fitting" (fitting/relative/related) audio file >excerpt
along those lines

lemme dig it out

*Oh, n ...its only a short one, ..only like a minute or two in length, ...

taking me a minute, to locate it, ..smh i must've changed the Title

i'll find it inna seccy tho..

found it..

did you listen to that Nat

cant "play" mp3 files ..right in an embedded audio player, on phone app version of Dc?

** i'd like to know that answer too , please, ..bc ..ive been wondering about that -- for reasons

@I-VaPE-ChEMtrAiLS - not what i asked 😃

is there a "play button" ...for :audio files, on phone app version of Dc

ah ok -- thats what i was asking

computer version, ..Ya can play vids and or "audio" files right __within__ Dc

@I-VaPE-ChEMtrAiLS - lol, guess what though

you're in luck ANYWAYS! <:giggle:485714802123997184>

that "audio clip" i just posted? ...its on YT too, ...

vid on flatbird channel
with "bird in house" (black and white colored), ..for the vid thumbnail

titled lol "flat earthers, stop fighting each other Dammit"! 😆

-- Eh, i thought maybe you'd be interested in hearing that --its jussa lil clip (audio)
-- and..had to do with exactly what you were talking about..moments ago

Alright, ...
hey ..i'll post the vid/Url, ..and...you click it, ..and ...i'll delete it 'from here' ..after like 30 seconds, ok?
yep tell me when yer ready

* yep - we were talking about guitar playing & singing earlier yep thats right
-- @FlatEarthSurf -- that tune?.. on my vid ..a FE Starman?, ..heheh yeah nah Bro, i can sing (well), but..not like that ; )

--- that's a Billy Thorpe ♪♫ tune

Children Of The Sun

-- Seems to fit well with the vid (visuals) too huh

(song-- fits 'well' with Me2) ...but..thats a SideSubject though

ha ...we were just talking about Guitar, and singing, and.. that Classic Rock tune (tune we just mentioned) , and lols ..at first glane ..i thought you were about to mention the Zepplin tune "Going To California" ♪♫ <:coolsun:485147409903517696>

* hehe ..i do..play that one too though heheh

-- Ah, out there, .. ANh ..i aint going for that nah

--HA though .."Winter" out there (Denver)-during the conference? ..haha ..Me?..im from Syracuse new york, ... 😆 / lols we make "National News" 3-times a year... for our snowstorms and blizzards

we're the "snowiest" major city/urban area in the whole country lol

(only some "country towns" beat us) but yeah -- teehee

aw really? !

i didnt catch the news or nuttin
-- Did it have a "name"

-- hey tho Bro ..Glad you're Safe & Ok 👍

ha ..knocked a lotta coconuts down : D

that partz kinda funny↑

. -- i hope no deaths or injuries

Any reports?

u surf?
oh, ..duh... got it right in yer username ; )

😉 👍

oh yeah ! it is!
>> Florida?! is the __FLATTEST__ State in usa



AHH, yeah! ..thoseee things
"wave pools"
yep uh huh ✔

-- yeah, cool man, ..thats frign awesome

cool - sounds real nice

ehh..speaking of "cool" ...pfft ..today was hot & muggy lol smh

@Soldz (CF) :atheist"? lol? then..why do you have those "religious" type of roles and other things like that then! x D

heheh Got ya <:snapsnap:484956825863585792>

* that post (response) didnt make sense

ah,,, i think i get what you're saying now...

* other room ..thought you said ...theres no god except for the big bang, or something,
ahh - so.... by "Creationist" ...you're suggesting the big bang is the creationist?? heheh
@Soldz (CF)

@Soldz (CF) - What about the "flat earther" role then? :)
hmm? ... Flat Earth is a 'result' of a big bang? -- or ?

(out there in other room) -- you now say (said) "god, (or, something) " > started the 'big-bang'? ...but yet..take a look at what you said here > https://prnt.sc/kqb9kc

who or 'what' made/created "the big bang" ..in your opinion/belief though -- is what im trying to ask n figure out 😃

could it have been some sort of "being"?-- or

-- "around" where 🤔

-- So, ...you're saying .... the 'who and/or what'.. that made the 'big bang' happen,.. is 'dead' or something?
-- Was it "alive" before it died? - Was it ever (what you'd call) "alive"? what kind of "life" did "it" have, like was it "physical"? -- Was it a "conscious and/or aware" "thing or being or other" ?
-- Or

you're saying - _He wants us to do what "He Wants"_ ..??

-- Is 'what' "He Wants", "Good"??...
....does "He Want" us _ToBe-&-Do_ "Good"? ---or?

-- 🤔 Hmm, and yet.. out of like "10 posts" here, just now, from you--tonight, ....that was the 'only' of them that you "@-mentioned" me and highlighted my username etc, huh ??
-- Ahh, but ..That's just "coincidental" by you though huh lmfao smh

- lols, ..hmm would'nt be tryna play Tricks
..are ya <:snapsnap:484956825863585792> <:meow:486193903427649547>

🤔 ..ohh? - you're out?
--hmm,.. **didnt even know you were IN?**

-wait, ..that's right...you come "in"
<:snapsnap:484956825863585792> <:lul:484994724118134784> *when it's time to spam da'Links 🤣 ☝

same ole routine : /

Catch ya next TripAroundTheBlock when you're getting ready to go "on" <:bahahaha:485147430740951041> k!

<:snapsnap:484956825863585792> <:megalul:485077677175472148>

lol ..server after server after server... uses&abuses ...

thanks for gracing us with your presence today, Dan 👌

make sure not to look "in" on ANY 'server' that you're on, ...only wait until you wanna 'drive around the racetrack' spammin (& dropping in)-yer "livestream links" then bounccing 💨

thanks BUNCHES ✔

_Always a Pleasure_ . .

step off the horsemanuer, Dan
Im a very Observant bird

ive been on Dc for 1-year anniversary this month of August

I've shared about 10 - 15 mutal servers with you

i know you and your um "routiune" _like-a-book_ ..

been smokin again tnite my man? 🤔

what part didnt you understand, about that all?

i know your dsicord routine like a book, yes

its like CLOCKWORK

i can set my kitchen Clock to it

you stay away from "Dc" until its time to "peep in" and spam you, or excuse me "post" your upcoming ("about to go live) LINK/s

when you're about ready to "go live ..you zip around dcord and spam it
-- We dont see you Befpore OR after
only > during
thats it

point is? you came here..say im (you're) "out".. so ..i called u on yer shit, and says ..i/we didnt know you were "In"

come on man, who you think you're foolin? silly wabbit

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