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you're a SLEEPWALKER though ..so ..how can you be "tired"?

lols -- Go back to bed _you're sleepwalking again_ . .

maneuvers? -- all i see (from that) is **manure** .. 💩

@Kebab Removalist -- Are you promoting Balls Earth, in that film 🤔

--See,..even "Mee6" likes my Discussions ✔
..He just promoted me to Level 1 because of that last post 👌
knuh'mean doe

Care to carry it over unto <#484515890759729182>
--and get your ass paddled (smacked)? 😃

AssTroll "fish-sticks" huh? 🤔

@Kebab Removalist - dunt bee sofa king we todd did

i have so many -- im bursting at the seams

-- What time we going Livestream, kiddo ?

i dont have time for texting - lets go livestream, m'kay

--or go finish playing in your sandbox ...

*winks -- heres MY "Matrix" vid, and Shrek soundtrack combined, lol ; )

v( '.' )v

Spank you very much

😃 /
i jus might! yeap...

..be bk soon, ..couple mins......

jus coming back
** hmm scrolled thru posts, ..hmm wow ..is Father's Day 2moro (Today)? 🤔
wow dang lol i didnt know that
that-that was comin up

i hear ya
hmm 2nite though ..i got Vodka and OJ
hmm an' a touch of whipped cream
hence makes it go from "Screwdriver" to a "Creamsicle"

im a Virgo

-- born of a Virgin

eh you dont want me to post /compose Novels about that, here n now, ..m'kay

more indoctrination : /

-- and heh ..seems the more "edge-0-muhCated" (lol), ..people are?...the more likely they are to remain asheep

*asheep and or asleep

i love FF

Final Fantasy

G'n Bro @Citizen Z
hope u have a pleasant rest my'man

Heres that vid real quick
that eYe was talkn bout lol..
nice one...

yeah its pretty cool
a viral vid too, ...like almost 9million views etc

ha..yeah COOl, right Mitch?!! @[Ex-Mitch] 21.2.19

Gnight Gwench
Have a goody

Bird/s yes

but heheh..i didnt catch what the Q for the voting even was/is

"vote" for what exactly 😃

what was the Q about

far as what tho

3D graphics, or
*oh, nvm ..i see

hmm cool - sounds good

have you made a/any Birds yet or

oh wow, yeah thats cool

hoo did?


ahh hey ! teehee.. There's MrJ
Howya doin bro

🌠 nice

lulz-- i got a few InMe already doe 😉

whutchyu sippin on tnite doe?-- @Mr.J

me, ...couple vodkas and OJ's
wid..whipped cream tho,..of course

Hmm -- heartfelt, passionate, n Soulfull discourse huh
sounds lovely 2me



hmm i gotta make me anudder......

.... 😮 <:giggle:485714802123997184>

@Mr.J - sounds good
im up fer a lil chat ifya want sure
yeah i'll swoosh in there inna cupl , k

*sorry--took a lil long/er
yeah -- was juss multitaskin and finishin up some sidetasks for the night -- to cap it off, so i can be situated
-- hmm Yeah,.. ...gettin jussa lil late... type shizz... but... yeap 😃 sure!.. love to talk to ya n see how MrJ's doin/been 👌

teehee 😊 yep
oh , and heh.. my man @shroominati ! ..with the "weeeee"'s and the "wheeeees" ; )
-- lols,.. my man shroomi has been known for that, for a while, ..huh bro ; ) giggles
*Yep, i used to see ya postin **_weeeeeee_** , a lot back in the day/s : D

__Yeah, (for any onlookers) ...sorry on the (green) "Trollface" (Gif pic up there)..teehee, ..but, ..only reason i even posted that was because of the conversation right before/above it__ ↑ 👌
and thought it would be funny : )

k ✔
thanks -- jus syn

🤔 ...

@DrPeper -- uh please keep your satanic content InYourOwn personal files, ok please -- um lets not get overboard or outtahand with things -- its not necessary or needed and will not produce any good results for that matter --

you're truly sitting here 'minimizing' it, huh 🤔
nah.. **that** is what's the "sad" thing here \

if i dont wanna see "gore" pics etc, ..then ...i should be able to be free from that here, in this public place etc

*im using a relevant Analogy^

smarten up man : /

im not even Christian , nor religious, at all
to being with

-- I am, though, however, ..a very Spiritual Being

3rd line (now u know)

n please dont think its just "me" -- im sure others wouldn't appreciate such content etc -- if they were to see it, or..or saw it
-- But ...i have addressed (and confronted)-it perhaps FOR **them**
-- See , ..so

Have a Splendid night...

there are Tricks that get Played and Spells that get Casted, in this World my Bro @Citizen Z
-- and sigh .. Its a Deep & vast Topic for one (Me) to even sit here and begin to try to post about it - or explain it, n give examples, of 'how-so' : /

-- ok, and with-that-said , ..hmm welp, perhaps that "meme" wouldnt've been too bad? , ..if there were NoOneElse to post "under" it *(referring to what that particular meme stated and implied, etc) , because then .. Anyone and/or EveryOne would've been totally in-the-clear, and with no harmful things brought onto them, whether big or small, or, whether in this physical experience (lifetime) ..or the Afterwards , ..and thus would've been soley on him, her, or the person that posted the particular content , ..along with - __their__ "intent/intentions" , that are usually Embedded within→ what people → post and say and present and think about, etc the list goes on -- This is a so-called "strange" world (for lack of better word or term, at this moment), and that people dont even seem to be RealEyesing, and or..they're 'underestimating' such things --

We should all be mindful & aware that Things 'happen' through yes→ "Thoughts and Intent" -- ThoughtsBecomeThings,(and more+),.. but.. im trying not to compose a small book about it here lol :/
-- But, ..as harmless, or minimal as some things can (seemingly) 'appear' perhaps on the surface, or at face-value, can actaully be more sinister and wicked (if negativity would be the case, for the particuar example), ..could be more→ "such and such" / or sinister wicked or hidden unpleasant surprises than people'd realize at 'that' particular time -- But, ..i say?→ why risk it..why gamble ..why take those kinds of chances, to be blantanly put in Harm's Way, even if perhaps on a metaphysical and spiritual level or to have possible bad consequences and or bad karma handed-off to someone, -- and to risk a possibilty of an innocent being momentarily might've had their Armor down or off to the side, or were caught-off-guard etc

lol a "TL;DR" version of it -- "Things" ,that people say, do, think about, reflect on, contemplate on, ..write, say, type, text, post, upload, ETC, ..have more of an "effect/affect/impact" on outcomes and events than most (majority) of people assume/think/believe/or know about/or understand about ..at least at this point in their "life" and development of one's "being" (self)

Welp -- if (what, or, anything i just wrote) if any of it seems stupid or crazy etc, ...one could perhaps try to look at it this way .. lol as "art" (since we're in the Art-Gallery room) huh
--- So, perhaps ...if at the very least ...think of this as poetic , arts & crafts and or arts and literature✍
Liberal Arts , too
-- But, **eYe** likes to **Thinks**that peoples can understand and **See** the 'picture' eye am painting (painted)
for the palette is colorfull and the brushstrokes are broad 💨

perhaps the multiple "@ everyones" about it though, were a lil Spammy..
just sayn doe...

wow .. room stays quiet till i start posting 🤣

wow, ...i just spent 5 mins on that
* (BOT got me) 🤖
-- said .. 'message contained 13 newlines' and.. it deleted my post x D

poof 💨

--welp lol, ..was tryna offer my Tech help ✔
i work in the tech field *(as some know, ..but..others dont), so, ..eh ..i was gonna offer my assistance, free of charge, ..if anyone ever needed.
was gonna say ..just message me..if you (ANYone) have any→ computer or tech problems

-- but eh..i guess everyones on phones nowadays, and not desktop/laptops, so ...eh.... guess my tech-expertise isnt needed round Discord giggle..

k -- guess i'll minimize Dcord (to my Taskbar) again....n .. get my arse _back to work lols......_
-- k, see yas a lill later on! : D 👋

^ i dunno! but, lulz, dont feel bad!..i got attacked too!
. . attacked--by a Tomato, out in the other room juss now <:tomato:486195703706681345>

21,618 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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