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2019-04-07 19:05:33 UTC  

Alright, @The pizza has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

2019-04-07 19:05:34 UTC  

What about the moon hmmmm?

2019-04-07 19:06:02 UTC  

@×Iwnz× What about the moon? Haven't been there.

2019-04-07 19:06:11 UTC  

poor lad dealing with trolls, so sad. and im the guy who completely disagrees with him

2019-04-07 19:06:13 UTC  

jesus calm down im sureit's wrong then because solar echlipses are obviously a thing dumbass

2019-04-07 19:06:24 UTC  

@Biga S Astrolabe

2019-04-07 19:06:31 UTC  

No personal attacks rule 4 you said go f yourself to biga s but you wont get punished since this is biased for flat earthers @🍄The Mad Philosopher🍄

2019-04-07 19:06:41 UTC  

I agree you should be banned

2019-04-07 19:06:50 UTC  


2019-04-07 19:06:51 UTC  

this is a shame

2019-04-07 19:06:52 UTC  

@🍄The Mad Philosopher🍄 you can see it at full moon right?

2019-04-07 19:06:55 UTC  

But this is biased

2019-04-07 19:06:57 UTC  

Predicted for millennia @Biga S Astrolabe

2019-04-07 19:06:58 UTC  

im sorry but the second insults are brought into an argument, both lost

2019-04-07 19:06:59 UTC  

@The pizza what do you say we push him off the edge?

2019-04-07 19:07:04 UTC  


2019-04-07 19:07:15 UTC  

@The pizza Piss off

2019-04-07 19:07:16 UTC  

@Biga S Please show me your experiment that proves mass causes acceleration

2019-04-07 19:07:22 UTC  

Concern trolling

2019-04-07 19:07:29 UTC  


2019-04-07 19:07:30 UTC  

ohh waiit NASA is guarding the edge we can't go there darn it

2019-04-07 19:07:32 UTC  

And another rule violation @🍄The Mad Philosopher🍄

2019-04-07 19:07:47 UTC  

Piss off @The pizza

2019-04-07 19:07:49 UTC  

well @🍄The Mad Philosopher🍄 i guess nasa SAVED YOU

2019-04-07 19:08:01 UTC  

NASA hasn't done shit for me

2019-04-07 19:08:05 UTC  

All pilots scientists are being paid by Nasa! by flat earth logic

2019-04-07 19:08:05 UTC  

@Biga S It's actually the Chillean, South African and New Zealand air forces who do most of the conservation air patrols

2019-04-07 19:08:25 UTC  

No one's answering my question

2019-04-07 19:08:36 UTC  

What was it?

2019-04-07 19:08:40 UTC  

You deliberately refuse the existence of an Astrolabe that predicts anything you think it cannot @Biga S

2019-04-07 19:08:43 UTC  

everyone! stop arguing! we globers should go back to our nasa lying schools and get paid to lie to everyone, WE DONT HAVE TIME FOR THESE TRUTH SEEKERS!!!

2019-04-07 19:09:29 UTC  

You are also discounting the Saros Cycle that still to this day predicts Lunar eclipses, created when everybody thought the Earth was flat.

2019-04-07 19:09:31 UTC  

Hey can i report someone breaking the rules? who are the mods?

2019-04-07 19:09:41 UTC

2019-04-07 19:09:42 UTC  

yeah me too

2019-04-07 19:09:51 UTC  

@×Iwnz× Do You not see the amount of people here trying to talk? You're not seriously expecting every mod to get to every single question or comment posted by every single other member are you?

2019-04-07 19:09:59 UTC  

@The pizza Yes of course thank you for reporting Biga S for scientific fraud I will ban him at once

2019-04-07 19:10:01 UTC  

@Seeker of Truth your mind is like the earth! flat

2019-04-07 19:10:14 UTC  

<:lul:484994724118134784> <:lul:484994724118134784> <:lul:484994724118134784>

2019-04-07 19:10:15 UTC  

>>mute @Biga S