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I have a question

If the government has indoctrinated the world being round (assuming it is flat). Why does it matter. If the government has that kind of control, how the hell are you special. If the government had that operative then why would they let insignificant civilians like you know the "truth". If anything you are just a variant of a different lie. No truth.

Any opposition?

So, the earth being flat is not truth

maybe round isn't either. but thats not why im talking

Understood thanks

Ni||ce car||ar



Nice car


You were too lazy to read that it spelled Nice Car, settle down. I am not another troll

pinging @everyone usually works

Gamer more like gay-er than normal, victory royale time

This is a very nice debate

hes gone


Kieth is gone ๐Ÿฆ€


lol wot

Welp there goes civil conversation


@ะผฮนัฮฑgั” not what I said, but probally obama in the great lizard migration of 89

Atheism is still religion fyi


Atheism is the religion of "no afterlife and science is everything"

gay frogs are in fact holy


ok im out cya

ummm, its called the dead sea scrolls? No other historical record besides the bible can be traced so far back with proof.

wow lol


I do find it a lot easier to debate via text but ill hop in and listne for a second

Ghandi was also kinda a horrible person

don't ask me, look it up



nice picture, but not evidence.

@YouRYou you are doing this all wrong. The will keep refuting your sources all day long. Have them explain the surroundings like other planets, seasons, magnetism, atmosphere. Then they don't have answers, or at least provable ones.

How so

I can have access to telescopes powerful enough (not even that powerful) that can see the curvature and roundess of other planets. @๐Ÿ„The Mad Philosopher๐Ÿ„

How is our planet not the same

Outside of any government bullshit, how is our planet different.

Its called a circle. all of them **all** circles always moving around

That is called a sphere, since we can pinpoint they are rotating

Only with a one eyed telescope it is

Yes I can

Im all good

Can i finish please?

Friend of mine spenk a good 15k on some badass telescope, being very interested in that field. over the course of a month I could very very clearly see the only discernable landmark leave out field of view slowly.

I never botherd to take pics, but I would be obliged to, come the oppertunity

Of course it doesn't

Cause thats just a theory. **A flat earth theory**

That has nothing to do with our conversation and I refuse to humor you, sorry.

No, that ball is not rotating.

Please don't die

Tell that to disney, but honestly nothing wrong at all with researching yourself, good for you.

oh nice

I got my friend to send me his pics he took last month through it, idoit even color corrected them.

so wait wait wait, @๐Ÿ„The Mad Philosopher๐Ÿ„ What else in the world is happening if I can get pictures like these

If the surface of the planet *seems* to rotate, what else is happening. @๐Ÿ„The Mad Philosopher๐Ÿ„

<@515812437446885390> @Maharg so where did my grandparents go on their boating trip last year.

ok nvm sorry I thought you were being serious

Seeing how I am not going to believe nothing, I am going to believe that it is rotating, instead of Martians rearranging the surface to *seem* like it @๐Ÿ„The Mad Philosopher๐Ÿ„

But anyways, nice argument. Whether or not I agree with you has nothing to do with the fact that you know how to craft an argument. @๐Ÿ„The Mad Philosopher๐Ÿ„ so goodbye


its just another word if it doesn't offend people

then, not funny

@Lil nugget google doesn't provide info,

so it isn't a source

It just shows other sources, sometimes rather nicely in broswer


Lol epic gamer out here trying to use logic in an argument, poor lad.

it doesn't work


ok here, **why else do we fall back down, YOU explain**

not us, its your theory


or mexico

jesus christ, just because you believe something is fake doesn't make you special. Im now realizing why anyone belives all this shit, its for attention and self-identity.

that new york but ok lol



if the earth is flat then why does it matter lol xd

as long as my pizza roles get done

jesus, can't say much

but what about other space programs


Do you have any evidence that spaceX has never gone to space, for real tho.

or Russia,

what about russia

I have an actual question, if NASA is this big fake machine, explain SpaceX and Russia space programs. with proof, calling it FakeX is an opinion and false without evidence.

Do you have some to share

oh I didn't see that, thank you

Actually, it would be helicopters we must praise

yes thak you

also dogs are probally robots

absolutely no one would be that excited to see me come home

your gf's mom is up to something

@๓ ‡ฐ๓ ‡ฐCosmic Acorn but what does your moms gf's think


thank you

I made it myself






watch this

๐Ÿ’ข ๐Ÿ“ณ


and I was agnry about it


actually its 10 26 get it right

How did you get the "reported ahead of time" thing from

But intersting idea on the cops tho, I would't be fast to disprove it.

Legit question, what is the other side of the flat earth.

poor lad dealing with trolls, so sad. and im the guy who completely disagrees with him

im sorry but the second insults are brought into an argument, both lost

now that the troll is gone, what is on the other side of a flat earth?

just floating?

or is it being suspended by something solid


tyler the creator

is god

crack popcorn

also anybody know what a stylophone is

i made love to one

it was hot and painful

or it was tyler the creator, I don't remember

is that a who, because no



nice font but not evidence in any way lol

the very often don't

@ Seeker of Truth#3628

fruit provides that tho

any added sugar isn't necessary above making your product "stand out" and addictive

WHAt happened to discord

I don't like this

It looks like some dark mode instagram

I want my default font bland text back

not this consistent iconography bullshit





just dont

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