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Q is a gatekeeper..

It was an inside job

Please. Tell me how the iceberg hit the exterior and pulled the frame outward. I guess the iceberg had grappling hooks? Fuck your motive, the evidence is clear. Add conspiracy and you have your motive.

@NiCKeLeSS You forgot something in your freemason math.
The sun's journey through each solstice from the equator is 23.5 degrees each way. 23.5 degrees north in the tropic of Cancer and 23.5 degrees south in the tropic of Capricorn. Giving you the entire 47 degrees of freemasonry.

Appealing to credentials logical fallacy thinking education means you're an expert on whatever you think you know about the topic of fluoride.
How ludicrous.

But just to appeal to the credentials you so highly adore, here's a Harvard study. Enjoy.

Don't be a condescending, ***and ignorant,*** prick if you're not going to debate my sources.

Wanna debate vaccines? That'll be even easier than fluoride.

***Fight me!***

Start with that

First 20 minutes will destroy ***ANYTHING*** you have to say on the topic.

I hope you get a fucking brain

Oh,, look! ***FEDERAL SOURCES!!***

Oh, but vaccinations are good!

Fucking dumbass.

I gave you every source you would need to ***PROVE*** otherwise

He said he hopes my children get measles so fuck insults. Tell hin.

Tell him that

Fair enough

My evidence that you are deliberately ***IGNORING*** say otherwise.

Read something

You're arguing from a position of ***Extreme Ignorance***

Either look at my evidence or concede. You only have those two options in a debate.

You don't get to make ludicrous and ignorant claims without looking at opposing evidence.

That's not how debates work. Take just 20 minutes to watch that video. It's an hour long video, but the first 20 minutes are more than sufficient.

Stop ignoring evidence

Tackle te presented evidence before bringing up anything else, please. This is a debate.

One you are very clearly losing.

I don't need to. I brought up evidence, first.

I will tackle your questions ***After*** we tackle the presented evidence.

@The89thOptimist 89Do something about this dude, please.

Nope. You're done.

But you don't.

I presented clear evidence with FEDERAL sources. You presented ad hominem attacks.

And deliberately ignored evidence.

@The89thOptimist Thank You and I hope all is going well.

The first 20 minutes of the video will destroy any argument you think you have.

Federal source says otherwise

Again, refer to at least 20 minutes of the video I presented or you are debating from an intellectually dishonest position.

I'll post it again

They don't even go through clinical trials.

Every pharmaceutical must go through a double-blind placebo clinical trial before daring to introduce them to the public.
Vaccinations... dont.

The companies that make these vaccinations aren't even held liable for adverse health effects so you can't sue them if your child wants kids, but a vaccination sterilized them. Or any other health-related issue that comes about from being vaccinated.

Not to mention the horrendous ingredients list.
Formaldehyde? You know... What they put in corpses to keep them from rotting and decaying.
Think that's healthy to pump into an infant? Or any human, for that matter?

What about the aborted baby fetuses? Body parts that were ripped from a baby are chopped up and added to vaccinations. Perpetuating the abortion industry, on top of having aborted, and foreign, human DNA pumped into your bodies, via vaccination.

They aren't tested on ***anything.***

Also, the first 20 minutes of the video will explain most of concerns pro-vaxxers have about not vaccinating. As well as information and evidence of how harmful they can be.
All with verifiable federal sources.

Sources, please?

Not exactly

I guess there isn't one, at the moment. Let's start out with an ingredient list.

It was your claim that European vaccinations weren't the same so I'd like you to back that up.

Perhaps. The way it ran seemed that way.

Produce those testings.

I'll look at all opposing opinions or arguments. I'm not gonna ignore or refuse to examine any evidence.

I'm not saying that, but I am saying nearly every vaccination should be avoided at all cost. Some people might be able to fight off the effects, but they ***will*** affect many.

So.. ten seconds of research shows this..

If I find adequate reason and evidence of what they affect, then of course. I haven't gone through all of the pharmaceuticals because there are far more of those than vaccinations, but I intend to.

If someone breaks an arm, you're of course going to need to deal with that, accordingly. However, when it comes to the pain management, there could be other forms of relief without addictive narcotics.

Yeah, those are pretty nasty bits. Weight gain, added depression, suicidal thoughts from altering your brain chemistry, insomnia, addiction, your body slowing and eventually ceasing the production of certain chemicals.
Yes, antipsychotics and antidepressants are horrendous.

Yes, I don't agree with how commonly they use it.

Used it. You're right, they have stopped that for a large part.

Aspirin will kill you as well

Perhaps, the body needed it, as you suggested and if he stopped the moment he was able to stand the pain on his own or it got better quick enough, then sure, I can see how it may not affect him.

Those should be used for extreme cases, and to a fair degree they are, but I also think had the pharmaceutical industry not become what it has (profiting from keeping people sick, rather than curing them) then we could combine natural herbs with advancing knowledge in medicine to keep from creating harmful substances.

Here you go. Fluoride 😋

Fluorosis is a thing for that very reason

Too much fluoride

@Ubo Tea Tree Oil and Baking Soda

Salt as well

Very little salt

If you appeal to authority then you'll believe climate change is man made.

There's no empirical or statistical evidence for human influence on climate in such a substantial enough way that it is a threat to humanity.

@.𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓮𝓬𝓱𝓪𝓭 Why not make several debate channels for this issue? If people like debates, you'd keep more people around and even grow by providing more channels to use. Especially for common or heated topics. Just a thought.

Could you help me understand why that is? It seems beneficial for everyone, no?

More logic than consensus.

Technology ***DOES NOT*** ensure victory.


Anything from mars other than astrological energies is pure bullshit.

There is no such thing as anti-gravity.

To have anti-gravity, you need gravity. No such thing.

Both are not real.

I just did.

You do not know physics if you claim gravity.


Anyone remember the hurricane that was on 9/11?

Hurricane was heading towards Florida and projected inward. Early in the morning, it suddenly changed directions and made a straight shot for New York.
***RIGHT AS*** the first tower was hit, the hurricane suddenly changed directions, again, and went straight out to sea.

Harnessing and harvesting natural energy

You can't use the scientific method to debunk something like that, are you daft?!

You just happen to have a directed energy weapon handy?

Bullshit propaganda to divert attention and research.

I don't need to. No one has a directed energy weapon to use as a constant for the scientific method.

I know science enough to know that's not how you conduct a scientific method experiment.

Oh, you're a retard.

A condescending one, at that.

Good luck and have fun with your delusions.

Makes no difference if I am or not. You're ignorant as FUCK!!

Good day.

Not exactly hiding it.

I asked.

Context, my friend.

You literally ***CANNOT*** make a scientific method experiment for something like this.
You ***CANNOT*** have a constant or independent variable to debunk a directed energy weapon, utilizing the scientific method.

You kinda ***NEED*** a directed energy weapon to even do that.

Science for the win!

And now we are on more honest ground. Thank you.

@EzkealSutekh It honestly took me a bit to wrap my head around it because you're absolutely right. It DOES seem like bullshit Star Wars crap. I fully understand that and it is a logical conclusion to someone who may not have looked into these things. But the evidence this stuff is possible stems all the way back to Nikola Tesla. Hutchinson used Tesla's research for his work. Not to mention the patents that have been around since roughly that long that suggest they have had these capabilities for decades.
I'll look for a few of those patents for you.

Sure, I'm not at all denying the use of multiple sources of destruction to carry this out.

Hell, they may have done that on purpose to confuse us.

I've actually had that conversation with Sheeple. He denied the directed energy thing, at first. He kept going on about the thermite and the people outside of building 7 saying, "Pull it!" Which is a demolition term. I suggested they likely used several avenues.

Let me know if you guys can watch that

@tinge_of_ginge What is this link for? I lost track of what you were saying about it.

I have no evidence?

You haven't even wanted to hear it long enough for me to present anything.

I literally just said that, in a different way.

But these are just crap, right?

People let these vile things get constructed? The people allowed this?

You cannot know that

It's not even possible for you to know that.


I will never trust another human.

For my knowledge.

You will not

But good luck

If the government or a large group of people tells me something, I assume there are reasons for hem to want me to believe whatever they tell me and I seek to either tear it down or raise it up. But I will ***NEVER*** take their word for it.

I can freely admit to that.

However, at that same time, what is too much skepticism and how is it measured?

Rather, how **should** it be measured?

And there it is. Precisely. Your experience is your own. And your knowledge should be, as well.

This world is catered to how you perceive it. You have a metaphysical affect on this physical world. You can attract things to your life. You can manipulate and manifest your own reality.

The Library of Alexandria wasn't simply burned to the ground. The most important documents were preserved and stored at the vaults of the Vatican.

But they told everyone that everything was lost.


Of course they told us that

The library contained research collected from centuries of searching and consolidating.
It would've had some of the most amazing information ***IN THE WORLD*** at the time.

The Vatican would never have let that simply burn away.

Not with the vaults they have.

I agree. We should storm the Vatican, burst open those vaults, and distribute the information to the world. Make copies for all.

They could've.

Yes, but we would have a lot of source information to analyze and piece together real history or what could've been real history. Point is, we need the source material.

I don't have apex


I have both

I don't play CoD anymore

It's a baby blanket and only covers the front. The back is still free

And sides

I'll eventually just use electrical tape to cover the camera

I fucking love Skyrim

Most beautiful game ever made

The soundtrack is unparalleled with anything, ever.

You're ***NOT*** going to die simply because you don't vaccinate.

That's an absolute ***ASS-PULL!!***

Add the word "Scientists" to the claim and anyone will believe it..

That's not a good side. That's a blind hope to relinquish responsibility. Fuck them.

Are you serious? You already fucked with them and now you're going to take away their free life to become a lab rat?

Fuck this evil shit.

And fuck anyone in support of such abominations.

I never claimed that.

But this, I did.

This is evil.

And then subjecting them to studies and tests is beyond so.

Fuck them up and then take away any individuality

Or free life

***"FOR SCIENCE!!!"***

Are you fucking serious?

That is every bit evil, you sick shit.

The fuck is wrong with you?

I'm not seeing this, I can't be..

Or Vision

This assumes a globe, does it not?

Fuck the 13th zodiac

That's made to deceive you

It goes against just about everything you find with the 3,6,9 thing and the Fibonacci sequence. The stats follow an extremely specific pattern.


Fuck cigarettes, stick to weed.

Is this one of the things you said you knew for a fact, but a thing I would disagree with?

Here's a fantastic video about the luminaries.


There's no data for that bullshit discovery channel lie.

There's real data for a team that actually did what they tried to do, only better. Ask Grizz for the PDF file, I'm on mobile or I'd post it, myself.

Me, too, please.

What do you think it will be about, NickeL?

Fuck this dude

What if I told you Diego ***is*** Dora, sexually identifying as a non-binary?

They caused multiple personality separation disorder.

With their own, unique, sexual identifications.

I concur.

Hallucinations aided by the massive amounts of drugs Steve kept in the house.

Fuck drinking, consume cannabis.

It always does.

You're not invited

You like them gay

And men

Human population is also controlled by politics and the powers that should not be. I don't believe for a second that the population is over 8 ***BILLION!***

False statistics have always been a thing.

Right? Then they play with our minds by erecting those ridiculous Agenda 21 statues in Georgia.
The Georgia Guidestones.

Unless they've already done it.

What if we're already around 500 million people?

***"across the globe"***

Propaganda in every nook

Or to push more false claims.

I can't stand when people bullshit out of their ass when it comes to supposed military knowledge.

Man, that drives me fucking insane

Sure, let's ***NOT*** listen to the military veteran.

I'm not saying he was military trained. I would have to see he video to spot military techniques or not. I was getting pissed that some of you were assuming you understood what you would need to pull it off and how your bodies would react to that level of stress and moral infringements. @crownless

I understand not everyone is the same, but that was getting a bit much.

So far, all but this one.

The Vegas shooting was bullshit. No possible way to pull it off. There are more than one videos of people telling people to calm down because they were only blanks. Multiple points where guns were fired. Not from a single location in a hotel room. The ✌🏼️"bodies"✌🏼️ looked suspiciously like they were laying down rather comfortably. Much more anomalies.


David Bowie is still alive.

Read this


Read that

Use modern knowledge to decipher it

It's still loaded with crap, but also some good shit as well.

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