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Read this


Read that

Use modern knowledge to decipher it

It's still loaded with crap, but also some good shit as well.

Also, here is everything the Globe needs to have a working model.

Which they do not have.

Earth is ***not*** a sphere.


Nothing you can post will prove a globe.

It may assume a globe, but you cannot prove one.

Oh, so you appeal to authority by ***believing*** what NASA tells you. Gotcha.

Why would that make the slightest bit of pertinence?

What measurements?

Space flights? You mean things you haven't done or can prove?

You can't even prove Eratosthenes even existed, let alone his bullshit test that has changed in origin at least 3 times. Piss off with that unverifiable ***RUBBISH!!***

Was it two wells? Was it a well and a stick? Or was it two sticks?
***PICK ONE!!!***

@Ætos Thank you! 😋

@Finsie wrong. It assumes a globe before it was conducted. Therefore, inaccurate and biased.

It is you who needs to prove Eratosthenes was real and his tests were accurate.

You can't make assumptions and use the results to perpetuate your assumptions. You're using false math that could literally do anything.

@BurDur You literally cannot make that determination. Explain your logic.

***THE FUCKING TEST ASSUMES A GLOBE PRIOR TO ANYTHING!!!*** You cannot use it in real science.

Math does not reflect reality

Math is math

It's a tool

Except it doesn't.

You can create an entire cosmos with math. One that has no reflection in reality.

So it does ***NOT*** reflect reality.

@BurDur Where do you get these absurd assumptions? You know what a flat earth would look like? When you don't even believe it? Explain the logic.

You can build a deck on any surface.

The shape of the earth has no pertinence to building a deck.


You can do ANYTHING with math.

It holds no weight with reality when you do not accompany it with scientific experimentation.

What scientific method experiment has been conducted to determine everything on earth? Where are the experiments to determine all of the below?
I'll wait while you look for them.


You can't get the radius with math.

@Finsie Not how it works

You did not

That doesn't prove anything I listed

I already said you can't use math without scientific method experimentation.

It doesn't prove a damn thing

You seriously have no real knowledge or understanding of science.

THAT ISN'T AN EXPERIMENT!! An experiment has independent and dependent variables, ***dumbass!*** as well as constants. Have you gone to school?

A measurement that has no reflection or base in reality. Did you take a tape measure to the world?


You made assumptions

You can't measure with math, alone! Are you fucking daft?!?!

Do you know anything about science?

SHADOWS ASSUME A GLOBE!!! What the fuck is wrong with you guys?

You assume the size of the earth with those shadows...

Yes, you do.

Deny it all you want, you're literally and objectively ***WRONG!***

No, you will always be wrong by believing the earth is a globe.

Because you're fucking blind

Good luck globe believers

You need all of these

You have none of these

Present it, ignorant one.

Every one of those

You claim they are all provable? Prove it.

Show me.

Every one of those

It's called Dielectric Voidance.
***Not*** gravity.

Along with density

@Soldz (CF) Because 24/7 is filled with Freemasons and Freemason sympathizers.

Nah, I've spent too much energy on that horrid place and the people in it. Figure it out for yourselves. I'm sorry. They've taken too much from me.

I hope you see it before they take from you as well.

Oh, sure. I'm mad. So mad, I couldn't possibly take notice the numerology they incorporate into their comments. So mad, I couldn't possibly see them making excuses for the usage of Freemason symbolism.

Are you pro vaccines or pro choice?

Not at all

Vaccines perpetuate the abortion industry

Aborted baby fetuses are an ingredient in vaccinations. Ergo; Vaccines perpetuate the abortion industry.

Proof of these?!

Fuck your vaccinations

I said fuck your vaccinations. You wanna get personal, punk?

Dumbass sack of shit.

Vaccine shill

@Human Sheeple take that truther role from this retard.

He's clearly not a Reuther


Autocorrect wow

Like it never happens?

Not a truther?

That CCQ freak who decides to insult instead of arguing with points.

Look at that! Federal sources!

Fuck off

You can't read, I take it?

The CDC produced that. You disagree with the Center for Disease Control about vaccinations? Dumbass.

***Unavoidably Unsafe!***

More federal sources!!

For you to deny

Here's a great one that will make you all freak out and deny with extreme cognitive dissonance 😆

Uh oh!!

Did that say something about autism?!?!

From federal sources?!?!


My vaccines!!!!

But they're good!! 😆

@wobblyboost You're very welcome. Take them and use as you please. I'll couple it with video references.

@wojak I hope you learn to use your fucking brain and learn to fucking read from federal sources and the CDC about what THEY give you, fucking ignorant dumbass.

Piss off

Then don't vaccinate if you want to be safe


Neither do I

I would argue you have severe cognitive dissonance. Which would impair your learning ability. So, I argue that you do.

From cognitive dissonance, yes.

I literally posted several pieces of evidence directly from the Center for Disease Control and you deliberately denied them.

You are insane

I don't know. Do you?

Huh. More autism references


I will force feed you red pills!!

What is this rubbish?

For sure

U.S. to be new North Pole? 😆😂


Any government is evil

Natural Law will prevail.

Sheeple killed the Jews?

Bombshell in

Adolf Hitler was Walt Disney


Do it


Do the roar!

Don't kill him

He's cool

But do the roar


Fellow flatties? Test time.

Wait, you just said you're a flat earther. And you want to know about the Flat Earth?

No one truly denies Australia. That's a horrible and ludicrous meme.

I understand the cause of the meme, but still stupid.

It's a jab at the way we dislike logical fallacies

They say if we haven't been there or can photograph the entire continent, then it must be fake. Or some stupid shit like that.

Use that for religious exemptions

That would look glorious on an application

I wanna troll some agencies so bad with that religion 😆😂😆

Ooooh, the temptation is SO REAL!!!

Get into voice chat and debate or talk Shit. Don't care, but join.

Well, I asked for it 😆 voice chat turned to a 4chan shit meme

Horizon drop with altitude? You're joking

You can't see Infinity far


Come up with a better argument than that

Your bullshit video is ***NOT*** a raw, uncut video. Reasonable doubt.

Yes, logic.

No, logic.

You haven't watched my video.

It wasn't a reply to you

My video wasn't for your bullshit argument about flat earth. Pay attention.

***You're taking globe earth by faith!!!***

You have to believe other people for literally ***EVERYTHING!!***

It's about the fucking torus field and a bunch of other shit. It has nothing to do with proving flat earth, idiot.

You sent an expert to the ISS?

Instead of yourself?


I don't believe you, first off.

And two, nothing you say about them is anything other than anecdotal, at very best.

No, you're in ***SEVERE*** cognitive dissonance.

He's being an idiot.

No, it's fabricated lies from people you cannot prove to have done a damn thing.

You're literally insane

You keep using logical fallacies and hoping for a better outcome.

Textbook insanity

Clear cut

You didn't do a fucking thing

Send your damn self to orbit, dumbass. I'm tired of your shit.

You made the claim

Burden is on you

Video footage that isn't cut? Not even once? Radio data of what and from whom?

That looks like Sheeple

@Human Sheeple someone took a photo of you

Was that you when you found out?

You can't ***KNOW*** the earth is a globe.

We don't even truly ***know*** the earth is Flat. We have a collective of evidences utterly destroying the globe and a collective of evidences that suggests the earth is Flat. Or so much larger than we are being told. Either way, we are being lied to and you should be bothered by it enough to wipe the plate clean and analyze evidence, meticulously.

This is a collective of things the globe needs, but does not have adequate scientific evidence for.


I can post a multitude of videos because each take on a specific field of inquiry.

That's an appeal to authority or credentials logical fallacy

Bill nye is not trustworthy

His explanations are flawed and his understanding of flat earth is abysmal. He can't adequately argue against it because he doesn't understand it.

"Ships came back. They didn't just fall off the edge of the flat earth." That's proof of a globe.





There is no end goal. This is all personal.

It's your journey

To help them

Guide them

Teach them

Why teach anything to anyone?

If you need an end goal, it would be to have you become the most enlightened and purest you that you can achieve.

Sodomites. You dirty girls..

<:deadpoop:551269056766935040> <:poop:507995483189280778>

Christ is a state of being.

Scripture? Know Job 38:14?

Christianity and Judaism, both, take root in Hinduism.

They're all based on Astrology

The disciples are based on the celestial bodies

All tied to the zodiacs

Make the bot post Job 38:14

That's a crap translation

"Earth takes shape as clay beneath a seal"


The resurrection could be either the sun in December when it rests at it's lowest point for 3 days and then rises back up or the "Christ within" mind fluid traveling down your spine, resting for 3 days, and then rising back to your brain.

Religious texts teach you to watch the stars

And look within yourself and talk to yourself

Not in a crazy way 😒

What images?

It's a thumbnail man

I don't recall him using that as proof of anything in the video

Did you even watch the video?

I don't know why it timestamped that video, but I'm pretty sure that's a time lapse.

Why don't you explain it to me if you know what you and he are talking about?

@realFlatEarther I think you have some explaining to do. Everything he mentioned about Venus can be verified. He speculated some potential for its odd behavior, but everything you see does happen.

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