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2018-04-11 22:17:19 UTC  

According to World Almanac and I believe the Red Cross

2018-04-11 22:17:37 UTC  

if you actually were a holocaust I feel like Alsup wouldn't have you as a discord mod.

2018-04-11 22:17:41 UTC  

and the U.S holocaust museum

2018-04-11 22:17:47 UTC  

( ( ( ( ( I N F I N I T E G O R I L L I O N ) ) ) ) )

2018-04-11 22:17:57 UTC  

Yeah that Holocaust Museum was a joke

2018-04-11 22:17:58 UTC  

@Usukkaka James is woke on the JQ

2018-04-11 22:18:00 UTC  

@Usukkaka lmfao u think james believes in the holohoax

2018-04-11 22:18:02 UTC  


2018-04-11 22:18:13 UTC  

clearly doesnt have the IQ to listen to james material

2018-04-11 22:18:13 UTC  

Not a shred of evidence in. The whole thing

2018-04-11 22:18:15 UTC  

I am a holocaust

2018-04-11 22:18:23 UTC  

i am a holocaust

2018-04-11 22:18:25 UTC  

James is VERY woke about the JQ

2018-04-11 22:18:26 UTC  

Me too

2018-04-11 22:18:26 UTC  

Nothing on his channel states he denies it ?

2018-04-11 22:18:47 UTC  

Remember Goyim be sure to visit your local holocaust museum

2018-04-11 22:18:47 UTC  

If he did, he wouldn't have a career.

2018-04-11 22:18:51 UTC  

@johnnyc it's time

2018-04-11 22:18:59 UTC  


2018-04-11 22:19:01 UTC  

Never forget the 6 trillion

2018-04-11 22:19:01 UTC  

he talks about a certain group of rootless cosmopolitans

2018-04-11 22:19:03 UTC  

dislodge the hogg

2018-04-11 22:19:04 UTC  

yall are just annoying

2018-04-11 22:19:11 UTC  


2018-04-11 22:19:12 UTC  

So why do you guys hate jews so much?

2018-04-11 22:19:13 UTC  

u are just a brainlet

2018-04-11 22:19:16 UTC  


2018-04-11 22:19:26 UTC  

No one here hates Jews

2018-04-11 22:19:30 UTC  


2018-04-11 22:19:32 UTC  

We love Israe

2018-04-11 22:19:33 UTC  


2018-04-11 22:19:33 UTC  

Cause he doesn't want banned, have you ever talked to him or been on his streams. You're just a shill looking to write your next buzzfeed article you worthless oven dodger @Usukkaka

2018-04-11 22:19:42 UTC  

We really do need more Holocaust museums guys, i haven't been reminded about it enough

2018-04-11 22:19:44 UTC  

It's kind of amazing how one little statement such as "the holocaust didn't happen" can destroy your career instantly, really makes you think.

2018-04-11 22:19:48 UTC  

Hogg needs to think for himself more

2018-04-11 22:20:04 UTC  

Stop running to the liberals(this includes conservatives)

2018-04-11 22:20:10 UTC  

this juden isn't even a good troll

2018-04-11 22:20:14 UTC  

because they are the root of all evil and are the driving force behind white genocide, clutural marxism, degeneration of our youth, destruction of traditional values and so on......

2018-04-11 22:20:18 UTC  

@Deleted User You can openly deny any other genocide no problem

2018-04-11 22:20:21 UTC  

Conservatives are just edgy liberals

2018-04-11 22:20:21 UTC  

6 million people did die, 6 million Texicans at the Alamo