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everything i said is in general

Assad must be stopped

maybe gassing his own people to extinction could be a start as to what he is trying to do lmao

who was it then lol

do terrorist rebels have that arsenal or resources to make the gas?

That is true but its still an issue of what is Assad doing to stop that if the rebels are doing it.

its seems like its been very effective right?

its hard to say its all just a staged propaganda by the rebels but i see where youre coming from.

So the white helmets are just gassing their own people for power?

yes i know

I'm really uneducated on this topic and I'm still trying to develop a position, I just find it doubtful its all a terrorist plan for the US to help them

So israel funds white helmets, white helmets gas their people, government tries to beat white helmets, white helmets gas more of their friends so big ol merica can join in and help them.

Okay then, thanks for educating me on the situation. I actually had no idea what I was talking about before.


I guess not touche, im anti-war i just had a rather idiotic stance on it before you guys told me all this.

This was like an episode of change my mind

except i actually changed my mind

They want money and power.

and oil.

What happens if Israel does destabilize and take control over the middle east, then what?

It's too bad Asians are still the highest per capita income in the US

which has nothing to do with anything, just felt like mentioning lmao

I mean isnt christianity just a washed up judaism and islam as i said earlier?

Did i join a conspiracy theory server?

so 6 million jews just dissapeared out of no where and hitler decided to kill himself because he lied to the whole world?

So there was an entire war effort, concentration camps and disarmament and battles, but hitler didnt actually take any of the jews he just pretended he was going to?

"This video contains content from BBC Worldwide, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds"

Wait next are you gonna tell me 9/11 never actually happened?

Let me ask: What would be the purpose of Hitler faking the entire Holocaust? He wanted power? Why couldn't he just seize the jews and kill them anyways if he got that far. Hard to believe they created an entire war effort to not fulfill the purpose of it.

yes, 6 million jews faked their own deaths for power and money.

So why do you guys hate jews so much?

I watched the video, what is it even supposed to mean, that hitler wasn't as hating as people made him out to be?

White atheist brazilian born with two american parents, want more of my background?

which next video @johnnyc

oh its blocked in Brazil

by BBC Worldwide and i dont have a VPN

ill see if it works

why spanish subs

i speak english and portuguese

this is literally nazi propaganda

a messed up jew thats for sure

still havent watched it i just saw the quote saying hitler isnt wrong

And anything that points out the inaccuracies of your conspiracy is retarded right?

me and @Usukkaka were called retarded multiple times because we argued against you guys

ok maybe later im not trying to waste 12 hours of my life watching nazi propaganda made by fake "jews" to enforce your dumb conspiracy theory on me l

So you're telling me its directed by "Dennis Wise" supposedly a jew, but he has no real pages on google other than an IMDB page with no information about him at all

Im not a jew

No I haven't id probably get ridiculed for doing so.

Wow awesome ratings! A movie made by a man with no academic credentials or any past films, so much credibility! For all we know this man probably doesnt exist.

So if this is true, why dont germans revolt and claim the holocaust never happened.

of course, but that shouldnt stop them from believing a 6 hour film and changing the entire course of history right?

Because this film is such a groundbreaking creation and if the entire world watches it, it would change the entire way the world sees hitler and we'd all be jew hating nazis.

According to your logic.

Just because a country bans a movie, doesn't mean the people wont or cant watch it.

As you said earlier, VPN's do exist.

So if its such a credible source why hasn't it burst into popularity across the world and spread to those countries that holocaust denial is illegal, lol its not that hard.

Yes I'm sure the government is monitoring the populations messages 24/7 to make sure they arent talking about the holocaust being fake.

for publicly showing you're a neo-nazi, makes sense they would get locked up.

dubbed "Nazi Grandma"

No I could care less about her "politically incorrect" comment. But when you go to fucking trial and TV show in germany claiming the holocaust was a scheme by the jews, it kinda makes sense, you go to jail.

too bad im not a jew lmao

i just dont believe your 6 hour film claiming the holocaust was fake.

The Holocaust as in when the Nazis killed millions of jews and homosexuals.

I do believe in free speech

but I'm saying, by german law, it is illegal to say that. So it makes sense that she went to jail

Maybe because Nazi Germany threatened them and they wanted to fight back...

Of course it shouldnt exist, but by reason, not by my opinion, the lady went to jail because she went against the law.

What would the jews gain by falsifying 6 million of their own deaths?

yes im sure they care so much about sympathy considering the amount of jews weve heard of raping women.

explain to me how a person would gain sympathy for being exposed as a rapist.

My point is: If jews cared so much about people being sympathetic to them, why are they taking our money, raping women, killing people and trying to take over the world?

So the fact that 6 million of them died completely protects them to be able to take over the world, rape women and so on.

That makes no sense

Yea you guys should go tell te world about this groundbreaking discovery, the holocaust was fake and theres apparently proof of it in books and movies made by people who have no significant voice and are probably crackpotters in their houses all day trying to convince people of their theory.

The gas chambers dont make sense i guess, but i heart they burned them.

The actual wonder woman?

Of course its like playing the victim card just as some african americans want reparations from slavery.'

its wrong

but you cant deny taught history, if it's not true then we have the right to deny any basic history that has been passed on generation by generation, im guessing we never landed on the moon either?

and we screwed up sending our men there to fight people with the geographical advantage.

Yes but even if we ignore the emotional aspect of it, we still have records that millions of people died, by the Nazis.

yes emotional impact

society in general.

The narrative that is an atrocity to murder 6 million jews.

Yes, of course there were things as terrible or nearly as terrible as the holocaust such as Mao Zedong genocide and russian genocide which should also be regarded, and I agree that jews can use the victim card but I dont think it puts them in the position of power they are in today just because of the narrative that 6 million of them died.

where are the records that only 4 million jews lived in that time?

how do we know they werent hiding their identity because of the oppression?

So what happened to the rest of them?

Records state only 40,000 jews went to palestine.

I dont have the facts and statistics to go against you guys because I havent done much research but I wont discard your argument just because I was told so in history class. I just have a very hard time believing the things you are saying because they dont seem logical to me.

Its hard to completely deny what has been known as factual history. It's also very hard to just blatantly lie to the entire world for money and power.

It's all good, I shouldnt have been as reluctant to your opinions as a I was.

A sign of what?

I will do my best over the next couple of days to research and watch the movies and interviews and what so not. I have some of the stuff pulled up in my browser. I don't think I'll necessarily be changed by it but I'll make sure to give it a fair chance of understanding

I live in a super liberal family, and they would probably disown me if i told them some of the stuff you guys have told me lol.

Alright well I hope I didn't piss you guys off too much. As i said I'm gonna do my best to try and be more understanding and pay attention to the movie and books and other stuff. I'm just not one that tends to be changed by a lot of things.

same back at you, at least you were respectful unlike some of the others.

Is James similar in his opinions? I haven't watched much of him but he doesnt seem to express much of this type of opinion.

Yeah, I heard someone say he is like that but he would have much less support if he expressed it.

True, seems like a good tactic.

yep, we would be denied by the entire world, I mean we even are if we just express basic conservatism.

@alejator What about how Zyklon B has a warning agent to make sure that a leak in the containers could be easily smelled if that happened. There is a bill ( by the company Degesch, from 1940s, at the bottom saying " Vorsicht, ohne Warnstoff!" Which means "Caution, no warning substance.". The Germans got it without the warning agent so the jews wouldn't notice. Why would they buy it without the warning agent?

Lets not resort to calling them dumbasses like they called us, let's respect their opinion and attempt to show them ours as well.

Direct Quote from him: β€œWe will never speak of it publicly . . . I mean the evacuation of the Jews, the extermination of the Jewish race. The Jewish race is being exterminatedβ€”that is clear, it’s in our program–elimination of the Jews and we’re doing it, exterminating them . . . This is a page of glory in our history which has never been written and is never to be written . . .”

Henrich Himmler in 1943

Essentially what holocaust deniers do is use extremely unreliable sources as their main argument and continually bring up books, novels, interviews, movies made by not one person that is acclaimed at all. I'd think if it were such a strong movement it would have more support from people of importance.

Yes, killing millions of jews because you believe they are less worthy than you is not arrogant at all...

It's fine just check up what we wrote.


the warning agent is an odor, when they used zyklon b to remove lice from clothes and such, so that if a leak from a container were to occur, they would know they needed to get rid of the container or the people handling it would be in trouble. If that was the purpose of buying Zyklon B, then whyd they buy it without the warning agent.

no, my point is, if they used Zyklon B with the Warning smell for removal of lice, Why would they buy it without the warning smell/agent?

they wanted to use the one without the warning smell so they could kill unsuspecting jews.

So what is the purpose of buying it without the warning agent?

zyklon b takes 20 minutes to kill someone and lasts for a couple of hours, would they have used mass amounts of it to kill the soviets?

its hard to make a generalization like that, it would be more predictable that they got zyklon B without the warning agent to use on the millions of jews they held captive.

But the warning agent was used so that the officers could smell it in case it began to leak from the container.

That was the zyklon b used for the lice

it makes perfect sense that they would use zyklon b with the agent removed in the gas chambers.

Hitler never admitted to the extermination of the jews because it was a private thing, that was part of their agenda, to not admit it, but some officers slipped up and admitted such as Himmler.

And that is a perfectly logical argument, however I believe it's more likely they bought it in mass to use against unsuspecting jews. If it was for weaponization, why didn't we hear of it being used in the war?

so they just had large rooms with holes in the roof just to test on some people?

Yes the gas chambers.

the holes were added in 1941

The morgue room in Crema/Gas Chamber 1 of the Main Camp was turned into a gas chamber in September 1941. The doors were made air-tight and holes were cut in the roof and capped with wooden chimneys. Crema/Gas Chamber 1 became a test facility for the new method of using Zyklon-B to murder large numbers of human beings at one time. When the method of pouring Zyklon-B through holes in the roof proved to be successful, the design was implemented in Cremas/Gas Chambers 2 and 3 at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

i am watching

However is it not possible that they were trying to hide the rooms as disinfestation rooms just as they were trying to hide the entirety of the final solution plan to the world? Maybe they used this "disinfestation room" as a gas chamber.

After all, Zyklon B does not have to be chemically vaporized for it to work, it only has to be dropped in pellets which will exert the toxic gas.

Anyways, I have to go. I have lots of homework for tomorrow but I look forward to talking more soon.

I will watch it when I can, I must get doing my homework now though. Tomorrow I can talk more, Thank you again for not trying to call me names. Thanks for being respectful.

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Anyone watch Crowders stream, if so: what is your opinion on the Ben Shapiro segment?

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