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2018-04-19 22:43:06 UTC  

And @Bean of Texas I hate people who think like that

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2018-04-19 22:43:10 UTC  

fuck that gay shit

2018-04-19 22:43:12 UTC  

Or just residents.

2018-04-19 22:43:23 UTC  

A country for everyone is a country for no one

2018-04-19 22:43:26 UTC  

I’ve seen people saying that the American flag is racist and that all flags need t be celebrated

2018-04-19 22:43:32 UTC  

Makes me angry as hell

2018-04-19 22:43:33 UTC  

syndrome from the incredibles logic

2018-04-19 22:43:35 UTC  

But voting rights should certainly be restricted for who they were meant for at this country's foundation.

2018-04-19 22:43:54 UTC  

voting rights should be restricted *anyway*

2018-04-19 22:44:14 UTC  

i don't want stupid white people voting any more than i want stupid black people voting

2018-04-19 22:44:21 UTC  

imagine if you need to show an ID to vote

2018-04-19 22:44:25 UTC  

@TraitorGG voting rights is a pretty shaky topic anyway because you can’t just say which citizens can and can’t vote. It sort of defeats the purpose of a citizenship

2018-04-19 22:44:27 UTC  

just imagine how much that would change things

2018-04-19 22:44:29 UTC  

i don't want voting. fuck democracy

2018-04-19 22:44:48 UTC  

Democracy can work if the most qualified can vote

2018-04-19 22:44:49 UTC  

you aught to have at least held a job and only vote in exchange for being on the "first to draft if we go to war" list

2018-04-19 22:44:54 UTC  

No it doesn't. in 1790 the only voters were white, landowning males.

2018-04-19 22:45:09 UTC  

I am a citizen yet I cannot vote? Do you know why? I'm not 18. Thats a restriction and yet I am a citizen.

2018-04-19 22:45:17 UTC  

It is the exact same concept as an age restriction.

2018-04-19 22:45:26 UTC  

yeah but telling people kids should vote

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2018-04-19 22:45:31 UTC  

But the 18 year old age restriction is for a valid reason

2018-04-19 22:45:35 UTC  

it probably *would* go over well

2018-04-19 22:45:42 UTC  

As is the white and landowning males one.

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2018-04-19 22:45:56 UTC  

not so sure about landowning

2018-04-19 22:46:01 UTC  

It ensures they are 1) The ones that were meant for this nation and 2) have a stake in this nation, aren't freeloaders

2018-04-19 22:46:21 UTC  

Landowners have a vested interest in the success of a nation. An inner city minority on welfare does not.

2018-04-19 22:46:26 UTC  

Other than "muh gibs."

2018-04-19 22:46:27 UTC  

although the having a stake in the nations success philosophy is perfect

2018-04-19 22:46:35 UTC  

yeah but what about people who just live in gated suburbs

2018-04-19 22:46:37 UTC  

If I were to vote, I’d say I’d probably end up voting for the same person as any of you guys

2018-04-19 22:46:47 UTC  

and bought houses, and worked hard, but just don't own land

2018-04-19 22:46:49 UTC  

Then make military service available as well.

2018-04-19 22:46:53 UTC  

But I do agree that people with a stake in the nation is important

2018-04-19 22:47:03 UTC  

4 years in the military is plenty of sacrifice to be granted the right to vote.

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2018-04-19 22:47:32 UTC  

How about this? People on welfare or government assistant shouldn’t vote

2018-04-19 22:47:42 UTC  

if it were me there would be a list of slightly more simple requirements to vote *all* of which would have to be met, and a list of things that would automatically get you banned from voting