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2018-04-19 22:39:13 UTC  

good luck

2018-04-19 22:39:20 UTC  

Thats already happening

2018-04-19 22:39:27 UTC  

2018-04-19 22:39:28 UTC  

I just wish that people would stop being spergs and degenerates tbh

2018-04-19 22:39:31 UTC  

it's telling people this is who we are, we're unique and proud, let's keep our traditions

2018-04-19 22:39:33 UTC  

im not saying they should or shouldn't, but i doubt it'll be a working strategy

2018-04-19 22:39:34 UTC  

no oppression olympics

2018-04-19 22:39:46 UTC  

whites participating in identity politics get called nazis or klansmen

2018-04-19 22:40:00 UTC  

Because half the time they are idiotic and bring a swastika.

2018-04-19 22:40:05 UTC  

and that's probably for the better

2018-04-19 22:40:09 UTC  

Quite nearly every European country has some sort of nationalist and or identitarian movement

2018-04-19 22:40:13 UTC  

And yes optics matter

2018-04-19 22:40:17 UTC  

because identity politics is a really stupid game

2018-04-19 22:40:24 UTC  

and when you play stupid games you win stupid prizes

2018-04-19 22:40:27 UTC  

It is what nations are built upon?

2018-04-19 22:40:29 UTC  

and perhaps waving a swastika around isnt a good idea

2018-04-19 22:40:35 UTC  

Who is France for? The French.

2018-04-19 22:40:43 UTC  

That is identity politics, you know.

2018-04-19 22:40:55 UTC  

i think everyone agrees that america is for americans

2018-04-19 22:41:02 UTC  

i just think they disagree on who americans are

2018-04-19 22:41:04 UTC  

And Americans are white.

2018-04-19 22:41:43 UTC  

i would call descendants of owned slaves and natives americans too

2018-04-19 22:41:50 UTC  

Just show CivNats facts, have discussions with them, don't degrade them but rather show them basic facts of our reality, and they will change.

2018-04-19 22:42:48 UTC  

but the abhorrent amount of immigrants, legal or illegal, from third world countries especially in africa make it difficult to discern slave owned from immigrated

2018-04-19 22:42:53 UTC  

i don't think everyone agrees that america is for americans. not at all. a whole lot of people think america is for anyone, or that it's a giant open-air shopping mall

2018-04-19 22:42:57 UTC  

@TraitorGG I think it’s kind of only fair to consider descendants slaves and natives as Americans too. Not because of “muh reparations” or anything but just because they were here in such mass numbers in the very early days of America’s history

2018-04-19 22:43:05 UTC  

"america is for everyone"

2018-04-19 22:43:06 UTC  

And @Bean of Texas I hate people who think like that

2018-04-19 22:43:08 UTC  


2018-04-19 22:43:10 UTC  

fuck that gay shit

2018-04-19 22:43:12 UTC  

Or just residents.

2018-04-19 22:43:23 UTC  

A country for everyone is a country for no one

2018-04-19 22:43:26 UTC  

I’ve seen people saying that the American flag is racist and that all flags need t be celebrated

2018-04-19 22:43:32 UTC  

Makes me angry as hell

2018-04-19 22:43:33 UTC  

syndrome from the incredibles logic

2018-04-19 22:43:35 UTC  

But voting rights should certainly be restricted for who they were meant for at this country's foundation.

2018-04-19 22:43:54 UTC  

voting rights should be restricted *anyway*

2018-04-19 22:44:14 UTC  

i don't want stupid white people voting any more than i want stupid black people voting

2018-04-19 22:44:21 UTC  

imagine if you need to show an ID to vote

2018-04-19 22:44:25 UTC  

@TraitorGG voting rights is a pretty shaky topic anyway because you can’t just say which citizens can and can’t vote. It sort of defeats the purpose of a citizenship

2018-04-19 22:44:27 UTC  

just imagine how much that would change things