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Server = Dead Meme

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@SebVet = Tranny

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Yes daddy

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@Dusk that shrek movie is of great quality. i think it is 4K 😉

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Haha yeah it's crescent fresh! 👌

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trying to appeal to the young voters

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😂Fuck that anti-Semite

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For the many, not for the Jew

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GG @Deleted User, you just advanced to level 1!

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why is it always the jews?

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Da JoOs

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@Deleted User I would also like to know that. Could somebody please explain why all the hate against them in SA ?

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@Nidalap Rorrim probably the general reason why people hate jews

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I don't know why

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what is the general reason? Seems I've been living under a rock when it comes to hating people ;p

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anyway this probably isn't a good convo for general chat. I'll ask about it on voice chat when I get a chance

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I don't know why the conversation always circles around to the subject of Jews... 😂

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I would have to say I tend to agree to some extent then with Socrates.. I mean.. I'd even go as far as formulating a political\democratic knowledge test that people are required to take and pass before being able to many people in my state know nothing about actual politics, so they go with the people they agree with emotionally or choose who they deem to be most likeminded without any regard to their all.. I'd also make it so that only people who have chosen political careers exclusively are eligible for such high offices as PotUS\Prime Ministers.. Extreme view I guess, but I don't think people who are unqualified, ignorant or inexperienced politically should even have a chance at holding such a position.. We're also not really taught in school sufficient information about the democratic process for example: how to cast a vote, what a legitimate ballot looked to research OTHER candidates (rather than just the two main parties that most have any knowledge Republican Party, Democrats..SOMETIMES people might even know the Libertarians and Independent Parties exist..)..the curriculum just wasn't very in-depth in regards to politics\civics, etc.. At least that's how it was when I was in school...and I don't know why there wasn't more emphasis on civic teaching in my school considering my schools history and founding.. Good video though about Socrates. ^.^ @Apollo

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I'm alright. How're you, my dude? @Rendier

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hi all 😃

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yes this discord thing is very tricky

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protect the reputations.

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one feels like you can't say anything

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Poll! Lol @Rendier

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R20? Lul @Rendier

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what was the question?

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How much do we think REnaldo makes from YouTube a day.

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No clue

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I won

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