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2018-11-21 16:16:45 UTC  

Intersectional veganism

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<:Willem:480047627367350294> Love you

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Ugh veganism.. Another topic that cultivates delinquency.

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Lol jeez must be a very important video for the person

2018-11-21 17:18:33 UTC  

@Meerkat_RSA mee i posted it everywhere

2018-11-21 17:18:42 UTC  

It addresses our country

2018-11-21 17:19:06 UTC  

The reality of what is happening

2018-11-21 17:20:38 UTC  

@Rjuglall okay say you posted in funny also but a video like that ain't funny

2018-11-21 17:21:16 UTC  

I know just wanted everyone to see it thats why

2018-11-21 17:21:16 UTC  

GG @Rjuglall, you just advanced to level 1!

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I dont think the british are coming back to save us.

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They have their own problems, can't expect them to fix our problems

2018-11-21 17:29:12 UTC  

lol Theresa May said he completely, 100% supports land expropriation

2018-11-21 17:29:15 UTC  

they aren't going to help at all

2018-11-21 17:29:32 UTC  

if anything, they're going to help the ANC go against the people

2018-11-21 17:31:37 UTC  

Yeah was going to add, if they going to help, it won't be us lol.. I'd much rather they stay out of our business.

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2018-11-21 17:55:34 UTC  

he's staying in Durban and chose a hotel that faces a tyre store?

2018-11-21 17:56:31 UTC  

the dude should take a walk one block into the city away from the beachfront.

2018-11-21 17:57:30 UTC  

lol yeah

2018-11-21 18:00:22 UTC  

He found is wakanda

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I'm thinking as well he is trying to sell it off like it's wakanda lol

2018-11-21 18:01:35 UTC  

yeah, he sounds so impressed/surprised at all the tall buildings

2018-11-21 18:02:51 UTC  

he was probably going there thinking it would just be mud huts or something

2018-11-21 18:03:19 UTC  

that's one thing I noticed in the UK, a lot of people that I've spoken to think almost all buildings are mud huts

2018-11-21 18:06:12 UTC  

well most foreigners usualy describe it like a game reserve lol, they usually see friends and colleagues at the game reserves, and get the impression it's mostly like that yeah lol... I remember back in 2010 with the world cup, i overheard some foreigners thoughts on the city being constructed just for the world cup lol

2018-11-21 18:06:41 UTC  

Meanwhile, the huts are actually made of corrugated tin sheets... silly foreigners

2018-11-21 18:07:23 UTC  

road signs as well

2018-11-21 18:08:51 UTC  

isnt that illegal, and considered vandalism of government property

2018-11-21 18:08:58 UTC  

sorry, i mean tax payers money

2018-11-21 18:09:46 UTC  

it probably is, and I don't think whoever built that cares

2018-11-21 18:10:16 UTC  

haha thats funny though

2018-11-21 18:10:30 UTC  

yeah i dont think anyone really seems to care to be honest... not like that person would be able to pay the fine lol

2018-11-21 18:13:49 UTC  

thats the kinda stuff tourists eat up

2018-11-21 18:14:45 UTC  

Actually Durban is 15.3% White so 99.1% black is impossible