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2% GDP

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its 2?

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i think more than few of those countires might be taking the US's large military budget and power as way to supplement their own national defense so they can spend their money on social policies, then publicly shame us for our military they use

2018-01-12 18:10:46 UTC  

Thats pathetic

2018-01-12 18:10:51 UTC  

And it's not a requirement, just a VERY SIGNIFICANT URGING.

2018-01-12 18:11:02 UTC  

oh hell no, im syaing this.

2018-01-12 18:11:10 UTC  

they said they could meet it and it wouldnt be an issue in the past

2018-01-12 18:11:13 UTC  

and never the fuck do it

2018-01-12 18:11:16 UTC  

's just the actual letter of the document

2018-01-12 18:11:25 UTC  

No, the problem is that the Soviets collapsed

2018-01-12 18:11:33 UTC  

NATO countries definitely met the requirement

2018-01-12 18:11:42 UTC  

Until the USSR went belly up

2018-01-12 18:11:54 UTC  

Or they could atleast appear greatful

2018-01-12 18:11:58 UTC  

Now they got terrorism and we need allies even more

2018-01-12 18:12:24 UTC  

could you imagion what would happen if the US and russia decided ya know what. Fuck it. Lets end this terrorism bullshit

2018-01-12 18:12:24 UTC  

Well, get that wall, vetting, should stop more recruits

2018-01-12 18:12:41 UTC  

and israel got to hold the camera and watch as the us and russia through their entirem ilitary weight into it

2018-01-12 18:12:49 UTC  

Wasnt isis on the verge of loosing recently

2018-01-12 18:13:04 UTC  

yeah becuase the secretary of offense took the shackles off our military

2018-01-12 18:13:20 UTC  

Love that guy

2018-01-12 18:13:29 UTC  

How can you not, the man is just to epic.

2018-01-12 18:13:31 UTC  

I think isis already lost? I heard the war in Syria is actually done and over.

2018-01-12 18:13:35 UTC  

Well to tell you the truth I loved patton as a kid

2018-01-12 18:13:38 UTC  

And he always has the right zinger

2018-01-12 18:13:44 UTC  

Me too

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So hearing how badass mattis was

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2018-01-12 18:14:15 UTC  

"General Mattis what keeps you up at night?"
"Nothing, I keep other people up at night"

2018-01-12 18:14:54 UTC  

The one that the tf2 sniper is quoted for?

2018-01-12 18:15:05 UTC  

Too long to type that one out.

2018-01-12 18:15:17 UTC  

Also I liked the one about concerns.

2018-01-12 18:15:23 UTC  

Have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

2018-01-12 18:15:28 UTC  

His job to keep other people concerned

2018-01-12 18:15:45 UTC  

The one thing I liked about him the most is his reading program

2018-01-12 18:16:01 UTC  

He has full lists of books that at each level of command they should read to help them improve as soldiers

2018-01-12 18:16:14 UTC  

I should read more then lol. Too hard for me to mantain focus.

2018-01-12 18:16:17 UTC  

and each rank and diffrent section has slightly diffrent books to meet them

2018-01-12 18:16:40 UTC  

Sun tzus art of war in there?

2018-01-12 18:16:42 UTC  

There are some wonderful interviews with him