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Satanism seems to be pretty popular among leftist circles

Leftist calling selfishness ancapism

Hedonistic, capitalist behavior causes the individual to serve pleasure rather than themselves

Tbh destroy all humans......



You guys are so cute

Hello comrades.

Is there anyone online..?

I'm just a feminist

That's not what I believe...

It's just that killjoy feminist is a word used by a lot of anti feminists and people in general who think rape jokes are funny

That's also not a good idea..

No, I prefer men just getting their acts together

Legal pressure and societal reform

The metoo movement shows society that nobody gets away with this shit anymore

Various forms of social issue awareness activism and personal lifestyle choices allow us to snow society that we aren't going to lie prone anymore

I think you're talking about someone else, I'm volcel..

I don't play games anymore though

Besides, 6 minutes isn't long enough to include the foreplay I'd require and the aftercare we'd both require

You're pathetic is what you are

You're repulsive

You're disgusting and you make me want to vomit

I want you to leave me the fuck alone

You've known me for like

But I'm 1/8 Cherokee and identify as American Indian

You the real thing?

You an anarchist?

Hitler fucking say something or I'm leaving vc

πŸ™„ say, not type

Get fucking sad idgaf

@Adolf Hitler are you a guy or a girl or an nb

If it were you would've said fucking nb

Also Nonbinary isn't a gender

It's just not male or female

If you were actually an nb you would've said something like genderfluid or whatever

@Adolf Hitler say something personally in vc and I'll be nice to you again

I still wanna hear your voice

I, myself, am a worthless kike

Say something in vccccc

I'm nothing like Natalie. I think she's a dom.

And idgaf I don't trust you with a picture

You heard my masc voice, now I want to hear your kike voice

@Deleted User fuck off you have nothing to offer me

You're all worthless and I hate you all

*throws a fit of rage at @chadmin*

Hi I'm a fag

Keep your staff away from me

Don't say that

It's hetero

That's pretty hetero.

Shut up breeder

I like having sex too, just not with people with incomplete x chromosomes

-.- yes



Has this place been overrun by lefties yet

Ok Ok but

Hear me out

Lesbo national socialism

114 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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