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Watsup? Wow there's a lot of people in this server.

I'd like to talk to an anarchist some time. I'm a centrist and I try to be as openminded as I can and learning other ideologies is an interest for me.

Why do people insist that their side is better?

And insist that everything including fiction should revolve around their side?

No not on discord.

Idc about discord.

I just find it idiotic and unrealist to constantly insist your side is completely right.

But that's just my opinion. It can be changed because I'm not delusional enough to believe I'm completely right.

And by right I mean correct.

That's incorrect. Scientists argue all the time.

You can't gain good information without debate.

Fair enough.

But I find it foolish to not be open to debate.

To not understand that you can be wrong just seems delusional to me.

Hmm I suppose that can be true. Simplified but true.

I agree.

Surprisingly so.


It is.

Don't say shit like the truth isn't real. That doesn't make any sense.

How does truth change?

Like what example of this do you have?

Whatever has proof.

Whatever has proof of existence.

If it's seen and/or studied.


I see them and interact with them a lot.



Don't see a reason why I'd be tricked to see something that doesn't exist.

Eyes aren't to be totally trusted but they should be trusted at a basic level.

I can tell I'm not dreaming

Dreams are a lot less realistic

Plus my dreams are rather hellish or nightmarish

So I rarely dream too

Basically yes

Of course

Only way to be simulated to adapt

No it's a 0% chance

Yes but this isn't what my dreams are like

And even my mindset is less complex when I dream

Im more impulsive while dreaming too

Nope this isn't what my dreams are like at all.

Not really

I find the I think therefore I am to be a poor argument since how do you know you're exist just because you think?

Yes but I'm very aware that Im awake now.

Of course.

Never underestimate your brain though.

It's very complex.

I disagree.

Most things I know is second hand information but I know it to be true and trust worthy because those people dedicate their lives to studying their fields. And the fields I study I know to be true after days of studying and observing.

Fair enough

No but I'm not that paranoid.

Plus even if it was all fake I'd still play the game.

I know.

I'm just saying if it was the worst situation.

On existence itself atleast.

Oh I agree with that. However I believe objective reality to be very near to what we perceive it as since we're an intelligent and strategic species.

How else could I survive? Either way like I said I'd still play the game.

And I sure as hell need faith.

I'm a sceptic, even thought about objective reality and stuff. But I'm not going to risk being some nihilist. In this world you need to care for things and people so I will.

Why keep rejecting it if there's no benefit?

Oh I know.

I'm just saying if I were to believe in nothing I'd probably be a nihilist.

I'm just saying what I'd believe atleast.

I believe we only have one life though

So who am I to ruin any lives?

Hmm I don't know to be honest

Sounds like a paradox though

How could the universe exist and not exist at the same time?

Assuming the universe was to end of course

Doesnt make sense to me

Ah ok

I get it now. More or less I think.

Wouldnt you need to base that on faith though?

I believe a lot of things to be based on faith.


Alan Moore dislikes materialism I think for that reason.

Or the popularization of it anyway.

Interesting. I might read it soon.

Yes Alan Moore also said something like that if I recall correctly.

In a sense I agree with you though.

I don't think someone can truly be enlightened.



I believe enlightened to be wisdom.

Wisdom that benefits humanity in every aspect.

And perhaps wisdom that does the opposite.

To know all seems to be even more improbable to me.

I think the use of time travel would be needed to achieve that.

Experiences such as what exactly?

Well go on then, tell me.

I'm interested.

Didn't Alan Watts say something like we are the universe experiencing itself?

Would you consider it to be true?

I believe it to be.

As do I. With music mainly.

Hmm I can understand that experience. And relate to it in a sense.

I like to acquire as much knowledge as I can. Which is why I enjoy deep philosophical discussions such as this.

Hello @Gosta

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