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Can anyone explain if there is an existence of other planets or not? What about the stars?

But fundamentally according to FE'rs, the Earth is the center of the solar system?

Are the other planets round? The moon and sun are celestial bodies and are perfect, correct?

Is that at all accurate haha.

Well I find it definitely strange that the government doesn't want us to go to the south pole

That somewhat coincides with the hollow earth theory as well.

They probably have satellites guarding it.

Google earth is interesting as well, as they obviously blot out the poles

I think some explorers reported making it to the ice wall, and it circles the entire earth.

But I bet now their reports are buried.

Do you guys believe the moon landing was faked? Or at least, altered?

so, are the other planets flat?

and stars

And thats the thing, I trust what I see, and sure, it's "impossible" to see the curvature of the earth without going to extreme lengths, and even then, it could be a result of anything. But you can't exactly see if these celestial bodies are spherical in nature or not. Satellites and google earth could all be edited by the government.

Antarctica is probably the easiest to blot out because its all white.

So you legally can have an expedition there?

I've heard stories of people trying to setup an expedition, and something tragic befalls them before it starts.

Random heart attack, loss of money, etc.

So all we are really left with are age old stories.

From past ages.

Those who attempted to raise money and start a big thing.

Trying to dig, it was a long time ago when I read into this.

But a lot of things don't make sense, you go far enough south and suddenly you're north, you go west, you end up east.


One moment

I meant that if you go far enough north, you end up in the south, towards one of the poles, but it's very difficult to do so.

What do you guys think about famous expeditions around the world, such as magellans voyage.

Do you think they went in a ring?

If you stood on the pole, according to a spherical earth, you could circumnavigate the earth in a few seconds.

But it's confusing because if gravity was in the center of spherical planets, why would we not be pulled by massive planets.

Ones that are thousands of times bigger than the sun.


What are your views on sentient life, or any life for that matter, outside of Earth's bounds?

It's a complicated topic. It is possible, but even if we did find life, I doubt the government would tell us.

Unless they had a reason to.

It'd cause public hysteria.

Also note, I'm not some crazy conspiracy theorist or something, I just want to see what people think.

Wow I can't believe how fast that escalated

Yeah, science is all about making observations.

It should be encouraged to make your own observations, rather than relying on whatever someone else says.

I never, ever, trust articles that use the words, "Scientists say..." without citation or anything.

Lol the world is not a donut

That doesnt even make sense...

too many

Yeah, I came in here to learn more about the different theories and people who subscribe to those.

Everything online just paints hollow and flat earthers as insane psychopaths.

I think the flat earth theory is interesting, and maybe it can somewhat mix with the hollow Earth theory.

Strange things happened in Antarctica after WWII

And I also found it interesting that some cave systems go miles and miles down into the earth, and the great pyramids have secret tunnels going down miles.

Not to say i 100% subscribe to any of these, but they are interesting no doubt.

Theoretically, the earth could be both flat and hollow.

Unless you believe that it is a disc, though in order for there to be caves and mines, it'd have to be pretty deep.


You took like 5 hours to type that

Why is that?

What do you have to back up that theory?

Leaves server

not sure

I have it too

I have no problem with globers but when they act stupid or just call everyone here stupid, it gets annoying.

I love how the only way to see the curvature is to go thousands of feet in the air, higher than commercial planes.

"But it's there guys!"

"I swear!"

The question is what initiated it? Was it random? Was it god? Was it divine?

Or was the universe just created by god(s)

Were the stars just hung in the sky?

and thus the problem with the big bang is it somewhat goes against the biblical views of creation

so a bunch of ppl get offended

yeah, it could've been anything

Who knows

some like to think that all the celestial bodies orbit the earth

if you believe the earth is divine etc

its amazing that out of billions of planets, earth has life

that we know of

Mars may have once been like earth

I once heard a theory that mars used to be like us, vast oceans and forests, but they destroyed themselves, a few went to earth and mingled with humans.

pretty wild

but at the end of the day, what is the point of lying about the earth's shape?

Well, not US, but perhaps NASA and other organizations will.

why would they not have faked a mars landing yet

Does the sun spiral up and down, explaining both seasons, tides, and the sun rising and setting?

Are the other planets, moon and sun, round?

What is the true shape of earth?

what if it is a hollow, flat, simulation?

How do solstices, equinoxes, seasons, etc all work with a flat earth? Does the sun move up and down?

That could explain equinoxes and solstices, seasons could possibly be the sun moving higher or lower

Plane windows and jet windows are often warped, especially at the sides, this could possibly create the illusion of a globe.


I suppose people are leading expeditions to the ice wall

It would just look like a glacier, it'd be quite difficult to prove it goes all the way around the earth without a satellite image, but of course nasa wont release a flat earth one

problem is it's difficult to prove either side due to the fact that you can't really look outside when you are up that high, you can only look through a window or a camera, which can be warped or fish eye.

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