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@ETERNAL_BOOMER If you are Fennoscandinavian, join.

@ETERNAL_BOOMER Nordic Countries if I am not mistaken.

You can always support.

If I am not mistaken.


Take this to <#448910393876676618>



I don't believe so, but I am not yet a full member so take everything I say with a pinch of salt.

@Kurja Do you know?

The Proper Spurdo Debate (use thistbh reaction)

This: <:vastarinta:427565803961843717>

Or this: <:spurdo:449290177446281217>

<:vastarinta:427565803961843717> <:spurdo:449290177446281217> <:vastarinta:427565803961843717> <:spurdo:449290177446281217> <:vastarinta:427565803961843717>

@Deleted User Welcome. <:heil:423868042653728778>

@Deleted User The end of the video "only 5 years of probation".

So satisfying.

@Deleted User Who is that?

The result is the same, the pedofile is dead.

"Karate this motherfucker!"

@GeistSieben What is your point, did you miss the video? The pedofile was a karate teacher.

Ching chang, ping pong, gun will still win.

There is no name and I do not recognize different Asians.

@GeistSieben Communist killed <:vastarinta:427565803961843717>


Thank you.

Defeatism is gay.


@Hunter491 Dude, just get a normal, cheap phone.

No point to give (((them))) anymore money than necessary.

Life has taught me that Jews are willing to do anything if it aids them.

@Noah Welcome.

@Deleted User Welcome <:heil:423868042653728778>

Teufel is woke.

Skinwhite Finland.

Great documentary.

Idiots are.

@Deleted User What is the source of that picture? Who made it?

@Deleted User Hmmm... Is this the right burger or not? Welcome anyways...


Checked it.

It is the right Burger 🇺🇸! :) Welcome back!

I honestly thought that you meant the fryer as the thing (((some white people))) change their skin color <:nigg:430770557274030090> and the buns as the manbun <:sadwojakfacepalm:430770557223436288>

I am slow currently.

Finno-Ugric Masterrace*** <:vastarinta:427565803961843717> <:vastarinta:427565803961843717>

Alright, let's take this to <#448910393876676618> so we do not get banned <:vastarinta:427565803961843717>

How much? = Yes

<:vastarinta:427565803961843717>* 🇫🇮 <:vastarinta:427565803961843717>*

The feeling when the Jew smells that you are in his wardrobe waiting with a shotgun:

Inferior Spurdo emote here.

Good, since here are many mutts.

This you?

Benis :DDD

Best city.

That NiBBa be stealing our names.

Let's <:gas:430770557513105420> him.


You've got Steam?

Poor burger 🇺🇸 😿

TFW you are so undeveloped that you start laughing at yourself <:vastarinta:427565803961843717>.

You've got to laugh at yourself.

Hehe and Haha tribes :DDD

@Deleted User The Koreans know their betters. <:vastarinta:427565803961843717> = <:spurdo:449290177446281217> = <:chad:430770532515053576>

@Deleted User That is beautiful.

@Ajkorpi Change that anime picture.

And look at <#448920205025083402>

@Ajkorpi Stop being a smartass, the game is made by a Japanese company and it is clearly an anime-game.

So now you have another degenerate profile picture...

Dindu nuffin but stink


What should be done with these USA's provinces?


They are.

199 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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