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2019-03-05 00:27:57 UTC

This room can be used to discuss or debate any information found in the Vaccines & Big Pharma category. Please keep it civil and do not bash peoples beliefs or information. Thank you.

2019-03-05 00:28:00 UTC

2019-03-05 11:59:46 UTC

I think just as Jews thought they were getting a shower, patients receiving vaccines think they are getting protected.

2019-03-05 12:27:28 UTC


2019-03-05 12:27:34 UTC

Very scientific statement

2019-03-05 12:59:55 UTC

@ZeroT He was clearly expressing his opinion. Your sarcasm is not appreciated here.

Unlike you, who states things as fact, when you are really only giving your opinion. I think you are a weak debater...my friend.

2019-03-05 14:58:36 UTC


2019-03-05 14:58:42 UTC

This is an opinion for you?

2019-03-05 14:58:54 UTC

To compare Holocaust with vaccines?

2019-03-05 14:59:14 UTC

I do not state my opinion as facts

2019-03-10 00:05:07 UTC

A new study just came out proving yet again that autism and vaccines are not related (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30831578)

2019-03-10 01:41:39 UTC

A new study shows more and more correlations with vaccines and autism

2019-03-10 01:41:54 UTC

@carth government sucking

2019-03-10 01:44:06 UTC


2019-03-10 01:44:15 UTC

No medical charts reviewed

2019-03-10 01:44:31 UTC

"Strongly supports"

2019-03-10 01:44:37 UTC

That means its bullshit

2019-03-10 01:45:22 UTC

Good luck convincing ppl to believe your Gods.

2019-03-10 01:54:36 UTC

This guy made it just fine. Was he brainwashed?

2019-03-10 01:56:47 UTC

24 studies that destroy the mainstream propaganda http://avoiceforchoice.org/issues/pharmaceuticals-and-vaccines/24-studies/

2019-03-10 01:58:02 UTC

So what do I believe?

2019-03-10 01:58:18 UTC

Is there a correlation?

2019-03-10 01:58:31 UTC

Or is it something else?

2019-03-10 01:58:35 UTC


2019-03-10 01:58:40 UTC


2019-03-10 01:58:48 UTC

Chemicals in our water?

2019-03-10 01:59:02 UTC

What exactly is causing the rise in autism?

2019-03-10 02:03:33 UTC

@carth The study you provided was funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation..which is owned by Novo Holdings. There is a clear conflict of interest in that study. Novo Holdings invests heavily into medical ventures. They are worth 60 billion.



2019-03-10 03:01:23 UTC

So is there any scientific data that proves vaccines or bad or is it just that people refuse to believe the government

2019-03-10 03:03:22 UTC

Most of the talk about vaccines are the metals involved, when individuals unknowingly consume more than 30mg of aluminum a day, while vaccines have less than 1.5mg

2019-03-10 03:07:11 UTC

do you read?

2019-03-10 03:08:46 UTC

As a matter of fact I do

2019-03-10 03:14:56 UTC


2019-03-10 03:15:03 UTC

then you can figure it out all by yourself!

2019-03-10 03:15:05 UTC


2019-03-10 03:35:51 UTC

Great argument

2019-03-10 03:48:03 UTC

What argument?

2019-03-10 03:48:17 UTC

I just posted questions

2019-03-10 06:15:32 UTC


2019-03-10 17:44:18 UTC

seems like his mom took good care of him. he will prolly get sick all the time now

2019-03-10 19:39:22 UTC


2019-03-10 23:45:55 UTC

guys where the evidence that vaccines are good

2019-03-10 23:46:22 UTC

in school i learnt how they helped us but i think theyre a waste

2019-03-10 23:46:27 UTC


2019-03-10 23:46:28 UTC

i heard they cause autism

2019-03-10 23:46:40 UTC

U got vaccinated and ur retarded

2019-03-10 23:47:01 UTC

actually i am very smart

2019-03-10 23:47:04 UTC

No ones on this one

2019-03-10 23:47:08 UTC

Just us

2019-03-10 23:47:12 UTC

All alone

2019-03-10 23:47:13 UTC

yh lets find anothetr

2019-03-10 23:47:14 UTC

At last

2019-03-10 23:47:28 UTC

Bible study

2019-03-10 23:55:27 UTC


2019-03-10 23:55:28 UTC

Alright, @CJED has been warned for '**Capital letters**'.

2019-03-10 23:55:41 UTC

vaccinate your kids

2019-03-10 23:55:48 UTC


2019-03-10 23:56:02 UTC

So they are encouraging the idea that vaccines don’t work on this server?

2019-03-10 23:56:06 UTC


2019-03-10 23:56:23 UTC

How do I get roles

2019-03-10 23:56:28 UTC

No clue my dude

2019-03-10 23:56:41 UTC

Just joined today so I could listen to the people in vc discuss lmao

2019-03-10 23:56:43 UTC

It’s funny

2019-03-10 23:56:46 UTC

Wtf is climate propaganda

2019-03-10 23:56:52 UTC

Oh yeah me too

2019-03-10 23:57:01 UTC

Come from memeulous

2019-03-10 23:57:04 UTC


2019-03-10 23:57:27 UTC


2019-03-10 23:57:49 UTC

Dude, you wanna know what bothers me about vaccines?

2019-03-10 23:58:05 UTC

The fact that parents would rather have their kids DIE than be autistic.

2019-03-10 23:58:24 UTC

Because according to them, vaccines cause autism but everyone knows that.

2019-03-11 00:01:29 UTC

And also the <#551433518991933442> is pissing me off rn

2019-03-11 00:01:32 UTC

Like ugh

2019-03-11 00:10:39 UTC

Everybody, please vaccinate your children

2019-03-11 00:10:53 UTC

I dont want to see you sad when your kid dies 3 years after its born

2019-03-11 00:11:05 UTC

I dont want to see other kids get diseases

2019-03-11 00:11:14 UTC

Dont do it for yourself but for your kid

2019-03-11 01:48:52 UTC

Kids have been dying regardless of vaccines according to the data

2019-03-11 01:49:29 UTC

@Deleted User no one is dying from being unvaxxed

2019-03-11 01:50:42 UTC

<@439235639804952581> prove your claims with independent studies

2019-03-11 02:09:39 UTC

Sure they did

2019-03-11 02:09:41 UTC


2019-03-11 02:09:51 UTC

Its debunked

2019-03-11 02:10:00 UTC

Check the info in the other channels

2019-03-11 02:11:49 UTC

!unmute @Cupcakes

2019-03-11 02:11:50 UTC

Cupcakes#0099 (541471207720222721) is now unmuted! <:THUMBSUP6:403560443345371137>

2019-03-11 02:12:07 UTC

<@439235639804952581> check the other channels

2019-03-11 02:12:21 UTC

I dont have time for you atm. Watching a movie

2019-03-11 02:12:33 UTC

Great thanks!

2019-03-12 03:18:14 UTC

Channel back open to enrollee

2019-03-12 03:30:08 UTC

Do people actually believe this shit

2019-03-12 03:30:40 UTC


2019-03-12 03:31:38 UTC

Did you guys read anything. @Xplorer @King Of Karma ♡

2019-03-12 03:40:16 UTC


2019-03-12 04:06:09 UTC

@davod12345 no trolling. <#517207579273854977>

2019-03-12 04:06:27 UTC


2019-03-12 04:06:37 UTC


2019-03-12 04:06:52 UTC

I will be peaceful

2019-03-12 04:06:58 UTC


2019-03-12 04:07:04 UTC

I’m going to bed for now

2019-03-12 04:07:14 UTC

Have a good night

2019-03-12 04:07:18 UTC

ok me too in a bit

2019-03-12 04:07:21 UTC

you too.

2019-03-15 04:21:31 UTC

vaccines work change my mind.

@Gibble ..
go watch the film "Vaxxed" i posted, ..m'kay -- hows that for starters?
you can downlod it

2019-03-15 15:29:59 UTC

<#551936530436849666> has a lot of info

2019-03-15 17:42:46 UTC

Vaccines are there to help you

2019-03-15 17:43:15 UTC

If your not vaccinated your endangering people around you

2019-03-15 17:44:01 UTC

After all we wouldn’t want to have another measles outbreak

@Explain_It_Kakyion go watch the film "Vaxxed" i posted, ..m'kay -- hows that for starters?
you can downlod it

or? ...or go stand in line for your Flu shot...etc, ..u dummy..........

2019-03-15 17:46:20 UTC

So your not vaccinated

2019-03-15 17:47:05 UTC

They have prevented lots of deaths

im 43 y/o

i had about 5

now? how many they give ya'all?! 😆 ??..

33 shots?..


u effn dummy! LOL..


2019-03-15 17:49:33 UTC

Well that’s ur opinion man

2019-03-15 17:50:57 UTC

But I don’t want to have to worry about another pandemic of a virus that can easily be prevented by vaccines


smh / sigh : /

wow ..

2019-03-15 17:55:05 UTC


"Fear porn"



2019-03-15 17:55:29 UTC

I’m lost man

2019-03-15 17:55:39 UTC

What are you talking about

2019-03-15 18:11:03 UTC

Stop linking the same video

2019-03-15 18:11:16 UTC

It’s retarded

2019-03-15 18:25:31 UTC

Excuse me , not my conversation , but i must say , @Explain_It_Kakyion , you're lost , because you were never on the right page , as the big boss upstairs once told me , " if their under 30 yrs old , they are a liability , i don't even want them walking into the farm yard

2019-03-15 18:26:10 UTC


2019-03-15 18:33:57 UTC

@Gibble , show some respect to your knowledgable elders

2019-03-15 19:55:35 UTC

This quote on quote "discussion" seems quite one sided

2019-03-16 19:34:00 UTC

I'm obsessed with vaccines

2019-03-16 19:36:35 UTC

not all of them are dangerous, but everyone should still beware of faulty vaccines

2019-03-16 19:40:40 UTC

yeah those are the 1/300000 type vaccines that may cause a seizure at worst, the risks are weighed up against the benefits. if the side effects of drug X in 1 in 10 vomiting for a cold that's unacceptable but for a cancer treatment that's acceptable bc it's designed to save ur life not stop a headache or smth

2019-03-16 19:41:56 UTC

btw, it could be an belitteling you could do. Long term effects haven't been studied

2019-03-16 19:43:37 UTC

first of, higher levels of aluminum have been found in the brain of autistics (lab test method: GF-AAS)

2019-03-16 19:45:43 UTC

and more in the brains of those with MS

2019-03-16 19:46:04 UTC

now that may be true but have u considered how when a chemical is excess to the body we tend to excrete it? so when excess aluminium compounds enter the body above what your body considers normal it will excrete it

2019-03-16 19:46:07 UTC

the substance causes an immune response that includes IL-6

2019-03-16 19:46:20 UTC

depends on how you inject it too

2019-03-16 19:46:34 UTC

if injected into venes, could be likely, but mostly it's injected intramuscular

2019-03-16 19:47:29 UTC

on excretion, this can be increased when consuming more orthosilicic acid, which forms complexes with aluminum

2019-03-16 19:48:13 UTC

therefore if you are not autistic then ur body will excrete the aluminium compounds. idk a whole lot about injection methods but i do have a reasonable understanding of transfer of materials and mechanics of the body. so when it enters the muscle it will be processed by the cells. that aluminium has a good chance of being broken down for a more useful compound so will then treat the excess as waste and therefore excrete it

2019-03-16 19:49:11 UTC

il-6 as in interleukin 6? i could've sworn that's a gene not a response or substance

2019-03-16 19:49:33 UTC

or is it a protein?

2019-03-16 19:49:40 UTC

Il-6 is a cytokine

2019-03-16 19:49:53 UTC

just like Il-1 and Il-17

2019-03-16 19:49:55 UTC

ah ok yeah causing inflamation right?

2019-03-16 19:50:05 UTC


2019-03-16 19:50:34 UTC


2019-03-16 19:50:41 UTC

not to mention this publication

2019-03-16 19:51:30 UTC

is that peer reviewed?

2019-03-16 19:51:42 UTC

how do i spea

2019-03-16 19:51:44 UTC


2019-03-16 19:52:00 UTC


2019-03-16 19:52:08 UTC

ok let me give it a quick look

2019-03-16 19:53:08 UTC

here's another study to read

2019-03-16 19:53:34 UTC

so IL-6 is involved in a lot of mental conditions or conditions in the CNS?

2019-03-16 19:53:46 UTC


2019-03-16 19:53:56 UTC

yeah that was meant to be an and mb

2019-03-16 19:54:59 UTC

I think AHCC would be safer in general, since that's not occuring in the form of nanoparticles like aluminum hydroxide or aluminum phosphate would, yet still has adjuvant activity

2019-03-16 19:57:30 UTC

this study has some indication on that, which should be further researched

2019-03-16 19:58:40 UTC

so yeah there's definitely an argument for that but when taking things from organic sources and then putting them into another organism's muscle tissues or bloodstream can have undesired consequences due to the nature of organic compounds but i would also argue that it may be more expensive than the aluminium compounds used and from what i'm aware of will carry more risk of being synthesised into an undesired compounds

2019-03-16 19:58:41 UTC

furthermore there's no neurological adverse reaction reported

2019-03-16 19:59:17 UTC

there may not be a neurological effect to the injections but it might prolong responses at the site of injection

2019-03-16 19:59:58 UTC

depends on what happens to the aluminum, but a mechanism behind this could also be going through the lymphatic system, not just the bloodstream

2019-03-16 20:00:48 UTC

by first getting 'eaten' by macrophages, that then go into the lymphatic system. If these macrophages brake down in that system, the aluminum nanoparticles are released and can go to the brain

2019-03-16 20:01:05 UTC

thus causing the same immunostimulation in the brain, which is unintentional

2019-03-16 20:02:25 UTC

one of my teachers did part of his degree in natural sciences (basically u choose the courses from all fields) and one of his fields was organic compounds to inorganic synthesis and that includes both directions of synthesis and with the use of aluminium there is much less risk of synthesis producing an undesired compound whether it is inorganic or organic than using an organic compound

2019-03-16 20:03:42 UTC

yeah i get where you're coming from and there are advantages to ur idea but as i've mentioned using organic compounds can still carry risks of unintended synthesis

2019-03-16 20:03:52 UTC

that's understandable, where I've got another idea to find a safer way to get the intended compound

2019-03-16 20:03:59 UTC

through extracting the AHCC from shiitake mushrooms

2019-03-16 20:05:15 UTC

ok so fair enough but it's still an organic compound so still runs the risk of having unintended consequences which may make the vaccines unviable due to there being too greater risk for what is being vaccinated against

2019-03-16 20:05:34 UTC


2019-03-16 20:05:44 UTC

do you also believe the US has excess vaccines?

2019-03-16 20:06:35 UTC

furthermore, organic compounds, even synthetic organic compounds have been injected in patients with other conditions. For instance, you have a nurse injecting haldol in a schizophrenia patient

2019-03-16 20:09:32 UTC

i'm not entirely sure about excess vaccines bc idk how long they can be stored and in what conditions they need to be stored in as that's not where my knowledge lies. when i say synthesis i mean your body reacting the compounds to create new compounds (synthesis literally meaning creation/creation of)

2019-03-16 20:10:23 UTC

you can compare the US vaccine schedule to Iceland's vaccine schedule

2019-03-16 20:10:38 UTC

the US has most vaccines in schedule compared to other nations

2019-03-16 20:11:18 UTC

ah right yeah that would make sense tbh as it is one of the largest HICs if not the largest

2019-03-16 20:13:43 UTC

in my nation, nearly half of the nurses don't take the flu shot LOL

2019-03-16 20:14:51 UTC

yeah u can usually rely on herd immunisation tbf

2019-03-16 20:15:18 UTC

happens always with flu, natural immunisation

2019-03-16 20:15:49 UTC

there's however a difference between natural immunisation and vaccination about the antibodies and which parts of the immune system are involved

2019-03-16 20:16:18 UTC

getting the flu is worth more than a flu shot

2019-03-16 20:16:30 UTC

yeah true but also note that the flu is a good way to get off of work if u would get sick pay and it's unlikely to kill u anyway

2019-03-16 20:16:57 UTC

i don't take the flu shot either

2019-03-16 20:18:44 UTC

ngl you should def take vaccine if you dont want to be fucked

2019-03-16 20:18:59 UTC

my parents where anti vax and i ended up getting blood tetanus

2019-03-16 20:19:02 UTC


2019-03-16 20:19:20 UTC

to that, I would say that some vaccines are necessary

2019-03-16 20:19:22 UTC

so unless your wanna experince worse pain in your life for months on end

2019-03-16 20:19:27 UTC

DTP is necessary

2019-03-16 20:19:30 UTC

you are fat

2019-03-16 20:19:35 UTC

vacies cAUSED ME TO HAVE Autism

2019-03-16 20:19:37 UTC

va will not halp you

2019-03-16 20:19:44 UTC

^ sry bad english

2019-03-16 20:19:46 UTC

nice strawman @Stone Roses

2019-03-16 20:19:53 UTC

Alright, @Mediterranean Salad has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

2019-03-16 20:19:54 UTC

y thnk u

2019-03-16 20:20:28 UTC


2019-03-16 20:21:13 UTC

AHCC has shown promise in fighting/eradicating HPV (take 3 grams once a day)
Phase II clinical study to be published in december this year

2019-03-16 20:21:28 UTC


2019-03-16 20:21:31 UTC

yeah i've taken all the vaccines that i need to. i just don't take flu shots

2019-03-16 20:21:46 UTC

that seems pretty interesting lance

2019-03-16 20:21:59 UTC


2019-03-16 20:22:30 UTC

@Lancelot i habe kwestion

2019-03-16 20:22:44 UTC

if it would be scientifically proven to be effective, it would render HPV vaccines obsolete

2019-03-16 20:22:45 UTC

Alright, @Mediterranean Salad has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

2019-03-16 20:23:01 UTC

ask me anything Ajay

2019-03-16 20:23:17 UTC

what is inside vax?

2019-03-16 20:25:47 UTC

i think the problem comes more to the point of having to take it each day

2019-03-16 20:26:02 UTC

which makes the vaccine slightly easier and more likely cheaper

2019-03-16 20:27:31 UTC

also the main reason is to reduce cervical cancer right? so having people take supplements while is a good thing the issue of personally choice that give the opportunity for it to continue to be an issue instead of eradicating it due to people not trusting it. in my country it is very difficult to withdraw ur child from the hpv vaccine

2019-03-16 20:28:49 UTC

also it's nice to see there's someone who actually has a good understanding and isn't just vaccine bad vaccine causes autism and then just pulls out some study that was done in the interest of proving that it causes autism and hasn't been peer reviewed

2019-03-16 20:32:16 UTC

when it comes to what is inside it, there are other compounds that are highly suspected, not all vaccines contain them, but some do depending on what the insert says or lab results show (you can do by sampling a vaccine and taking it to the lab)

2019-03-16 20:37:19 UTC

examples are thimerosal, an organic compound of mercury and polysorbate 80, which has been associated with ovary problems (including infertility) and there are some humans allergic to it (or have adverse response).
Although the scientific community claims thimerosal has been removed from all vaccines, you can refute this claim by just looking at the inserts. Example 1: tetanus shot from Bilthoven biologicals still contains thimerosal and has therefore a warning to not administer it to pregnant women
Example 2: Flulaval (flu vaccine made by GSK) says on label it contains thimerosal, confirmed via ICP-MS
to such an extend, if there would be a vaccine competitor using no suspicious compounds, that company is likely to win the competition in the current situation

2019-03-16 20:38:18 UTC

Here's a study about adverse reactions to polysorbate 80: https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/pharmacology-toxicology-and-pharmaceutical-science/polysorbate-80
a solution would be a pre-screening to test for allergy for that compound, if positive, polysorbate 80 containing vaccines shouldn't be administered

2019-03-16 20:40:34 UTC

for HPV, pap smears are far more effective, it actually should be done for women 25 years and older

2019-03-16 20:40:42 UTC

or if they suspect it

2019-03-16 20:41:17 UTC

yeah it's very effective but the lead cause of cervical cancer is getting HPV iirc

2019-03-16 20:41:38 UTC


2019-03-16 20:42:01 UTC

but yeah pap smears are very important as well, i'd be an idiot to deny that

2019-03-16 20:45:06 UTC

to some extend, there's some debate about measles, it could cause complications and death, but hygiene and good nutrition (vitamin A and C) make it less severe. Reasons are that measles makes you more vurnable to other pathogens that make it harder for the immune system to fight. Good hygiene would make you less vurnable to other pathogens. The pro however is that if you survive measles (happens in majority), you'll get immune from it for the rest of your life

2019-03-16 20:45:17 UTC

to test for immunity, ask for a blood titer

2019-03-16 20:46:27 UTC

did you know that some measles cases were actually misdiagnosed as such and actually cases of the reaction to the MMR vaccine?

2019-03-16 20:46:53 UTC

good hygiene is improving but i would argue good nutrition is not going the same way

2019-03-16 20:47:36 UTC

yeah a couple people in my year got measles like symptoms after the MMR vaccine

2019-03-16 20:47:37 UTC

there's been proof that vitamin A deficiency is a major cause of higher mortality in measles cases

2019-03-16 20:47:49 UTC

yeah i don't doubt that

2019-03-16 20:48:25 UTC

it would be reasonable to give a patient with this both vitamin A supplements as well as high dose vitamin C (including IV)

2019-03-16 20:49:20 UTC

yeah definitely although generally when u start eating really healthy after u get ill it's not usually effective

2019-03-16 20:50:09 UTC

with vitamin C iv however, you have 100% absorption rate, 50 grams of it is used regularly which is equal to 1000 oranges

2019-03-16 20:51:03 UTC

yeah true

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