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@Lucretius then a belated welcome for you ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Wishing RBG a healthy retirement IF she quits the USSC, abandons politics. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


Sorry if this is slightly off-topic, but speaking of a different kind of activism does anyone have an idea of how to organize politically to start putting someone (even covertly) on things like city councils, etc?

Night night, @Reinhard Wolff

Thatโ€™s a decent post with vid showing relevant hate quote by native Americans

Been posting about this all weekend long on Twidder. I think we have reach peak โ€œwokenessโ€ and people are starting to realize the โ€œbeing alive while white as a crimeโ€ nonsense that is being peddled.

@ Barnes_Law (Twitter) is asking for screencaps of threats to the kids to start suing.

TRS people as in TRS audience or content creators?

@Lawrence of Eurabia I like their deep dives

definitely learned a lot (civics) about how the government works from FTN

At some point you need to figure out that anything white-centric is going to be deemed excessive by someone and just own it.

Think about the "It's OK to be white" slogan

It does not get any less excessive than that.

I am not advocating for "screw the optics"

Just for getting into the mindset that EVERYTHING is a hate symbol for some people once it becomes a visible threat. Optics matter.

I think I was not as clear as I wanted to.

Let me give you an example, Alexander

Years ago, during my "I can never be a racist Republican" phase, I discussed affirmative action with my then g/f. I argued that in today's day an age it was not a fair proposition.

So I got called racist.

You can only spend so much time explaining, and if "they" have you giving explanations at every single turn, they've won the argument.

LOL agreed

agreed with both of you.

But also recognize that different people have different styles of communicating.

FTN and, to name another I listen to, Third Rail, have their "OMFG why go THERE, THAT way," but you can't deny they are effective communicators.

But opticswise, @rising_serpent or @cursedsalad from Twitter are much better at making arguments while using comfortable language.

@Logan You are probably right.

What should we do if SPLC brands IE as a hate group?

This is sort of what I was alluding at before. Some thought needs to be put to ensure that the national conversation happens on our terms with our definitions.

That's what I meant by "owning it"

Sorry it came across as something else.

Lawrence, the FBI uses the SPLC as their source of info for hate groups, for their civil rights protection group

I was at an outreach program with them last year and they mentioned that.

(Disclaimer: I do not work on any type of Law Enforcement)

I am going to turn in, but it was a pleasure chatting with you all for a bit!

@Nemets I can't hear anything yet




I hope you've all seen the whitepill from Spain ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ธ

Protesting the unelected government at Columbus square in Madrid

@Papa Pizzagate the unelected president of Spain wanted to bring a mediator between the Spanish government and the regional government of Cataluรฑa, instead of insisting that the regional government follow Spanish law.

I don't have an article right now, just found about it from my dad who attended the demonstration

Media said they were about 45,000 demonstrators... LOL

@Jacob would the identitarian thing be letting California do its thing with sanctuary cities?

Catalans are not an ethnicity

The problem is that the majority of the Catalonian territory doesn't want to secede, mostly the people in Barcelona.

So you would actually support California disobeying federal law?

I guess we'll agree to disagree. Just keep in mind that Cataluรฑa has the help and support from the media propaganda machine for a reason.

A fractured Spain helps some interests.


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