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Anybody else seen this? its my new fob music

2016-10-03 04:14:22 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

you guys check out this dope Metal Gear animation

2016-10-03 05:34:47 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

i think this supposed to the first Metal Gear game where Solid Snake infiltrates Outer Heaven Operation Intrude N313 so this is probably at the beginning.

2016-11-07 21:18:42 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

did the mgs chat only disappear?

2016-11-07 21:43:17 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

Why is IG88 cool? I think Lobot is cooler than him. Beats headset before it cool

Seems like the guy removed the video on the north atlantic base vid, I wonder why lol

I thought there wasnt a way to farm combat staff?? or Im reading that wrong?

2016-12-06 16:42:58 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

The lvl 10 Am Mrs71 lethal and non lethal sniper rilfe has been added. The lvl10 Brennan has been added. The level 10 battle dress,sv, and regular sneaking suit have been added. And a lvl 9 estun decoy has been added. So anybody wanna farm?

2016-12-06 17:25:36 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

becuase the last estun decoy was 8

2016-12-06 17:28:50 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

they need to UNASS that fulton launcher already

2016-12-06 20:01:13 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

Something tells me its safe to assume when its double resource week that when a weapon, security etc. update will be added.

2016-12-08 18:42:06 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

I could let you hit my combat for volunteers if you like?

2016-12-09 22:31:04 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

How much in rewards does one get for turning on security challenge is your security is successful? I never tried it. Is it worth it?

2016-12-09 22:33:41 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

so not really worth it since the rewards are just double of what you normally get when you successfully defend

2016-12-09 22:35:06 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

ok thanks for the info. well never trying security challenge if not gonna be substantial, I not gonna risk losing my staff over bobbles.

2016-12-09 22:37:25 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

apologies for what?

2016-12-09 22:38:24 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

oh i have insurance its about to run out and I was wondering whether or not to try it out.

2016-12-09 22:39:14 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

yeah I know if xbox could save scum I would be security challenge all day. lucky playstation, pc

2016-12-09 22:40:01 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

thanks for the info

2016-12-09 22:42:01 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

oh im aware of the farming mechanic, I use it. I was just curious if security challenge yield better results. back to grinding for more combat staff.

2016-12-09 22:42:43 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

this would be easier if Konami would just turn the script back on to let actually capture combat staff from the core. bo sa la vive laters

Has anybody noticed the amount next the staff icon on the nameplate sometimes is inaccurate for some rivals/supporters? Is this like a away to hide your staff numbers or are people actual deleting staff???

I see

The Lvl 10 BD is disgusting. I LOVE IT

If you want in couple days I could but you would have to give them back once you start developing it

I would have to have your word

pm me when you find out and well will definitely talk

what lvl are you now?

even with rearranging everyone in other department who have high combat experience?

Im just trying calculate how many I would need to let you borrow

you dont have any other departments where you can shuffle soliders around?

when you get chance check, Im guessing 100 S++ soliders would do the trick.

Anybody here planning on getting Friday the 13th on release?

Any <@&223475595424694272> down to farm tomorrow or later on this evening? Hit me up.

Who hit you?

2017-02-05 21:25:27 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

the juice is loose I repeat the juice is loose. That is all

Will i get in trouble for posting the Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Peen Trailer from brazzers?

ah nevermind then I just ran across it and busted up laughing

Am I smoking the fattest stack imaginable or did someone actually come up with an xbox one to farm S++combat staff? Im noticing a totally of five people who did not have 162 combat and162 security last tuesday and now they do...Is this a real life or just fanatsy? Got in landslide ...

Caught in a landslide...sorry a little sleeply

So extra accounts on xbox one and farm them? I figured thats what was going on

2017-02-24 06:53:19 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

anybody know how to recover a discord password?

2017-02-24 07:16:25 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

@Null thanks

@SMARTAN 427 whats your gamertag?

Do anybody happen to know the fob player GoGettheBall on Xbox One?

@Deleted User so is the patriots die group or you somebody completely different?

also let him know it it didnt know it was him I stole one of his solider oops

@HeyZeus I see thanks for the info. I being to wonder how so people had max S++ combat and Security. So all you need is another name under a gold account right?

Also could you tell me if the patriots and die group are the same? I dont wanna rub anybody the wrong way. I try to stay away from die group bases if can help it

I farm sometimes I just was wondering if thats the only way to farm combat S++ guys because trying to steal them from the core or get volunteers is soul crushing. So if multiple accounts is the way to go I about to start doing that.

Ah I see Lai Li Lu Le Lo right???

@Sexy Zombie Roo you still play this game?

if not do you mind giving me your staff?lol

then you wont mind me hitting your base?

@SMARTAN 427 unless you got a way to farm S++combat soldiers not gonna happen tonight.... maybe later on this week.

Also Not sure if anybody knows about this but from what I can tell it works on North Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and North Pacific Fobs. I am not suggesting you do this but it just happened to me just now after I stole two nukes from someone before I could dismantle them. I received no alert while papacarlos was doing it so maybe its worth sharing. So maybe it will even the odds.

you mis understand he hit me on the indian ocean...this onlu supposed to work on north atalantic and north pacific

@Towelie Then there is no reason for nukes to be even a problem....why the hell hasnt disarmament happened then... If every command no matter the sea..da fuck

there is like no point build or steal nukes is there? there is like no point to play this game anymore

supposedly the fulton launcher and lvl 11 battledress and Uavs is is coming out this tuesday, if that's true I developing them and quitting. fuck this game for reals

@Deleted User If I decide to quit you will definitely get first dibbs on the combat staff. thats a promise Boss

@SMARTAN 427 its because Konami got pissed everyone was save scuming in the first three months. Then sent out an update that turned off the S++ solider acquisition in the single player. That update also basically made it harder to obtain S++ by just making it to the core. When started playing this game if hit a base with unprotected S++

you usually stole about twenty five percent of what was listed. now you are lucky if you get a volunteer for your trouble

yup only ps has the save back up trick. Yeah in beginning it was nice you could S++ during the endgame. They scarce but they were there, Now its just boasters with high S+ ranks.

farm tanks and walker gears

for pf points to buy S++ soliders

buy winning your pf get points....the stronger your army is....

check your numbers at pf menu press y it will help explain things

the skills of soliders matter as well. example if you have two thousand tanks and two thousand walker gears a at least 400 S++ soliders with AntiBallistic 3 skill you will probably never lose a pf battle. even aganist a nuke hoarder

it does but checkpoint scuming helps with walker gears and tanks

Konami changed somethings but this still works for tanks walker gears and some other things. It used to work for resources until people started making videos then Konami nipped that in bud real quick

Also resources precious medals used to have a larger number in the single player then they knocked that down too

preaching to the choir


@saeed9qwert you are talking playstation right?

Does anybody think Konami by now has killed the MGS Survive or do you think its still gonna be released?

2017-04-13 08:48:09 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

Im just happy this shit is here

2017-04-13 08:49:04 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

pvp will change

2017-04-13 08:49:12 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

if that even matters

2017-04-13 08:55:41 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

Is there possibility they will patch it so it will fulton containters,nukes, etc.??? wait... this konami.....nevermind....ah well Friday the 13th is coming out soon so whatevas

2017-04-13 08:58:25 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

so the splash damage doesn't count... if fucking Konami was worth it Id send them turd in the mail to their offices

2017-04-13 09:05:09 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

@Towelie I was all hype now I just wanna fire all my staff and sell all resources and find Kojima and beat his ASS

2017-04-13 09:06:10 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

then WHO should catch these HANDS...I want justice man

2017-04-13 09:07:13 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

Name him then his salaryman ass will be mine

2017-04-13 09:07:50 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

I got nothing to lose ... I will find him

2017-04-13 09:08:16 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

I need adrink

2017-04-13 09:16:23 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

then Hideki will be served somehow someway, bucketlist promise

Doesnt that have to do with the amount of people in the A bracket in general?

@Towelie you seem to be very knowledgeable, got a question is there a way to lose and indirect retal wormhole without the owner of the original retal wormhole raiding you? Besides letting the time/day limit expire?

@Towelie It hit someone left a wormhole. There supporter has a thirty day wormhole ( they told me) The owner the fob I hit is inactive. So is there a why to remove the indirect without the original owner attacking or time elapse.

So if the supporter hits my core three times without a combat alert it should it end? hmmm

@Towelie Is there a way to glitch it and keep it open on the supporters side? because the supporter has gotten with being caught or cause an alert more than three times

he has done that

nope he hits me at three to six time a I day while im playing

Its just obnoxious, I dont wanna have to use the teleportation glitch to take his staff when he runs out on insurance but looks like its the only way to get him to stop.

all well as EA says "Its in the Game"

@Towelie Im used to it, I had total of twenty people for six month straight try to make me quit by supporting me and not stopping the invader when they came to defend . I been griefed by the best and worst and still keep coming back for more like an idiot. lol Until May 26 that ki ki

@SMARTAN 427 Metal Gear will be but to bed by Crystal Lake's favorite son. For me anyway

Who plans on getting survive...? real talk

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