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Progressive. πŸ˜‰

World's greatest soldier.... Killed by a can of spray.

^ How to be Pepe.

Ted Cruz: Protagonist of Assassin's Creed: Zodiac

Raiden always ends up fighting Presidents / Presidential Candidates. Raiden Vs Ted Cruz.

^ Read that in Microsoft Sam's voice



.8ball will I ever find a woman?



Mother of God....



Is that my ex you bastard!?









It'd be cool to have a bot that posts a meme of ozzy whenever someone types .ozzy

Well.... Ozzy does have a habit of repeating stuff....

I'm saving that one.

34 channels?!

The last time I used our TV was around December or Janruary I think... lol

It was the first time I had ever used it, so I didn't know how to turn it on.

Well yeah, that's how we got it on eventually. I had a friend over so it was time to use it for once... Took a good 5 minutes to find the remote, though.

It's in the living room... I don't chill in there. lol

There's no power button.

Yes.... ".....oh." My reaction exactly.



A pornographic image.

A phantom.

"No Fucks Insight"

"Nasty Foot Incest"

.google ethan bradberry

Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. Please try your request again later. Why did this happen?

IP address: don't-hack-my-shit
Time: 2016-07-30T19:18:41Z

(farming my healing skill...)


I wonder if my tooth ever came out...

The nub is finally going down some.

Multiple times.

That was what, two weeks ago?

No, I flushed it.

Besides... It was a very tiny tooth since it was a baby one.

My favorite tooth... But it's gone now.

If it's gay it goes away.

Minus lesbians.

I'm a male identified lesbian.

I think that's what Futa described his self as.

Never forget.

I sexually identify as a predator.

Oh... wait..

Meme of the day brought to you by @Alibaba

On a scale of 1 to Huey, how big of a cuck are you?

We have the same glasses. πŸ˜‰

For you Dragon Ball nerds.

Is there even a place to put your age on discord? xD

@Mr_WepX It ends either today or tomorrow.

He celebrated in a way that made me proud.

And Pepsi.

Put it all into a blender.

You're welcome.

Crazy..... Turtle....

Punished "Crazy" Turtle.

I thought you were going to bed?!

Could it be....

THat I have actually gained the power to control people.

I must test this out straight away. Now to find a woman and see if I can control her into taking of her clothes.



I'm a redneck. I can confirm Bert is correct.

Never too many memes....

^ **Literal** shitposting.

OMG, that meme works in reply to Ellis. xD

I'd rather kill myself than commit suicide.

Aye. xD

He isn't on Discord anymore. :/

I tried inviting him here, but he vanished.


Even his YouTube was deleted. 😦

No, he posts on Reddit still.

No. Stars aren't aligned.

Miller will fuck you up with those arms of his.

Whatever makes her happy. ❀




Vurt a furk?!?!

You feel it to, don't you? The memes we lost...

Why not?

* What the Mc'fuck

My memes come in many ages.

o_O What on earth....

Should look like this...

Ew. Phones.

Hammer time

I just hit prt-sc and take it to MS Paint and crop it.


(Pun not intended)

Wait... One more.





Because it amuses me. :3

I derive pleasure from it.

>_> Indeed.

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