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Alright well if anyone is willing to help me farm on Xbox One that would be great. GT is same as discord.

Same as my username

I'm on pacific standard time as well. I'm about to go bed but go ahead and friend me on XBL and support my FOB then.

I made sure to support your FOB back @ghostdogryu cool to see you so high level too. I could definitely use your base for training practice.

Well, I am still looking to farm on Xbox One. Haven't gotten to do it yet. GT is same as username.

That would be great. Let me know. I'm usually free after 6pm PST

I finally found a regular person to farm with. Its been nice accelerating development

Interesting stuff

@ghostdogryu what about that farming?

That is... interesting

Its amazing if even you guys are struggling for s++ combat staff

Yeah that is crap. I wish you could at least 1 gaurrenteed s++ for hitting the core.

And you can't even use save backups on Xbox One to begin with right? This console seems to be the most punished in that regard

And I have always found it to be stupid that you can't get s++ in single player at all.

There is like no reason to play single player anymore and it sucks.

For what? FoB dispatch missions?

? Do you get more pf points the more vehicles you have?

I didn't know that your vehicle count affected that. Such an unexplained system

Sounds like that would take some time to amass

How does that work

Wow. I would have thought that the checkpoint would have saved the tank to be already missing but I guess not

I noticed that they are low as hell

And FoBs don't quite give enough to be worth it

Those 'double rewards' weeks should be default

Well I am still just a new/late DE player

2017-03-24 16:14:54 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

This morning I just had a Bullshit loss. I was retaliating against a previous invader but I was peacefully ghosting his support platform. With a 10 minute timer, I managed to sneak all the way past his little custom camera/mine blockade and without a caution alert made it to the last platform. I quickly sleep gassed the guards in my path to the basement stairs, destroyed a UAV, made sure that the basement was clear before destroying the final camera, and then as I am sprinting across the basement with 1 minute left I GET SPOTTED THROUGH A WALL BY A GUARD UPSTAIRS BY THE BRIDGE. Then, to add insult to injury, the Defender spawns in at about 30 Seconds left, and I have only a ghosting loadout to fight and simply get CQC'd and Fultoned by the Defender. This was all bullshit because I was otherwise going to win the core if not for random guard with X-Ray vision. Then proceeded to be embarrassed.

I believe he said so earlier

What happens on May 26?


2017-05-02 01:33:41 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

That is funny

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