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2016-06-13 04:26:07 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #memes_and_art]  

its gonna be raiden vs trump. who will win? Tune in this november the 4th. May the nanomachines be with you all!

2016-11-18 07:36:44 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #general]  

hi, i used to be here until i got into a heated misunderstanding with another member, am hoping we could simply move on. and let the past be the past. Looking for people t farm with, on the xbox one. Also would prefer if you have a headset to communicate.

@ghostdogryu dont worry about hsi soldiers he hass more than 4,000 S++ soldiers across his 3 accounts.

thats part of why he stays in the top of Pf rankings he has 2 other accounts to feed his main account.

hes usually pretty cool about it.

but i always wondered how he got them in the first place even farming by yourself between 2 accounts is doable as i have done it, but to get to his level Solo? theres no way he did it all on his own.

i dont know if they are the same. but for combat guys its very tricky some ppl get a bunch very easy others not so much

it took me,.. until last week this year to get my combat unit to 155. thats 400 S++ combat guys.

do you farm with others at all?

Survive was at E3 2017. there is some generic interviews but no new footage.

2019-09-13 22:45:46 UTC [Outer Heaven #join-log]  

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