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> Well anyone even associated with Antifa should be jailed


> You make a good point. But some where in the near future we have to open up the economy. We are approaching $25 trillion in debt and President Trump hasn’t given a straight forward answer to how we can reduce debt.

Here in Canada (Toronto), we've reopened and we have no spike in cases. Everything is still open but with social distancing and mandatory masks when you enter stores and restaurants.

> cum
@Deleted User

Dude, are you ok?

Is this a bot?

> Justin Trudeau is a nazi lmfao


> Aynon is the type of guy to either shoot someone or cure cancer


> I’ve got like 1k

As much as I hate Trudeau, I like getting a $2k/month check from him on top of $10k of savings

> What do you guys think about Trump wanting to make it illegal to burn the flag?


> This should be reality.

Fucking degenerates

Gas the furries

No offense but

I don't agree with the Confederate flag

Confederate States were great

But the slavery wasn't ok


Confederate flag is anti-USA

> Confederate states were great....?

Great in terms of conservative values but otherwise sucked

Pretty sure the Confederates started that, no? They were already part of the Union

> The Confederates wanted there own country, but maybe I am wrong

Yeah they did

Basically the Democrat party today came from Confederates

They've always been a covert enemy of the United States

I'll be available to get into detail soon



> Or put them in a zoo

That would give them a purpose

> The espionage just told me he finally told his homie that Hillary just might to to jail- it’s lookin like she was lyin’ when she was testifyin’ ‘bout not knowin’ ‘bout her classified e-mails- well, the lies start coming and they don’t stop coming, gotta hide the truth get her ground troops running- doesn’t make sense just to tell the truth, she can’t do that she just might lose- so much to hide, so much to see- so it’s all about her defeat, you’ll never know all that she’s knows, it’s a bit when she’s deposed- hey now, she’s a liar, she’s a conman-hey, hey the Clinton foundation is nothing more than pay to play- where there’s smoke there is fire-Hillary Clinton is a liarrrr (a song my sister in-law dad wrote) 😂 it’s so true

Truth is truth

A lie can need 100 other lies

To cover it up

> I retook the test now I'm a neo liberal

It's probably rigged

Dude tbh

Nothing offends me

But chill with the pedo hentai stuff

I feel like anyon is low-key a liberal

Trying to troll this group

> I think he’s just a shitposter
@Deleted User

Yeah that seems more like it

> We support people of all politics here

Far left doesn't understand that 😂😭

> One for this and one for my Minecraft server

I'll join when I got free time

Used to host a survival games server way back in 2014


2020-06-26 05:50:14 UTC [The Adorable Deplorable #memes]  

Here we fucking go

2020-06-26 05:50:28 UTC [The Adorable Deplorable #memes]  

Time to get shitposting

2020-06-26 05:53:49 UTC [The Adorable Deplorable #memes]

2020-06-26 05:53:52 UTC [The Adorable Deplorable #memes]

2020-06-26 05:54:00 UTC [The Adorable Deplorable #memes]

2020-06-26 05:54:04 UTC [The Adorable Deplorable #memes]

2020-06-26 05:54:10 UTC [The Adorable Deplorable #memes]

2020-06-26 05:54:15 UTC [The Adorable Deplorable #memes]

2020-06-26 05:54:18 UTC [The Adorable Deplorable #memes]

2020-06-26 05:55:08 UTC [The Adorable Deplorable #memes]

2020-06-26 06:00:22 UTC [The Adorable Deplorable #memes]

2020-06-26 06:00:27 UTC [The Adorable Deplorable #memes]

2020-06-26 06:00:49 UTC [The Adorable Deplorable #memes]  

> Lol you habe to slow it down the bot gets salty


2020-06-26 06:01:06 UTC [The Adorable Deplorable #memes]

2020-06-26 06:01:10 UTC [The Adorable Deplorable #memes]

2020-06-26 06:01:17 UTC [The Adorable Deplorable #memes]

2020-06-26 06:01:20 UTC [The Adorable Deplorable #memes]

2020-06-26 06:01:29 UTC [The Adorable Deplorable #memes]  

Atleast up to 6 at a time

2020-06-26 06:01:30 UTC [The Adorable Deplorable #memes]  


Getting a 2060 or 2070 soon

Can't wait to try it on aluminus soon

> Don’t send videos if your 3 inches



There's a meme chat

Go there

> You know what upsets me? Everytime, I see a cute girl on Instagram or Tik Tok and go to click on their profile, and I see a blacked out post saying #BLM or have #BLM on their bio. I get FUCKING DEPRESSED. You really think your brave for doing that? You lost my respect.

Beautiful girls are not all real, beauty is an illusion.

The Asian dudes got it tough on their part 😭😂

Inverted penis

What happened to aynon

Oh ur egg now

> I'm not too concerned about us falling into communism, since I've seen little proof that Biden wants to bring us into communism

Oh mannn, he is the perfect trojan horse for it.

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