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Bernie 2020

Re opening isn’t going to back fire

The economy is already at recession, unemployment are rising and we are waging a massive deficit.

We are making people hungry for government aid

So we are among them suckers for the government and depend

We have openings up states with very low cases and decrease in the number of cases

A cure takes almost a year to be approved

I’m from NY,

I live in NYC and I want to go back to college finish my senior year

And go to work

If you do not open the economy, you are talking about running a fucking massive deficit. A possible recession and unemployment. We hit unemployment to 50 year lows before this virus. We are giving people stimulus checks monthly and if we keep on giving them, they become reliant on the government.

The more reliant the people are in the government, the more power the government assumes over the people

This is should be a state choice


We are putting precautionary measures in plan and opening to only 25% capacity in some states

And I’m pretty sure they have plans in motion.

Road stops etc

Ebola for example wasn’t completely eradicated until late last year by the WHO

[email protected] on discord often

A cure or vaccine is going to take months and it needs to be tested and approved by the FDA

Who? People like to try stupid things in mics

Moral hazard

Do so, did you know Obama Administration gave $14 million to the wuhuan facility


That’s my Instagram

Worst of all some businesses are never going to ever open

Yup it was released on a report two weeks ago

Definitely not Ben Shapiro

I would like a strong conservative American President female or male.

What’s your political compass?


Still respect your opinion

@Kevin_the_wise threat detected. Incoming cluster strike

I’m just joking with you


Oh shit, I lost my balls

Orange man bad

Communist good

I’ll get kicked for my job

I work in asset management and in the 2020 trump campaign

Yes, I worked in the 2016 campaign doing phones calls

I was in high school then

Yup, I’m 20 and a senior in college next semester

Oh yes, I’m stuck home for the last couple months since mid February

I got finals next week

On PC or phone?

I haven’t played in a while but I do

Okay 👌

Conservative and a gamer sweet

Anyone here in college?

This is the last week of finals

And it sucks

I stopped playing those a while ago.

Had work and no time

No one is good at anything, it’s a matter if you trying ur best

Not bad. I remember my KD. Oof

Makes my GPA look like a 4.0

U should start a YouTube channel

Conservative gamer


You play terraria?

And Ark?

It is


Yes I love survival games




No one plays Zelda accept those weird kids who sit in the back of the cafeteria

No offense to u

I can tell

I was the only Christian conservative in High School

I got along fine.

I managed the school basketball team and coached girl soccer

Lol 😂

I’m writing a paper on male suicide



Not all of them

Timed test yikes

I got a finance final to take 🥺

Lol how are y

I love them

I was never too concerned with the GPA

I focused on getting experience

Does anyone wanna play terraria? I can send everyone the download for $0

U can play ark on mobile

I need someone to play with

lol that’s a mouthful

That’s fine but you haven’t met me and my big mouth

I’m in trouble at my college


I make joke about the corona virus

Fair. This is my 2nd incident

People get triggered

We are a Christian private research school that allows transgender organizations but not Christian orgs

Lol 😂 I got jumped in high school for saving build the wall

Guess what the guy who jumped me is held back


Lol I wish I had that much backing

Imagine one guy against 5 people

Unless I know some magical martial arts

Lol 😂

I never got suspended

Work in progress

Jeez anyone got finals or only me

Lol 😂

Feels I’m drowning in papers

My paper was due yesterday lol

I mean Monday at 11:59am

I mean pm

@Markichr really glued to this Minecraft project. I honestly suck at building in Minecraft

Wait, I should be writing ✍️

Mmm okay


What gibberish?

Would there be gun fights?

Like green vs purple


Hell yes

Got a 🇺🇸 Boner just by saying #2amendment



‘Merica 🇺🇸


Stop my boner can’t get any bigger. America is a erotic term 🤣

When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty

Joe Biden has dementia

The proper way to cook animal is not to use a flame thrower.

What kind of mind do you have? Unless you like raw meat

You got two ways of cooking, especially when you grill or roast meat

Reverse sear is the best. Low and slow then a broil to crust the top

Sorry I was watching a move called “what women want”

Lol 😂

@Deleted User wanna grab a drink?


Guinness on tap

The best

Me, treats in me pal

Let’s go casual. Boys night out, forget the girls.

Bar fight for later.

Who doesn’t like a dark Irish stout?

Few to many drink and we be locked up for the night with a red fist while the chumps next to use needs a hospital

@Markichr pass the popcorn would U. Quit hogging it

Wow 😳

Did she call me a man slut? Lol that’s a first

Change the title of your name to grumpy

Anyways @Deleted User you a man of the grill?

Surprisingly I don’t know it. Not sticking to find out

Didn’t know we had a bot called Donald Trump?

Kinda disrespectful.

That’s a man right there

What do like grill?


@Kevin_the_wise need ur advice. Your a smart man

Steaks. This guy speaks my language.

How old are you?


Didn’t know anyone was awake at 4:30

I’m of to bed, I got work from home and a economics final due Thursday and a 23 page philosophy paper

Good night folks

Should we open up the economy?

You make a good point. But some where in the near future we have to open up the economy. We are approaching $25 trillion in debt and President Trump hasn’t given a straight forward answer to how we can reduce debt.

Good morning folks

Right on mate

This is my sob story

Yup fucking messes up my brain

Still not helping my self esteem

Educational decisions can include actions related to academic standing, grades, participation in programs or activities, athletic opportunities, receipt of financial aid, grants, leaves of absence or other terms or conditions affecting one’s education.



I’m watching 365 days

And working on my novel


We got some serious gamers here

Anyone from NY?

I quit consoles when I stated college. I needed to get serious with my career.

New Years was awesome, and a great night

If your ever in NY, let’s grab lunch

I go to NJ in the weekends, Bergen’s county

This was New Years

I’m always down to hang with people. I judge people by their character

Nope 👎. I judge people by the dedication, honesty and humility

The Christian way

Yup 👍 I owe it one girl who showed me the way to God

She changed my life this past summer

I’m a Christian so I believe index after marriage


That is good pair. How did you meet her?

Marry her Kevin

This guy is the goat

I only met one girl in my life that changed me. Arielle. She was a pure Christian sole who believed in no drugs, no tattoos, no drinking and follow a life together with Christ

That is what attracted me to her

To be honest, I never believed in God before her. My mom is a strict catholic. She came into my life and I was the happiest man in the planet.

I still believe God bought her to me to bring me to Him

That is true. We went our separate ways because she lives in Buffalo, NY

That is true that is why I wait

Girls come and go, a woman dont

Long distance

Too different Universities

I’m in NYC

She’s in Buffalo

Yup she was beautiful and smart. But it was time to move on.

How long u and your gf been together?

It was, I remember breaking down and crying before God

That is awesome

You for you bro


Good! When are you proposing?

Listen, if you love that woman, nothing will hold you back.

Take a flight or drive or what ever. Show up unexpected

That is true love.

I’m writing a novel about love

I feel you. Corona messed up a lot of things.

You are a man with a plan.

It will probably push until the end of the year

Just go and give her a visit

Calling and FaceTime isn’t enough

That is a good beginning truly

Gamers and conservatives

You’re the man

Kevin is the man.

I wish I had someone to play games with. Making me jealous


I play CODM

And Area F2


Lol 😂

@Markichr what about you?

Same here. I loved it but it ended to quick

After the ender dragon was defeated I gave up


Movie? Love it

Lol 😢

I disagree

I love Kate

Her series were 🥰



Umbrella Corp

I want to start my own financial corporation

And I want to call it Umbrella Capital Management

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