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It's natural order, everything tends towards degradation/ anarchy

The corruption found its way in through state governed systems because many are unconstitutional

The checks for that should be the federal level but since a certain party has been super partisan, those checks failed.

@AlexanderTorri at least you're thinking, that's more than most.

The future is up to people who can still have civil discourse.

And agree and disagree without coming to violence.

I'll leave a thought for later:

The problem is fighting one ideology with the constraints of another is apparent. If you look at Alinsky's rules for radicals, they exploit this weakness to gain a foothold.

It's more of a tactic of I'm going to make you play by your rule set but I'm not. @Livingstone

I urge people to read Alinsky's but not because I appreciate his work and apply it to my life. It's more of a know thy enemy type relationship lol.

His last paragraph in his book forward sums things up.

Once you get to know his works then you can do a little adventure and see what important political figures in the US studied under his tutelage and the bigger picture will become more clear.

Can't say that I am.

Sounds about right

I think we can all agree the last thing the powers to be want are a unified people.

Kind of it doesn't matter who votes, it matters who counts the votes type deal?

The problem lies within...if people do the canvassing can they do it without bias?...if not even machines aren't flawless because they are subjected to human bias.

It's a proverbial catch 22 if there ever was one.

That's like begging for foreign interference

Then you go into the realm of can you prove that someone did it intentionally or was it another "whoopsie."

I've been seeing the memes everywhere

A dude did get arrested for shitting in her San fran house driveway

I think it's legal to pop a deuce on san fran streets

Which kind of humored me that Pelosi got the man arrested.

Exactly. Some poor secret service guy probably had to pick it up.

Like literally I don't get paid enough for this shit.

I look at people like her and the last thing I think is government of the people by the people

Term limits absolutely

Couldn't agree more

@Skizerz they've really done a disservice to teachers in the US. It's absolutely pathetic how they are treated.

Only in the US do you have to pay a premium for a decent education. In my case I was sent to a catholic school and it was bad comparatively to public school because of lack of resources.

@AlexanderTorri agree 100% cut out the bs indoctrination.

Our higher education systems have always had a romance with ideological systems such as communism/ socialism. I don't know if you've ever heard of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn but he was boo'ed out of Harvard for presenting an anti-communism speech.

You control the language you control the narrative.

Such is the case when your ideology is based off of emotion rather than fact.

The problem is the ideologies wane and wax with the current system... too conservative it shifts liberal too liberal it shifts conservative. There's really never balance. Just shifts in power.

I agree to that.

I think improvements in education would help a lot of the growing pains associated with that. Gullible, less educated people tend to fall in to the trap of basing their decision off of emotion over fact.

And by education I mean classical education not the indoctrination systems we see today.

I think what you said falls down to culture.

You're absolutely right.

A lot has happened to make people feel that no matter how hard they work their outcome will never change.

I think the US could use a lot of job place reform to change that thought though.

You've got people who perform hard work and they get paid just as much as the slacker in the next cubicle.

No more like merit based reward systems

Even in jobs that pay decent the same issues prevail

The people who work hard never get promoted because they carry their teammates....leads to stagnation

In other words remove socialism from the US work force.

That's when the federal government gives tax breaks to the business and tax companies that utilize foreign resources more heavily.

But you have to do something to ensure that the money isn't just shoved in the ceo's pockets.

Yes it's an absolute abomination to our economy

No I mean the ceo's personal gain

Point taken

The point is making some of that money reach the lower forces in the company.

I'm all ears

I like that.

Great point.

Yeah it's a tough thing to do when people start out their lives in so much debt mainly due to college cost inflation. It's basically entrapment.

People back in the 60's could work a part time job and have college paid off by the time they graduate. I'm still paying on mine almost a decade later and I make a decent salary.

I made right at 93k this year in an area that has a median salary of 40k.

I think that thought back feeds from work places requiring degrees for jobs that they didn't. It only perpetuates from there.

Like I wanted to apply for an environmental position at my work and the guy before had no degree. When they post his position it now requires a bs/ms in environmental science or equivalent.

Energy sector

Not govt

My limiting factor is being able to move.

But that's a personal thing. The company I work for covers the entirety of the south east.

There are plenty I'm just stuck mainly due to personal things like family and having young kids.

It is what it is. I make a good salary. Just feel like I can contribute more if given the opportunity.

What's that?

Ah yeah. I've got a solid relationship with my boss. I'm pretty much the go to guy.... but that in its own right is limiting.

I could do better at that. I've at least vocalized that I don't want to stay at my current job forever and have signed up for outside training and development but that usually gets shutdown or denied.

Yes. I've filled out my pathway and submitted it to where management can see it.

I need to get a mentor in one of my areas of interest and we have a program for that but my application always gets denied.

Outside of you weren't selected, not really.

I definitely will next go around but I think it will be fruitless... they really can't say that you don't fit the demographic if you know what I mean.

That's the really frustrating part

@Zeke what's the tldr on this. I'm watching but it's an hour long.

@Zeke doesn't help that the background music is louder than his voice.

Parler being removed from Apple and google playstores

I think it's pretty serious seeing the ceo interview with Tucker.

But it may end up being a nothing sandwich like TikTok close down threats

So CNN and antifa incited the capitol riot... I'd love it if they found the money trail to the DNC.

Basement Biden


First time Joe told the truth on camera

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