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2020-05-31 09:52:22 UTC


2020-05-31 09:57:40 UTC

Then he said this

2020-05-31 09:57:41 UTC


2020-05-31 15:46:55 UTC

Your dot build is pretty cancer.

2020-05-31 19:46:44 UTC

@MilkSteak yes it is this is what fengrush got to experience

2020-06-04 21:04:24 UTC

@JDMOONAN am I allowed to post youtube videos here? 😂

2020-06-04 21:04:37 UTC

If not its cool, just wanted to ask first

2020-06-06 04:03:48 UTC

@Vong yes you are this is for youguys feel free to post what you want

2020-06-10 00:11:02 UTC

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2020-06-29 22:34:03 UTC

@everyone I made it on kristofer eso’s top 5 ! Check it out if you want https://youtu.be/-kWknJnW4qo

2020-06-30 01:16:12 UTC

What’s the dot build?

2020-06-30 01:17:35 UTC

Venomous and what?

2020-07-02 15:59:00 UTC

Cant wait to be cp 810 take on grups of ppl without struggling on sustain and extra dps

2020-07-04 06:23:30 UTC

@Vong nice job man, I'll prolly send in a clip myself, see if I can't get in that top 5.

2020-07-04 06:23:32 UTC


2020-07-05 03:35:24 UTC

@JDMOONAN lol jd have u seen that video, its hillarious, the roles are inversed the cops is getting ask the same question they do lol

2020-07-05 04:25:17 UTC

My fucking theme song!

2020-08-07 13:24:30 UTC

Here is the new Youtube channel for news that I made, give me a sub and please like the videos for that search algorithm. Thanks guys!

2020-08-07 13:24:49 UTC

Here is the latest stream too, it was a news talk, hope you enjoy!

2020-10-24 18:56:23 UTC

Jerry Jeff Walker passed away, who wrote this song and The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band was allowed to run with it .. RIP JJW


2020-11-26 08:45:32 UTC

lick it or ticket

2020-11-26 08:45:50 UTC

i have interwebs

2020-11-26 08:46:22 UTC

also suck my fat dick

2020-12-04 18:36:08 UTC

stolen from cannabis & combat discord

2020-12-04 20:10:21 UTC

Funny how the media talked about Bidens dog for 24 hours. They media is literally treating Biden like a baby.

2020-12-04 23:23:19 UTC

Biden is a baby, he has everyone around him do work so he can sit in his office playing with chew toys

2020-12-04 23:24:59 UTC


2020-12-05 10:39:41 UTC

I couldn't help it I had to make this video it was way to funny!

2020-12-06 04:57:29 UTC

@JDMOONAN can you take a look at this and offer your thoughts. My buddy and I are debating this https://mobile.twitter.com/JustinGrayWSB/status/1334919773352812547

2020-12-06 07:09:11 UTC

Just gunna leave this here for the counter point to my buddy’s debate with me. Thanks for having me in this discord. https://youtu.be/ax3SAHyd7qo

2020-12-14 03:45:12 UTC

relevant ^

2020-12-19 06:12:41 UTC

Hello all .... new to this discord thing .... any help is appreciated

2020-12-21 22:58:50 UTC


2020-12-22 13:20:15 UTC

Worth a watch

2020-12-24 08:26:48 UTC

So I am don’t know if this has caught anyone else’s attention. I have made my first YouTube rabbit hole mistake but at least I picked an interesting one. Has anyone heard about Tiffany Dover? There is a twitter/reddit/YouTube conspiracy that the TN fainting nurse that got the Covid vaccine has actually died and there is a gag order on the family. She has experienced a total social media blackout and since the day of her supposed death a YouTube account full of Covid hashtags has popped up. That account is only worth noting because it’s not the first account with her name. Its an international question now and it’s looking like a body double coverup. Just thought I would leave it here. https://youtu.be/ylhq-fnMV00 https://youtu.be/SdziUqh2KEY I could be totally off base. But it’s an interesting rabbit hole nonetheless.

2020-12-24 21:22:14 UTC

just like the joe biden in this video

2020-12-24 21:22:43 UTC

isnt the same as the modern joe biden we see regularly. different ears/nose different joe.

2020-12-25 02:09:40 UTC

Not sure as to the veracity cuz I just spotted it in my feed but... https://youtu.be/FqsC5vIeoGw

2020-12-25 02:26:30 UTC

The actual topic is covered at 17:19

2020-12-25 05:31:43 UTC

@everyone Merry Christmas!

2020-12-25 18:37:16 UTC

Merry Christmas! Thank you for all you do, JD! Thank you to all for free thinking!

2020-12-25 19:15:36 UTC

Merry Christmas

2020-12-30 07:04:04 UTC


I need more 😳👀😳👀

2020-12-30 07:18:55 UTC

Great episode tonight. I’m glad that you included Michael Flynn and some other big players who have been pardoned because I was not following politics then. So I am playing a game of catch up while trying to stay currently up to date. I’ve had a hard time following what happened with him and some of the others who have been recently pardoned.

2020-12-30 08:04:24 UTC

Biden got Booted Nov 28/29. The DOJ and I guess the IRS if it is tax related fraud are currently investigating Hunter Biden. There are emails released saying that the FBI started their investigation on Trump and team before the official investigation started. My favorite out there theory right now is that the boot is covering an ankle monitor. It’s super doubtful but that would be a great coverup.

2021-01-01 22:46:54 UTC

btw i can't see anything in <#365898602469392386>

2021-01-01 22:51:35 UTC

Yeah, same here. It’s purposely locked 🔒 but not sure what the reason or context is. Probably for previous members related to gaming(?). Either way, I stay subbed to stay connected incase YouTube shuts him down 👍

2021-01-06 00:43:52 UTC

relevant ^

2021-01-06 03:21:38 UTC

How big is the turnout in DC? I’ve only seen reports that it is less than expected.

2021-01-06 04:31:16 UTC
2021-01-06 04:31:43 UTC

@Livingstone this is what came up in my feed

2021-01-06 04:32:03 UTC

Find Waldo

2021-01-06 04:32:54 UTC

Thank you so much. Looking for him now.

2021-01-06 08:51:23 UTC

https://voca.ro/1e976QE4oDoy Italy did it. This is dropping. Y’all. They are saying that Italy and Obama orchestrated this. Look for posters that say “Italy did it” because this is going to be HUGE.

2021-01-06 14:49:51 UTC

God bless everyone in DC, you're representing the rest of america that can't be there today

2021-01-06 21:04:23 UTC

heard a DC protester was shot in the neck by DC Police .. hope it don't escalate

2021-01-06 21:05:10 UTC

it will

2021-01-06 21:06:02 UTC

The politicians need to be afraid of the people ..... without fear they will keep effing us over

2021-01-06 21:06:28 UTC

you need to sort this out now tonight

2021-01-06 21:06:31 UTC

PBS first said it was someone ~~shit~~ shot in the chest with CPR being given on scene (1hr ago) and about 20 min ago reported that someone shot in the neck — and they suspect it was the same victim but further clarified

2021-01-06 21:11:14 UTC

Not trying to sound like a conspiracy theorist but what if it was antifa dressed as trump supporters 🤔

2021-01-06 21:12:08 UTC

There was talk about people going to dress in all black to pose as antifa — wouldn’t be surprised if it went the other way

2021-01-06 21:12:12 UTC

@Zeke I dunno... I think this is legit. Americans have learnt in 2020 that some violence is the only way to be heard

2021-01-06 21:13:21 UTC

But this act only furthers the opposing party’s resolve, no?

2021-01-06 21:13:50 UTC

I think most blacks in america are gonna look at this and think 'ok whites are actually savage'

2021-01-06 21:14:20 UTC

And seeing as they basically just listen to whatever black people say, I think its good

2021-01-06 21:15:04 UTC

Btw I'm an Aussie so I maybe don't have a full idea of your country

2021-01-06 21:16:32 UTC

Ehh... msm makes it a color thing. I hope this issue doesn’t go into such an unproductive thought process — because it’s not about color

2021-01-06 21:17:04 UTC

Oh, I'm just talking how people react subconsciously

2021-01-06 21:17:26 UTC

The reason so many supported the blm riots was because most people will just agree with whoever is prepared to use violence

2021-01-06 21:17:52 UTC

Seeing as these guys haven't actually killed or looted or burnt anything down... no permanent damage, I think this is fine

2021-01-06 21:21:55 UTC


2021-01-06 21:22:01 UTC


2021-01-06 21:36:38 UTC

Ohhh both Georgia seats have been decided — the Dems have it; this might’ve been the straw that broke the camel’s back

2021-01-06 22:20:42 UTC

Just gunna say this again...

2021-01-06 22:22:47 UTC


2021-01-06 23:43:39 UTC

This is absolute insanity... I honestly don't know what to expect next

2021-01-06 23:44:52 UTC

We will do what is right and what is necessary, but we are treading into uncharted territory

2021-01-06 23:46:07 UTC

What transpired today was the shot heard around the world

2021-01-06 23:49:09 UTC
2021-01-06 23:49:43 UTC

She’s asking the questions to my suspicions

2021-01-07 00:00:58 UTC

let's go patriots

2021-01-07 00:01:12 UTC

Love all of you from the Caribbean

2021-01-07 00:32:42 UTC
2021-01-07 02:20:56 UTC

God bless senator Hawley🇺🇸

2021-01-07 02:25:50 UTC

PA Sen saying all this in hindsight — shoulda said all this wayyy earlier <:facepalm:438877920753090560>

2021-01-07 02:56:55 UTC

SCarolina Sen is amazing <a:peepoLove:663786691391258630>

2021-01-07 02:59:45 UTC

Is @JDMOONAN okay? Haven't heard from him

2021-01-07 03:00:18 UTC


2021-01-07 03:01:07 UTC

Oh ok I just wasn't seeing his yt uploads...

2021-01-07 03:01:19 UTC

Yeah he seems fine

2021-01-07 03:01:49 UTC

@JDMOONAN we want your thoughts, go live 🐐

2021-01-07 13:11:12 UTC

lin wood twitter was suspended along with trump and powell, wood and powell have moved on to parler and wood has kept on dropping the bombs like he was on twitter.

2021-01-07 13:11:59 UTC

supposedly suspended for 12 hours but who knows how far the web nazis will take this

2021-01-08 02:55:58 UTC

https://youtu.be/_CHdt2qRLj8 this is related to the Nations in Action inquisition and here is the post with their findings. https://youtu.be/RinjGA4LkOg

2021-01-08 03:36:09 UTC

I don’t know if this is true but if you look up renzi obama on YouTube you will find videos that are coming out with the #italygate and I’m still combing through Italian news articles to see where it’s being published besides L’Unico

2021-01-08 03:37:16 UTC

I guess we’ll ultimately know at the end of the month <a:yikesJam:590081189667405824>

2021-01-08 03:38:26 UTC

even with the trump vid i'm giving a couple weeks before being pissed at trump for what he said in the vid. I'll believe it was a 100% true concession if I see biden on a stage. I want the IA now, I spent $300 on ammo ffs

2021-01-08 03:42:01 UTC

This dude just doesn’t look like <:trumpicon:327222314590535702> material... <:OH_peepoShrug:755993603830186101>


2021-01-08 03:43:00 UTC

Looks like he collects welfare checks and loots his local Walmart

2021-01-08 03:43:23 UTC

the run on the capitol was instigated by antifa, imo

2021-01-08 03:43:36 UTC

mainly the 4 faces that have been identified that lead the charge in

2021-01-08 03:44:08 UTC

tbh i'm disappointed WE didn't. the point of letting them in was defamation of patriots. but we've already been defamed. charge tf in

2021-01-08 03:44:14 UTC

stop worrying about optics

2021-01-08 03:45:50 UTC

XR Vision forced a newspaper retraction regarding facial recognition software. I’m looking for more sources on positive ID

2021-01-08 03:48:16 UTC

the viking guy is a dead giveaway, that one we know for sure

2021-01-08 03:48:24 UTC

NGL — she’s been talking about releasing the kraken but I’m wondering where TF is it at 🤔

2021-01-08 03:48:59 UTC

tbh "kraken" or other evidence is borderline moot at this point. swamp's too deep, they clearly don't listen and never will, because they're all in on it.

2021-01-08 03:49:01 UTC

Oh shit I thought it was Powell talking

2021-01-08 03:49:05 UTC

This is from a group that is not related to her at all. This is an independent organization that formed to investigate fraud.

2021-01-08 03:49:07 UTC

It’s someone else

2021-01-08 03:49:48 UTC

If the swamp is as vast as it is suggested... it’s two thirds of Congress.

2021-01-08 03:50:05 UTC

That is too much for one man to take down.

2021-01-08 03:50:26 UTC

we have video of georgia being stolen in the middle of the night and nothing came of it. If that kind of evidence won't even be looked at, let alone judged on (also forensic investigation of the machines by Allied Universal Security of Dominion machines) then nothing will

2021-01-08 03:50:57 UTC

side note: lmao 3 people actively chatting at the same time in here?! It’s lit!! 🔥<:poggies:587615873678835712>

2021-01-08 03:51:12 UTC

I know. This is so much less than the r and r law group.

2021-01-08 03:51:17 UTC

i've been a lurker for a few weeks, but after today i'm all out

2021-01-08 03:51:20 UTC


2021-01-08 03:51:41 UTC

I feel as if I am in good company.

2021-01-08 03:51:59 UTC




2021-01-08 03:52:09 UTC

Lmao Ikr.. I was like.. should I VPN before commenting and make a fake account !? Nahhh fuck it😅

2021-01-08 03:53:11 UTC

bottom-line, if our government system were even 20% fair this election would have been overturned and righted WEEKS ago. I can't believe how bad things have gotten, it's unbelievable.

2021-01-08 03:53:13 UTC

I have thought about it but at this point freedom is not free and i know longer have fear of someone knowing my location or trying to hack me and blackmail.

2021-01-08 03:53:58 UTC

It’s horrible. It’s scary. It’s people taking action similar to the Boston tea party and a narrative likening yesterday’s events to Pearl Harbor.

2021-01-08 03:54:13 UTC

Woulda been nice if we weren’t told to as Sen Hawley said, “sit down and SHUT UP”

2021-01-08 03:54:22 UTC

I watch R and R law group. Highly suggest it. They went through every even of fraud.

2021-01-08 03:54:27 UTC

Probably woulda went well

2021-01-08 03:54:41 UTC

"It's scary" it absolutely is. We are afraid of our government, we are in a tyranny, period. We shouldn't have to be afraid of what they can do to us.

2021-01-08 03:54:50 UTC

@Livingstone is it a discord ch?

2021-01-08 03:55:38 UTC

It seems so perfectly timed that the breach occurred at the exact moment that more testimony was about to be released. They breached during Arizona and the senators took back their word to object because they realized that our humongous budget for defense at capital hill could be broken by a few hundred people in two hours.

2021-01-08 03:55:47 UTC

Discord and YouTube.

2021-01-08 03:56:10 UTC

Everyday seven pm ET

2021-01-08 03:56:10 UTC

Can send invite link to discord? 🙏

2021-01-08 03:56:22 UTC

I think it’s open but sure

2021-01-08 03:56:28 UTC


2021-01-08 03:56:31 UTC

idk if you guys are as mad as I am at pence, but WOW did him backstabbing america blow me away. Made me physically ill.

2021-01-08 03:56:57 UTC

elbow-bumping harris and all, has he been a fckn mole the whole time? dear lord it's like we live in a movie

2021-01-08 03:57:09 UTC

You know the phrase, “cheaters never win”, we should change that to “poor cheaters with no power never win”.

2021-01-08 03:58:11 UTC

Yes! It blows my mind how a party that leans towards socialism is able to find funds to afford things when they are so against capitalism.

2021-01-08 03:58:33 UTC

The difference between party spending is unreal.

2021-01-08 03:59:13 UTC

they'll find more than enough funds if they implement the taxing they have in commiefornia all over the U.S. They already have enough money to toss trillions to foreign interest, that isn't enough for them.

2021-01-08 04:00:06 UTC

The Democratic Party needs to be renamed the hypocritic party

2021-01-08 04:00:10 UTC

Damn ur right. That chat IS lively

2021-01-08 04:00:32 UTC

Thanks for the share!

2021-01-08 04:00:38 UTC

And the Republican Party is none existent. It’s compiled of multiple parties that can no longer stay aligned.

2021-01-08 04:01:01 UTC

Ya dude. I love that chat. Different subs for different chats. It’s great.

2021-01-08 04:01:02 UTC


2021-01-08 04:01:57 UTC

This group rarely has interactions and I am always lurking but it’s nothing in comparison.

2021-01-08 04:01:59 UTC

I have a feeling that any party created henceforth from the republican party will be smeared and slandered by democrats/socialists so they can hold onto their power they so desperately stole.

2021-01-08 04:02:22 UTC

Of course. How else could they maintain power?

2021-01-08 04:03:06 UTC

If anyone were to form a new party and run I support the motion. If anyone here wants to run for political office I will review speeches and propaganda and help with campaigns.

2021-01-08 04:03:23 UTC

Anything anti-socialist is dead in the water at this point in my opinion. How can we overcome the corruption if the corrupt are so infused in the system? You know?

2021-01-08 04:04:05 UTC

Without creating a new system? You have to break it from within

2021-01-08 04:04:09 UTC

Or break the rules.

2021-01-08 04:04:24 UTC

The dems funded rule breaking. It’s time someone else did as well

2021-01-08 04:04:31 UTC

I am normally looking to the horizon with optimism, but in this moment... I see no light at the end of the tunnel.

2021-01-08 04:05:15 UTC

They only way to fix it is to tear it all down, but who will stand when millions are afraid of standing alone?

2021-01-08 04:05:39 UTC

I am a very bubbly person. I’m a very happy person. And right now I am a very angry person. It’s not a good look on me. But with everything within my power, which is very limited, I am doing my best to try to support the creation of a new party for new people and established parties.

2021-01-08 04:06:16 UTC

We all have so little faith in another to stand with us that we shrink back into the shadows hoping for a strong leader. At least that is how I see it.

2021-01-08 04:06:18 UTC

It just takes A few hundred people. people. The problem is Trump only had a few people behind him. Well the protest was full of people it was only a few hundred that breached the capital. That’s all it takes.

2021-01-08 04:06:34 UTC

Point of interest. The PA Senator refuted claims that the state went behind legislation’s back to change election laws. If he is legislative and he’s saying everything’s cool then... 🤔 the other issue is changing laws so close/during election... 🪱

2021-01-08 04:06:47 UTC

No one wants to be the poor bastard standing up alone and taken out without even a whisper or an effect.

2021-01-08 04:07:33 UTC

It’s a ship with no captain. We need more senators and more house of representatives that are Kirks. We have way too many spocks. It takes somebody with a personality not just an ability to interpret data to make a difference and move the masses.

2021-01-08 04:08:13 UTC

They broke their own laws. They broke the constitution. They completely bypassed the checks and balance system and way that would give them the result that they wanted.

2021-01-08 04:08:24 UTC

I really think antifa were the ones who went into the capital to slander the protest and paint it in a negative light to further push the socialist agenda of quashing the opposition.

2021-01-08 04:08:32 UTC

If the issue was changing laws then you can start in the lower circuit and change the laws you move up.

2021-01-08 04:08:36 UTC

Just heard the whole thing. My impression is grain of salt and all that. Gives a little hope, though

2021-01-08 04:08:49 UTC

No doubt. There’s not a doubt in my mind that it was antifa.

2021-01-08 04:09:36 UTC

Why save a ship that has already sunk when a new one can be built?

2021-01-08 04:09:59 UTC

Any information should be given with a grain of salt. Now the question is how far does corruption go? And how hard what other people try to hide it? I found a website and an article that agreed with everything from that leaked conversation. And now they are already trying to dispute it and see it as false information and Italy. It keeps getting taken down online. People are having to re-post it every six hours.

2021-01-08 04:10:13 UTC

The country as we knew it is over. There is no saving this ship. We need a new one... a better one.

2021-01-08 04:11:07 UTC

Thanks for that clarification it’s been cloudy several months so I forget details so important like that

2021-01-08 04:11:11 UTC

One without lobbyists, special interest, patents, and copyrights.

2021-01-08 04:11:43 UTC

Dude... if you know how to make a new political party then I will help you write up a draft. Figure out what the ideals are, figure out what we stand for, And establish it as a reputable party. Unfortunately that would have to start very local and very small. It would have to be one big party in a single county. Then the county would have to spread it to other counties in the same state. Or it would have to send representatives to another county to find like-minded people in another state. The creation of a new party and the creation of a new ship entirely depends on the grassroots cars and an effort from local people.

2021-01-08 04:12:24 UTC

They bypassed the legislature which is supposed to establish and create laws. The judicial branch is supposed to enforce laws that were created by a different branch of government. They are not allowed to create laws. They are only allowed to interpret and act upon the law.

2021-01-08 04:12:29 UTC

That happens in any society with an economy tho.. even in video games

2021-01-08 04:13:09 UTC

The problem is humans are fluid, no ideologies mesh perfectly. Joey, for instance, has the ambition to step up, but his views are not always aligned with my own.

2021-01-08 04:13:13 UTC

I’ll trade you transparency for a lobbyist. It’s a lobbyist had to be transparent and if every lobbying motion had to be performed on camera and well documented and presented to the public then lobbyists would think twice about how they behave.

2021-01-08 04:13:49 UTC

It's natural order, everything tends towards degradation/ anarchy

2021-01-08 04:13:54 UTC

As they should be. If someone does not change or alter their stance when presented new information and disregarded entirely but they are thinking with their allegiance and not with their brain.

2021-01-08 04:14:03 UTC

Transparency and open source through and through. At least within the medical and education institutions

2021-01-08 04:14:29 UTC

If we started with a nationwide history program that was enforced in every single state then maybe people would actually know what the constitution says.

2021-01-08 04:14:41 UTC

So how do you build a new ship if the designs are contradictory in some aspects?

2021-01-08 04:15:49 UTC

We don’t want to create another system of “well... close enough” for beliefs or we will end up in another 2 party system compromise.

2021-01-08 04:15:57 UTC

Establish enough common ground to make it acceptable by multiple people and then if any questions were to arise refer to the constitution.

2021-01-08 04:16:24 UTC

No two people will ever agree on everything wholeheartedly. If they do one of them is lying for the sake of the other.

2021-01-08 04:16:37 UTC

https://youtu.be/3Hifxf1D4LM lol hodgetwins complaining sure does feel comforting right now 😂

2021-01-08 04:16:44 UTC

The constitution needs some help... more protects for the current age. The corruption has found pathways that once never existed.

2021-01-08 04:16:55 UTC

And there is no room for growth. A political party needs to be able to grow. It needs to be able to change with the times. As new information is given the party needs to be able to interpret the information and adapt and make an educated decision.

2021-01-08 04:17:59 UTC

The corruption found its way in through state governed systems because many are unconstitutional

2021-01-08 04:18:43 UTC

Yes, but stability is essential in some cases, changing fluidly based off of what you hear, experience will not always instill confidence.

2021-01-08 04:19:07 UTC

Absolutely. But that does not mean that the system is corrupt. It means that the system has been overcome by people who are corrupted.

2021-01-08 04:19:20 UTC

The checks for that should be the federal level but since a certain party has been super partisan, those checks failed.

2021-01-08 04:19:22 UTC

We need to go back to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

2021-01-08 04:19:29 UTC

We got to this level of corruption because of loopholes and flaws. We need to find those and seal them up if we have any plans for a brighter future.

2021-01-08 04:20:31 UTC

I am going to go to bed before I get to infused lol

2021-01-08 04:20:56 UTC

I am not the leader the people need, but rather a deep thinker and a problem solver.

2021-01-08 04:20:58 UTC

True. It’s Almost midnight.

2021-01-08 04:21:18 UTC

Then you are the leader’s right hand man. Don’t sell yourself short bro

2021-01-08 04:21:42 UTC

@AlexanderTorri at least you're thinking, that's more than most.

2021-01-08 04:21:42 UTC

Definitely not selling myself short, just accepting of my own limitations

2021-01-08 04:22:34 UTC
2021-01-08 04:23:11 UTC

The future is up to people who can still have civil discourse.

2021-01-08 04:23:40 UTC

And agree and disagree without coming to violence.

2021-01-08 04:24:57 UTC

Your strengths fill in the gaps for someone else. I would be a shit leader but I am a great doer. I make things happen. I get people to do things and work together. Those are my strengths. I make things happen but I can’t be the face of a movement. I wish I could be. But it’s not for me.

2021-01-08 04:25:58 UTC

Or personal attacks.

2021-01-08 04:26:04 UTC

My belief is you should only use the methods and tactics utilized by the others to challenge. Anything beyond or less is necessary. Fight democracy ideology with democracy ideology. Fight republic ideology with republic ideology. Fight totalitarian ideology with totalitarian ideology.

2021-01-08 04:26:35 UTC


2021-01-08 04:27:14 UTC

Play the game being played, you know?

2021-01-08 04:27:18 UTC

I would always rather maintain a position of integrity. But the phrase fight fire with fire exist for a reason.

2021-01-08 04:27:35 UTC

I am all about integrity

2021-01-08 04:27:45 UTC

I agree 100% there

2021-01-08 04:29:42 UTC

Goodnight everyone ☺️

2021-01-08 04:29:51 UTC


2021-01-08 04:29:53 UTC

Nite bro

2021-01-08 04:30:18 UTC

Hope to chat again!

2021-01-08 04:30:32 UTC

I shall

2021-01-08 04:30:52 UTC

@Humanoid Typhoon I would have agreed a few days ago, but the people entering the capitol that did no harm to anyone, bared no weapons, didn't destroy the place, and someone got killed and they got DEFAMED and destroyed on social media makes me now think different.

2021-01-08 04:31:33 UTC

It doesn't matter at all how civil you are with your protests, you will be labelled a white-supremist evil terrorist regardless what you do or don't do.

2021-01-08 04:32:01 UTC

That is why 230 needs to be repealed.

2021-01-08 04:32:09 UTC


2021-01-08 04:32:31 UTC

It’s no longer about conflicting information it’s about false narratives to persuade the masses to believe things that are simply not true.

2021-01-08 04:32:34 UTC

I'll leave a thought for later:

The problem is fighting one ideology with the constraints of another is apparent. If you look at Alinsky's rules for radicals, they exploit this weakness to gain a foothold.

2021-01-08 04:33:48 UTC

Before you go to bed — there was no flaw or loophole in changing election law by circumventing the legislature, no? I feel this was synonymous to the time Dick Cheney shot that guy in the ass during a hunting trip and the guy apologized to him for being in the way!!

2021-01-08 04:33:52 UTC

I will look into it. I try not to look at anything through the lens of my ideology. I am a right leaning independent. If I have to take an opposing view of mine to persuade somebody else that they are wrong then I will do it. The truth should never be constrained by an ideology.

2021-01-08 04:34:41 UTC

I firmly believe the facts should standalone. Facts do not need interpretation.

2021-01-08 04:34:51 UTC

Once the fact has been interpreted it is no longer a fact and it’s an opinion.

2021-01-08 04:35:02 UTC

Facts need a day in fckn court

2021-01-08 04:35:23 UTC

It's more of a tactic of I'm going to make you play by your rule set but I'm not. @Livingstone

2021-01-08 04:35:25 UTC

But I’m also very OK with being wrong. I am a 1000% Grade A Fuck up.

2021-01-08 04:35:46 UTC

Oooo. That Will be fun to read!

2021-01-08 04:36:03 UTC

Ooo. That does sound lovely.

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