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2020-12-06 04:57:29 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

@JDMOONAN can you take a look at this and offer your thoughts. My buddy and I are debating this https://mobile.twitter.com/JustinGrayWSB/status/1334919773352812547

2020-12-06 05:27:27 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  


2020-12-06 05:28:47 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

General keeps updating as if new chat is happening but I don’t see any text. Sorry for sounding dumb — is this a role assignment thing?

2020-12-06 07:09:11 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Just gunna leave this here for the counter point to my buddy’s debate with me. Thanks for having me in this discord. https://youtu.be/ax3SAHyd7qo

2020-12-24 03:30:58 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

I’m also wondering if I need a role to view — I’m here from the podcasts 🇺🇸

2020-12-25 02:09:40 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Not sure as to the veracity cuz I just spotted it in my feed but... https://youtu.be/FqsC5vIeoGw

2020-12-25 02:26:30 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

The actual topic is covered at 17:19

2021-01-01 22:51:35 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Yeah, same here. It’s purposely locked 🔒 but not sure what the reason or context is. Probably for previous members related to gaming(?). Either way, I stay subbed to stay connected incase YouTube shuts him down 👍

2021-01-06 04:31:43 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

@Livingstone this is what came up in my feed

2021-01-06 04:32:03 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Find Waldo

2021-01-06 21:06:31 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

PBS first said it was someone ~~shit~~ shot in the chest with CPR being given on scene (1hr ago) and about 20 min ago reported that someone shot in the neck — and they suspect it was the same victim but further clarified

2021-01-06 21:11:14 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Not trying to sound like a conspiracy theorist but what if it was antifa dressed as trump supporters 🤔

2021-01-06 21:12:08 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

There was talk about people going to dress in all black to pose as antifa — wouldn’t be surprised if it went the other way

2021-01-06 21:13:21 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

But this act only furthers the opposing party’s resolve, no?

2021-01-06 21:16:32 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Ehh... msm makes it a color thing. I hope this issue doesn’t go into such an unproductive thought process — because it’s not about color

2021-01-06 21:21:55 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  


2021-01-06 21:36:38 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Ohhh both Georgia seats have been decided — the Dems have it; this might’ve been the straw that broke the camel’s back

2021-01-06 22:20:42 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Just gunna say this again...

2021-01-06 22:22:47 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  


2021-01-06 23:49:43 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

She’s asking the questions to my suspicions

2021-01-07 02:20:56 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

God bless senator Hawley🇺🇸

2021-01-07 02:25:50 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

PA Sen saying all this in hindsight — shoulda said all this wayyy earlier <:facepalm:438877920753090560>

2021-01-07 02:56:55 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

SCarolina Sen is amazing <a:peepoLove:663786691391258630>

2021-01-08 03:37:16 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

I guess we’ll ultimately know at the end of the month <a:yikesJam:590081189667405824>

2021-01-08 03:42:01 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

This dude just doesn’t look like <:trumpicon:327222314590535702> material... <:OH_peepoShrug:755993603830186101>


2021-01-08 03:43:00 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Looks like he collects welfare checks and loots his local Walmart

2021-01-08 03:45:50 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

XR Vision forced a newspaper retraction regarding facial recognition software. I’m looking for more sources on positive ID

2021-01-08 03:48:24 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

NGL — she’s been talking about releasing the kraken but I’m wondering where TF is it at 🤔

2021-01-08 03:49:01 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Oh shit I thought it was Powell talking

2021-01-08 03:49:07 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

It’s someone else

2021-01-08 03:50:57 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

side note: lmao 3 people actively chatting at the same time in here?! It’s lit!! 🔥<:poggies:587615873678835712>

2021-01-08 03:52:09 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Lmao Ikr.. I was like.. should I VPN before commenting and make a fake account !? Nahhh fuck it😅

2021-01-08 03:54:13 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Woulda been nice if we weren’t told to as Sen Hawley said, “sit down and SHUT UP”

2021-01-08 03:54:27 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Probably woulda went well

2021-01-08 03:54:50 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

@Livingstone is it a discord ch?

2021-01-08 03:56:10 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Can send invite link to discord? 🙏

2021-01-08 03:56:28 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  


2021-01-08 04:00:10 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Damn ur right. That chat IS lively

2021-01-08 04:00:32 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Thanks for the share!

2021-01-08 04:01:02 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  


2021-01-08 04:06:34 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Point of interest. The PA Senator refuted claims that the state went behind legislation’s back to change election laws. If he is legislative and he’s saying everything’s cool then... 🤔 the other issue is changing laws so close/during election... 🪱

2021-01-08 04:08:36 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Just heard the whole thing. My impression is grain of salt and all that. Gives a little hope, though

2021-01-08 04:11:07 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Thanks for that clarification it’s been cloudy several months so I forget details so important like that

2021-01-08 04:12:29 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

That happens in any society with an economy tho.. even in video games

2021-01-08 04:16:37 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

https://youtu.be/3Hifxf1D4LM lol hodgetwins complaining sure does feel comforting right now 😂

2021-01-08 04:29:53 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Nite bro

2021-01-08 04:33:48 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Before you go to bed — there was no flaw or loophole in changing election law by circumventing the legislature, no? I feel this was synonymous to the time Dick Cheney shot that guy in the ass during a hunting trip and the guy apologized to him for being in the way!!

2021-01-08 19:17:51 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

https://youtu.be/BUqSy1qzc4E has anyone taken a look at this??

2021-01-08 21:02:20 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Lol 😂 you caught me. I didn’t wanna watch it all and was hoping someone else would hahahaha

2021-01-08 21:04:00 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

The background voice is just a guide. The relevant info is the scrolling script of legal docs from a court case. I’m guessing that it is all the movements a person took to do everything in legal fashion but was turned away from the courts despite appealing each time

2021-01-08 21:12:56 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Nope. Just a visual showing of court adjudications with random sad man talking in the background

2021-01-08 21:13:22 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Totally can’t multitask like that

2021-01-08 22:25:50 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

No but the voice has nothing to do with the visual — which is the entire point. I suspect this was done to disguise it to prevent it being taken down

2021-01-08 23:44:13 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Can someone tell me if Parler is working?

2021-01-08 23:44:58 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  


2021-01-08 23:45:01 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  


2021-01-09 01:47:05 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

I’m late to the game. But this just in from WSJ


2021-01-09 01:47:37 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Apple may take down Parler

2021-01-09 01:47:51 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

This is why section 230 needed to pass

2021-01-09 01:47:59 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

But the fools didn’t listen

2021-01-09 02:00:45 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Those old foggies must not yet know about discord but it’s only a matter of time. Fuck!

2021-01-09 02:31:53 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

555888 and text TRUMPET

2021-01-09 02:32:12 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

88022 and text TRUMP

2021-01-09 02:32:31 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Other methods to gain info

2021-01-09 02:32:50 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

They just shut down Parler

2021-01-09 02:32:59 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

The one free place to voice

2021-01-09 02:33:06 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

This is crazy

2021-01-09 02:33:54 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Go to the App Store via android or google

2021-01-09 02:34:01 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

It’s taken off

2021-01-09 02:34:25 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Use duck duck go and it will work

2021-01-09 02:34:46 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

This is insane!!

2021-01-09 02:35:24 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

I was taught in grade school that we are the free country but now that idea is being torn down!!

2021-01-09 02:37:08 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Those private companies in America 🇺🇸 need to abide by AMERICAN RULES!!!

2021-01-09 02:37:20 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Our house — OUR RULES

2021-01-09 02:37:41 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

If they don’t like it then move!!

2021-01-09 02:38:29 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  


2021-01-09 02:38:56 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Yeah because they fucked the job on sec 230!!!!!

2021-01-09 02:39:08 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Omg so irate right now!!

2021-01-09 02:44:37 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

I don’t care what you sound like — the fact of the matter is — the media platforms we the people have become so dependent on have shut shit down

2021-01-09 02:45:15 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Not may— they WILL TRY

2021-01-09 02:48:07 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Bout to buy that damn trump coin and might as well go bitcoin

2021-01-09 02:48:47 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Fuck it. The river man at the Styx needs three — give me six — for my wife and I

2021-01-09 02:56:06 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

What’s the scoop?? Congress unilaterally approved impeachment??

2021-01-09 02:56:10 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Or just dems??

2021-01-09 02:56:47 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Yeah that’s nothing

2021-01-09 02:56:56 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

That’s pelosi and Schumer

2021-01-09 02:57:04 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Fuck. U scared me

2021-01-09 02:59:18 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  


2021-01-09 02:59:24 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  


2021-01-09 03:01:41 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Yeah that’s old news

2021-01-09 03:01:48 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

They are corrupted

2021-01-09 03:01:52 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  


2021-01-09 03:04:10 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Messages from the author via text

2021-01-09 03:04:22 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

If shit hits the fan

2021-01-09 03:04:55 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

If they can take Parler down

2021-01-09 03:05:00 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  


2021-01-09 03:05:23 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Radio... anybody can be anybody

2021-01-09 03:05:35 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Better start grouping locally

2021-01-09 03:06:43 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

I just heard Parler is back up

2021-01-09 03:06:50 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Bout to check it

2021-01-09 03:07:24 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Ok it’s back up

2021-01-09 03:33:54 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Wait... tiktok not closed down??

2021-01-09 03:34:11 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Cuz huawei def got shutout

2021-01-09 03:36:42 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Oh cuz they agreed to be handled via third party in the states

2021-01-09 03:42:35 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Holy shit

2021-01-09 03:43:30 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Lol must be server overload

2021-01-09 03:43:34 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Not loading

2021-01-09 03:44:19 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Damn bro. JD MOONAN smart to add this channel

2021-01-09 03:44:38 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

U can’t get this easily anywhere else

2021-01-09 03:48:48 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

https://youtu.be/zj1pRashXL0 this link to NTD is suspicious 🤨 it asks you TWICE if you really wanna see this on YOUTUBE’S platform!!! Might be logging you !!!

2021-01-09 03:57:14 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Lmao eso... I was on the fence between eso, guild wars, and ffxIv

2021-01-09 03:57:32 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Never dove in<:OH_peepoShrug:755993603830186101>

2021-01-09 03:59:01 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Fuck. Parler down

2021-01-09 04:07:23 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Lol I guess it works 60 percent of the time — every time


2021-01-09 04:53:49 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

https://youtu.be/tsqt7kkE5C0 this guy is long-winded but this post reveals the tweets deleted by <:trump_lips:438877935395536896>

2021-01-09 16:25:01 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  


2021-01-09 16:26:13 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Totally valid question and something I ask as well. I suppose time will reveal

2021-01-09 16:32:03 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Damn.. Sidney Powell sent a message saying to move to Telegram media platform app. Also said if you would like to support then buy ~~us~~ [them] a coffee using BITCOIN

2021-01-09 16:33:46 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

🤔 what ... I mean... should I exchange all my liquid asset to Bitcoin?! <:stare:672874968014651440>

2021-01-09 17:59:04 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

This was a good listen

2021-01-09 17:59:30 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Very logical point about the coup thing

2021-01-09 18:32:18 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Just curious — other than role privileges, what’s the expectation about chatting here versus chatting in YouTube general?

2021-01-09 20:07:17 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

They never let him in the club. It’s plain as day. At his inauguration they roasted him hard. Like a hazing ceremony where people took actual passive aggressive jabs at him

2021-01-09 20:09:18 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

The hypocrisy... smh


2021-01-09 20:09:42 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

James Woods shows it well, here

2021-01-09 20:23:54 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Daaaamn that new release was a bombshell 🤯

2021-01-09 20:27:55 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Niceeee couldn’t access cuz server traffic too high

2021-01-09 20:28:04 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

(The wiki)

2021-01-09 20:33:37 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Damn. All the juicy ones encrypted and not decoded

2021-01-09 21:41:29 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Incoming. YouTube just took down Rudy G’s video “what happened on Jan 6th?”

2021-01-09 21:42:05 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

~~Amazon tells employees to cut ties with Parler~~

2021-01-09 21:43:39 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Employees of Amazon tell their company to cut ties with Parler — which is hosted on Amazon servers

2021-01-09 21:44:39 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  


2021-01-10 01:10:25 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

He said show up to make a stand for what they believe in — not to break shit down. And you are totally disregarding the possibility of planted actors to raise discord

2021-01-10 01:11:04 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Meiglos that doesn’t promote discussion but go’head bro <a:peepoRideGoosegun:756051448780947487>

2021-01-10 01:12:13 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

This dude is hilarious 😂

2021-01-10 01:13:11 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

No your right. He sounds like he only watched all the letter msm stations

2021-01-10 01:13:48 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

But perhaps <a:peepoNerd:756056894682038292> intellectual argument could promote more expansion

2021-01-10 01:16:22 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Damn he goes off for an hour!! LOL!!

2021-01-10 01:20:50 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

You guys see the clip of the dude beating on the glass and the lady yelling @[email protected]!! And the rest of the crowd booing then finally got his ass off the damn scaffolding?? Yeah those people who stopped that guy are the people who showed up to support

2021-01-10 01:25:10 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

I’ll tell you this. The Debbie wasserman scandal to snuff Bernie out of the Dem party to put Hilary in (as presidential candidate)— underhanded means within their own party. That just made me full tilt to side right. I used to be “right-leaning” but after that shit... no point in even listening to the left

2021-01-10 01:28:37 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Then all that China bullshit just furthered my resolve. And now with all this blatant censorship along with clawing at Trump when he only has 10 days left — yeah — fuckem

2021-01-10 01:31:06 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

And how come we aren’t allowed to know why the vote spike occurred after I went to bed with Trump in the lead and then the map turned HARD BLUE

2021-01-10 01:32:02 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

And the vote stacks being scanned multiple times and that damn thermostat.. why should I accept an outcome after all they tell me is SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP

2021-01-10 01:34:30 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

I find the Notion that planted actors were there to subvert a majority peaceful rally is far more believable than Trump inciting violence because doing so would shut down the electoral debate over the count when several senators and House reps were already more than willing to fight for it

2021-01-10 01:36:46 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

@Schlimmy Fongrel did you see the video clips of the gates being opened and people being ushered through? Trump does not control the capital police... 

2021-01-10 01:37:42 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

In the end, you are going to believe what you want to believe. Different strokes for different folks <:OH_peepoShrug:755993603830186101>

2021-01-10 01:38:46 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  


2021-01-10 01:39:31 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Lol wish I had a “Facts” emoji

2021-01-10 01:41:28 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

@Schlimmy Fongrel better yet, instead of an opposing argument, could you tell me in your own thoughts how he should have handled the gathering? Just not have one? Or if he was ok to have it, what should he have done to ensure the best outcome? I’m sincerely waiting for your response 🙏

2021-01-10 01:52:40 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

^although it’s hard to say, because you need unanimous support— Ted Cruz recently denounced Trump

2021-01-10 01:52:56 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

So... not sure what will happen on Monday

2021-01-10 01:53:40 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

@Iol12 in fairness I heard it on some random YouTube video and didn’t follow up on it

2021-01-10 01:53:47 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Nice catch <:thumbup:715518514735218708>

2021-01-10 01:54:13 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

I’ll go look now

2021-01-10 01:59:16 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

FINALLY — some good ass convo! <a:PopcornLaugh:777892376479793202>

2021-01-10 02:00:14 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

@Iol12 my bad I mis informed. All he did was blast Trump on reckless rhetoric

2021-01-10 02:00:32 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Which... kinda is unsupportive 🤔

2021-01-10 02:04:46 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

@Schlimmy Fongrel so.. this is purely my opinion but if I truly believed that fraud was committed I would never lay down and just take it . And neither did the 70+ million voters. Give me Liberty 🗽 or turn this mother fucker into China over my dead body

2021-01-10 02:05:36 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

How come there was an ELDERLY LADY in the capitol bldg??

2021-01-10 02:07:16 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Ok ... I didn’t vet this... but I heard there were Chinese naval ships positioned close to our waters now in the pacific

2021-01-10 02:09:43 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

I’m sure you saw this but....

2021-01-10 02:09:46 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  


2021-01-10 02:11:00 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Yeah I’m surprised YT keeping lots of stuff up. But one of the people I follow did just receive a strike today so he linked up all his backup stuff <:PepeLaugh:650060108793118737>

2021-01-10 02:11:59 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

That’s exactly it — they all “say” it’s legit but won’t SHOW us it is

2021-01-10 02:13:02 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Why won’t they allow the forensic audit. It’s all anybody doubting ever wanted

2021-01-10 02:14:32 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

And no — I personally would not have “stormed” the capitol. But if a nice police officer opens the bicycle rack gates like that for me then that’s a freaking invitation 😫

2021-01-10 02:17:20 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

I don’t even know the court details. If I could get the 60 cases in PDF format I would gladly read it and then make a proper argument— but NOBODY KNOWS — and that’s the issue

2021-01-10 02:18:05 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

We aren’t privy to the very issue that we seek transparency on!

2021-01-10 02:19:08 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

People risked their livelihoods over coming forward.. does that not merit anything??

2021-01-10 02:20:15 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Signed affidavits under oath do not warrant further investigation?

2021-01-10 02:22:37 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

And the last minute election law changes that bypassed legislation?

2021-01-10 02:22:42 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

How bout dat

2021-01-10 02:25:24 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Yeah. Good talk man. I sincerely like you here because echo chambers get lonely

2021-01-10 02:28:19 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

In the end we all have our predetermined bias but it’s nice to welcome someone that could offer a persuasive appeal via logic. Or pathos... but I haven’t gotten that from you. The only Impression I received is that u hated Trump from the start long before he even had this rally. So I look forward to your continued inputs in hope to illuminate @Schlimmy Fongrel

2021-01-10 02:29:10 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Too expensive now

2021-01-10 02:32:01 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Yeah, more glaringly obvious in light of recent events. And the GOP is FUCKED. Democratic Party strategy, possible — divide and conquer

2021-01-10 02:32:37 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Next election is gunna suck. Rep/conservative is now torn

2021-01-10 02:36:52 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

I guess only time will reveal

2021-01-10 02:37:02 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  


2021-01-10 02:39:22 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Meh.. was gunna type something but I guess I’ll go snoop around the net some more <:KEKW:733034878030839889>

2021-01-10 02:42:43 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Ohhh shit

2021-01-10 02:42:51 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Amazon is shutting down Parler

2021-01-10 02:44:39 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

The servers....

2021-01-10 12:02:56 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

welp. Parler servers to be taken down by Amazon (Amazon owns the servers). Parler will be back up in about a week after the official shutdown.

2021-01-10 15:59:24 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

2 updates via Sydney Powell: 1. Biden promises to “defeat the NRA” during his term in office. 2. Capitol Hill police death was from medical issues and not injuries from protesters
Edit: 1. From TheEpochTimes and 2. From GatewayPundit

2021-01-10 17:01:24 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  


2021-01-10 17:08:54 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

@Greg that’s nice, dear.

2021-01-10 17:09:20 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Bless your special little heart ❤️

2021-01-10 17:12:49 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

The issue with the powers that be in the Democratic Party is that they don’t want you to simply “turn the other cheek” — they want you to spread em and rape you of any sense of liberty 🗽 and as long as that sentiment continues I will clench my shit tighter than a sea mollusk

2021-01-10 17:18:12 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

So far, most opposing viewpoints have been met with civility that maintains an open forum — even when someone ~~say~~ says some shit that tries to provoke insult like Greg’s comment. I’m glad I’m here — I like open floors of discussion

2021-01-10 17:18:52 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

^damn. My auto correct making me sound foreign AF

2021-01-10 18:29:39 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Yeah ~~I’m~~ on one of his streams he openly admits that he has ADHD and takes prescription drugs for it <:OH_peepoShrug:755993603830186101>

2021-01-10 18:29:59 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Doesn’t mean he’s wrong about modern day topics

2021-01-10 18:30:44 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Yeah they just shut down the DC airport

2021-01-10 18:33:58 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

JD is just speaking out against the stack of chips that don’t add up. And many of us feel the same. He provides insights from sources that many would not bother to look up. This gives me the opportunity to cross check his sources and make my own mind up. And he openly says he’s not republican but instead ‘old’ libertarian. It’s just that the left is so slanted that he’s been slid to the right.

2021-01-10 18:47:43 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Oh boy

2021-01-10 18:48:37 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Probably as a precaution to prevent an opportunistic— another 9-11 style attack amidst the turmoil

2021-01-10 18:52:28 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Damn... Mozilla/Firefox joining the other big tech censor team. Anybody know a decent browser??? 🙄

2021-01-10 19:14:12 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

I heard insurrection act was just signed <a:peepoRedAlarm:762699267097624586>

2021-01-10 19:15:14 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Oh. Haha 😆

2021-01-10 19:17:24 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Ohhh LOL

2021-01-10 19:17:56 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Did he have an ankle bracelet tho <:peepoThink:402867838580293643>

2021-01-10 19:18:11 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  


2021-01-10 19:19:22 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Dude this whole thing is like one insane WWE episode.

2021-01-10 19:26:47 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Damn. I hope monkeywerx info is misinformation because if he’s speculating where the president is and then sharing it with everyone — that’s just ... doin the most ...

2021-01-10 19:50:34 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Flag lowered at White House

2021-01-10 20:00:43 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  


2021-01-10 20:02:32 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Btw. Lin wood’s official Parler has a website link to give your info if you want to receive president info during a media blackout— not sure if this might be used to generate a list of people the other side can go after.... 🤔

2021-01-10 20:05:24 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Ok.. the website is from “supporters of trump”

2021-01-10 20:05:36 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Smh... <:facepalm:438877920753090560>

2021-01-10 21:57:53 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Ehh. Guess not. No server company will do business with them

2021-01-10 21:58:45 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

This is an interesting livestream if you are bored https://youtu.be/YhhLRSUCcVc

2021-01-10 22:59:05 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

May I ask how he attacked people? I mean when he made that defamatory comment about you earlier?

2021-01-10 22:59:38 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Oh. <:PepeYikes:696455906363310111>

2021-01-10 23:03:10 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

JDMOONAN!! How bout that Ethan guy!! <:PepeLaugh:650060108793118737>

2021-01-10 23:03:38 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Dude got stopped dead in the middle of an attempted manifesto

2021-01-10 23:03:45 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  


2021-01-10 23:09:12 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

In think he just had adjustment issues from seeing this channel (and JD) move into a truth seeking thing than an ESO thing. People grow, people change; and if you love em and they ain’t hurting nobody then u should support that — guess he couldn’t <:OH_peepoShrug:755993603830186101>

2021-01-10 23:09:42 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Of course I may be speaking out of turn because I don’t know the full backstory (just joined)

2021-01-10 23:10:29 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Maybe his remarks were displaced and expression is not his forte

2021-01-10 23:12:53 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

He was just trolling with sarcasm as a way to vent his frustrations. I’ve seen it in plenty of gaming communities where a small guild suddenly blows up and people feel like it ain’t what it once was. He might’ve felt discarded or a lack of identity (again, just purely speculation on my ~~pet~~ part)

2021-01-10 23:23:01 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Lol “Brother Mathew” got arrested

2021-01-10 23:24:25 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Sad. Dude was so peaceful yet getting beat up by the bad guys

2021-01-11 04:40:14 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

that light blinking on that tower in a particular pattern

2021-01-11 04:43:56 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  


2021-01-11 04:44:13 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Still blinking in a very specific pattern tho

2021-01-11 04:45:06 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

@dextervss there are several platforms that <:trumpicon:327222314590535702> is on

2021-01-11 05:02:49 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Wow. That was intense

2021-01-11 05:24:07 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

I like how the video, title, and everything is like... plants haha 😆 tells me this guy knows what time it is 🥸

2021-01-11 05:36:15 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

https://youtu.be/afZJIK7qRUM something to lighten the mood

2021-01-11 12:40:34 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Damn.. Gab.com must be going through what Parler did — I can’t sign up for it lol

2021-01-11 12:41:46 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

I couldn’t find in App Store so I went to their site — didn’t see it there either

2021-01-11 12:44:53 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

What about a brita filter. Worst comes to worst just boil the water for 10min in a large pot, let it cool, pour in a basic filter like Brita, then pour it in plastic containers, and store in the fridge.

2021-01-11 12:46:12 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Gas or electric stove? I have gas

2021-01-11 15:17:15 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

So the Impeachment, although starts today won’t make paper work all the way to Wednesday. Does the impeachment process only need to make it up to the house to disqualify Trump from running again? Or does it have to make it through the Senate? <:peepoThink:402867838580293643>

2021-01-11 15:19:43 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

So Trump has one already. But Senate rejected it. But it still counted ... so... even though it gets turned down, it still counts, right?

2021-01-11 15:20:02 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Not hoping for it but just wondering about the process

2021-01-11 15:20:53 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  


Disclose.tv 🚨
JUST IN - U.S. House effort to pass a 25th Amendment resolution against President Trump will begin at 11 am EST. This has no consequences, only the VP together with the Cabinet can invoke the Amendment.

2021-01-11 15:23:54 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

So likely the house will then move to the traditional impeachment process again cuz Nancy is hellbent on it and we know that. But ... ah fuck it l I’ll look it up 😅

2021-01-11 15:25:16 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #youtube-general]  

Democrats aren't impeaching President Trump because of last Wednesday.
Democrats are impeaching President Trump because they don't want him to be able to run in 2024.
🔗 Andrew Pollack

via Twitter

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