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Sup sir

That sounds good for securing voter identity, but will it prevent vote manipulation?

Merry Christmas @JDMOONAN

Lol it’s late foo. i just got back from my parents. It’s cuddle time and bed time lol

Don’t need to type a book now...


Lol have a good night @JDMOONAN

Legend over here snacking during stream

You know the phrase, “cheaters never win”, we should change that to “poor cheaters with no power never win”.

I have a feeling that any party created henceforth from the republican party will be smeared and slandered by democrats/socialists so they can hold onto their power they so desperately stole.

Anything anti-socialist is dead in the water at this point in my opinion. How can we overcome the corruption if the corrupt are so infused in the system? You know?

I am normally looking to the horizon with optimism, but in this moment... I see no light at the end of the tunnel.

They only way to fix it is to tear it all down, but who will stand when millions are afraid of standing alone?

We all have so little faith in another to stand with us that we shrink back into the shadows hoping for a strong leader. At least that is how I see it.

No one wants to be the poor bastard standing up alone and taken out without even a whisper or an effect.

I really think antifa were the ones who went into the capital to slander the protest and paint it in a negative light to further push the socialist agenda of quashing the opposition.

Why save a ship that has already sunk when a new one can be built?

The country as we knew it is over. There is no saving this ship. We need a new one... a better one.

One without lobbyists, special interest, patents, and copyrights.

The problem is humans are fluid, no ideologies mesh perfectly. Joey, for instance, has the ambition to step up, but his views are not always aligned with my own.

Transparency and open source through and through. At least within the medical and education institutions

So how do you build a new ship if the designs are contradictory in some aspects?

We don’t want to create another system of “well... close enough” for beliefs or we will end up in another 2 party system compromise.

The constitution needs some help... more protects for the current age. The corruption has found pathways that once never existed.

Yes, but stability is essential in some cases, changing fluidly based off of what you hear, experience will not always instill confidence.

We got to this level of corruption because of loopholes and flaws. We need to find those and seal them up if we have any plans for a brighter future.

I am going to go to bed before I get to infused lol

I am not the leader the people need, but rather a deep thinker and a problem solver.

Definitely not selling myself short, just accepting of my own limitations

My belief is you should only use the methods and tactics utilized by the others to challenge. Anything beyond or less is necessary. Fight democracy ideology with democracy ideology. Fight republic ideology with republic ideology. Fight totalitarian ideology with totalitarian ideology.


Play the game being played, you know?

I am all about integrity

I agree 100% there

Goodnight everyone ☺️

I shall

Education in this country is abysmal at best. My daughter is in a Charter school, which is at least a slight improvement over Public School, but I still worry for her education.

There are aspects of potential protection for our education institutions, but those protections could limit diversity of topics and freedom of information. I just wish there was a way to mandate fact only delivery. No propaganda or opinions.

The question is how is elimination of indoctrination communicated through legal language without limiting liberties? There is a freedom of press and speech granted by the 1st amendment. Anything contrary to the broad envelope created by the language is automatically unconstitutional. So it seems propaganda is even protected.

Lol figures...

Democrats seem to be predominantly ideologues. When they are challenged the backlash they bring is chaotic.

Conservative ideology is practical and based off of historical understanding. When the status quo is challenged, they panic.

We need a mix... an ideological basis with a strong root in tradition

Ideology wrapped with emotions is child like and representative of immaturity. Realistically, an assessment of emotional response to challenge should be a determining factor in assessing a person’s compatibility for holding a governmental position... lol

Oh no... definitely don’t want to control ideology, let it be fluid. The problem is when emotions are in the mix.

The primary difference that I have noticed between many liberals and conservatives is where the blame is placed. On one’s self, conservative. On others, liberal.

I agree

It’s unfortunately cultural

Monetary status seems to contribute to cultural divide, but socialist ideology is no solution.

Monetary status is aided by self-empowerment and factual education.

Cultural divides exist because many are told they are powerless. Education is to blame solely for that mindset.

If we as a society overcome victim thought, then capitalism will flourish.

Corruption and propagandist education happened

What ideas do you have for job place reform?

Ah... minimum wage

We need to get rid of that crap

Pay people what they are worth and what they contribute... not based on “political correctness feeling fixing” crap

Regulations and high business tax limit available resource allocation. When combined with minimum wage, the available funds to pay based on merits is limited.

I agree

Ban unions too

The foreign crap needs to stop in my opinion. Seeking out cheaper employment and punishing companies with higher taxes for employing internally makes no sense.

The ceo needs money to grow the company and expand services/products. Limiting his/her funds makes no sense.

He created the company, right?

There is a whole other solution to that issue other than limiting the ceo.

Self empowerment allows the individual to understand they are not a victim and do not have to maintain employment within a company. If they feel the ceo’s values do not align with their own, they have the ability to leave. If enough were to believe that and leave a bad ceo, he/she would be best suited to change their style and practices to suit his/her employees. CEOs are held up by the workforce. If they have no workforce, they have no capital gain... and thus no business.

That was the issue back before the unions were popularized. People believed they were victims and had no choice in the matter. So they begged the government to allow representation from unions to “punish” ceos.

The terrible education people receive limit them from understanding their own power and capability.

Those who are successful know one thing very well. Their own effort and drive is what makes or breaks.

I have a terrible habit of procrastination, which is my own problem and what limits my own ability to succeed.

Yeah... tuition rates are another travesty.

But... in all honesty... the belief that you have to pay exorbitant rates for a good education is what allows private and public universities to charge those rates. If people understood their education is in their own hands (internet) and they don’t have to get the most expensive degree at the most expensive school to be “recognized”, then the tuition issue would solve itself in time.

Ignorance and victim thought gives power to these institutions.

Schools are a business too and if they have no students, they have no business.

A smart ceo will adjust rates to compete.

Ignorance at it’s finest

The people in the US are way more powerful than they believe.

US exceptionalism is a real thing.

It definitely sounds unfair, but do you have to stand for it? Nope. You have the freedom to go work for someone with integrity. But it all depends on situations of course.

It sounds like you are in a government job?

Slightly limiting... relocating would probably be required if you were to find a comparable position at a different company.

Unfortunately, not everyone can relocate.

So I see where your grievance could be stemming from

Does the company you work for have a monopoly over the area?

Yep. Relocating

If only there were more energy companies to enable solid competition and choice.

I used to live around Round Rock, Texas and the beautiful thing there is we had a plethora of energy companies to select from. Going into Austin though... there is a monopoly.

Makes sense. Sorry to hear you feel stuck.

I hate the idea of schmoozing, but have you considered it?

Getting to be good friends with the boss

Sadly, the biggest issue in workforce is there is a heavy “who you know” influence.

Have you directly asked him to pull some strings for you?

Does your company offer a career development map?

It sounds like you’ll need to hound your boss for internal resources and string pulling. He needs to be your advocate and right hand man on this.

Do you know why?

See if your boss can find out more info on why you weren’t selected.


So I take it you are a straight white male?

Thank goodness it’s Friday...

Interesting time for it to go down

Trumps account being fully suspended on Twitter right before it

I wonder if Trump will finally join Parler

The overreach tells me they are in full blown panic to be honest...

Yeah... leftist panic is in full swing... going as far as banning Rush Limbaugh... they are shutting down as many communication channels as possible to keep the right in the dark while they attempt take over and takedown.

Parler still works on my iPhone for now.

Where’s that podcast at foo?!


I bet... long ass distance


I sent you a text sit



At like 10:04


Even though Tim is pretty wishy washy in his assessments, he does bring gold to the surface every now and then.

Nah... I don't hate on him. I just don't agree when he goes from one extreme to the next on his assessments. I like certainty lol

Trumps been right on a whole slew of things. He used to be an elite until he thwarted their plans I think.

@Schlimmy Fongrel - You are acting like Trump said “go break shit and stop the count”... the assertion that he even caused as much is about as ridiculous as the media calling anything that happened an insurrection. There is no logic basis for your “educated guesses”. That sounds way more abstract and ridiculous than the educated guess and proof presented by facial recognition software, that blm and Antifa were in fact there.

Lol... are we seriously going to trust the media to report the truth on anything? Russia Collusion, the lack of disdain for the riots last summer, the “no proof of fraud”, the hunter biden crap... I mean come on. Maybe Washington Times screwed up and made the home team look bad and got threatened by the leftists for screwing up the narrative. Like... I’m more likely to believe a coverup than a booboo...

I’m his personal friend and you sir couldn’t be further from reality on his habits 😂

No fly zone... hmm


Taking it with a grain of salt... this whole election has been a bittersweet letdown.


I’m a skinny guy. I don’t play by the rules. 😉

Translation: “Once we impose full communistic style control (actually fascism) that we sell as socialism, then we will give you a semblance of peace while controlling your thoughts and actions.”

No longer are seemingly bizarre allegations bizarre... maybe the conspiracy theorists aren’t theorists. The true conspiracy theorists are looking to be the ones we were told to trust.

Supposedly, and from what JD said, the president is not required to publicly announce when the Insurrection Act is initiated. So, for now, I take it with a grain of salt. The proof will be in the results, but for now. I speculate whether there will be any results from anything remotely similar to expectations for an insurrection act being signed.

Lol... they hate him sooooo much

When a corrupt government unifies against one person, it says a lot.

Oh I know... I’m just mentioning the level of contempt they have for him.

Honestly, I think a major factor in their disdain for him has been due to his reversal of their agenda’s progression. The dismantling of their hard work in pushing us into socialism.

I mean, when the media paints Trump out to be some Hitler-esque person, the hate will be solidified amongst the populace.

The “heal” part is enraging for me

Let’s come together and heal... how about you go fuck yourself? You want to heal what? Your propagandist bullshit? How about your brain damage? You don’t shit on half the country for years and then ask for healing once the chips are in your favor. I swear the lot of them are cucks.

Supposedly that was a joke

I got fact checked on Facebook when I still had it months ago.

They slapped it with a “missing context” label.

I hate the imposition by social media a lot... “let’s tell you what to think”

What I want to say to them - “You get to spread your bullshit, so what if I spread bullshit too?”

No doubt

I have a friend that lives in China... he is fed up with Communism and is seeing what’s going on here in the US with disbelief. We were a beacon to him. An example of hope and freedom, but as he watches us fall, he says he wants to fight for us to maintain our freedoms... I mean... it’s so sad that someone else, from fucking China wants to fight for OUR freedoms...

He has more passion that many people who live in this country. It’s sad

Yes. He lives in Guangdong.

I told his ass to be careful with that language or the CCP will make him disappear. He says contacting me through Facebook Messenger is okay, because it’s banned in China... so he accesses it via a vpn... I’m like... okay... if you say so. Lol

I shared part of the conversation in General

Since I can’t post photos in here

Unless we have someone on our side with a lot of money... I don’t think there is much we can do to build a secret communication channel.

Ones that aren’t prone to being taken down?

And yet each country criticizing us are attacking democracy every day.

Oh god... that’s the worst... “where’s the evidence?!”

*presents evidence*

*evidence ignored*

“Where’s the evidence?!”

Like... “I’m sorry your favorite propagandist media corporations aren’t saying anything factual.”

You are being really nice...

Why does PornHub have to get hidden back there? 😉

Haha... some kinda game

Sounds about right

GOP seems to understand that further division will cause more issues. I think their intention is to just try and smooth it all over since there isn’t much time left for the current term.

As long as you don’t bring more mosquitoes... I think we can make due

Yep. Unity in the house and senate to seek revenge but not to help the American people would look awful.

Pompeo's 30 minute tweets are on time, but his speech isn't... lol


Yeah, but at 12:30 I am hopping over to the Trump stream

Oh... they changed the time

No problem 🙂

2:15 cst for Trump

NTD says 2 pm for Pompeo

cst ^



In the future too

At an exact time

It says pence was 19 seconds later

I am seeing different times than you...

lol wtf

Now Pence shows 19:41:09 for me

Right Side Broadcasting moved Trump speech to tomorrow

Parler is down anyways

Whoever this tool speaking is... needs to leave the propaganda at the door

Short video

Good news is 25th Amendment was shot down

They can’t use it now.

So now they are left with Impeachment as their only option... outside of assassination of course

ummm... no

Has any live footage of Nancy Pelosi been seen today?

I wonder if they actually swiped her up, but my brain is like... nothing is true!

Live 60 minutes or pre recorded?

As far as I know, 60min is never live broadcasted

Poor fucking Giuliani...

The revenge is palpable...


Albeit... probably temporary if the gods that be shunned us

This guy tends to have some funny stuff.

His faces always make me laugh

I do sometimes. They move really slow though

Yeah 😂

Orange you glad Hilary still isn’t your president is a good joke 😉

Amen, Awomen, and Amoron.

That’s a remake? 😉

I thought it was the original 😉

Yes lol

Sorry about that. I am working 😦

lol wow

Found another video of it

Schmer is such a large pile of watered down slushy fecal matter stuck between a dogs toes

That smirk... he needs a certain object to push his presence into a nice long blissfully eternal sleep. He knows he’s wrong and a wrongdoer doesn’t stop wrongdoing until they literally can’t do wrong anymore.

Same goes for any corrupt individual. They are out of control and lack every single semblance if a consciousness.

Lol completely 😉

I signed off and deleted Fuckheadbook back in November.

Same with Instabullshitgram and Twittwater.

Reddfuckit went bye bye too

Lol she’s got some balls...

Hell would freeze over and time would stop probably.

Yeah... yesterday I called out my doubts. It’s disappointing she didn’t get swiped up.

Honestly, I am starting to think there isn’t some master plan and the only ones that will save our country are those brave enough to unite and rise up.


From trash talk to envy

It’d be nice, and maybe life will surprise us, but after so many letdowns, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was another lie.

I hear about a Constitutional Party and a Patriot Party. Which one is it?

Hey now... I use Pinterest for recipes 😂

Honestly... if I were in Sydney’s and Rudy’s shoes, I’d be pissed too... MANY people are put in prison with far less affidavits and evidence. The courts refused to review the evidence. The democrats refused to even give an ear or a care. So yes, I completely see why they are speaking the way they are. When hitting brick wall after brick wall, you either have incompetence an/or intentional negligence. It looks less like incompetence and more like intentional negligence. So they stammer and call for unity from the right with what they say, because our country is careening down a hill and the people who are supposed to uphold the constitution aren’t doing a fucking thing to do so.

That was supposed to go in General... oh well lol

Or was it... idk

Nope... it was meant for here

CNN translation - Trump urges more violence.

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