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even with the trump vid i'm giving a couple weeks before being pissed at trump for what he said in the vid. I'll believe it was a 100% true concession if I see biden on a stage. I want the IA now, I spent $300 on ammo ffs

the run on the capitol was instigated by antifa, imo

mainly the 4 faces that have been identified that lead the charge in

tbh i'm disappointed WE didn't. the point of letting them in was defamation of patriots. but we've already been defamed. charge tf in

stop worrying about optics

the viking guy is a dead giveaway, that one we know for sure

tbh "kraken" or other evidence is borderline moot at this point. swamp's too deep, they clearly don't listen and never will, because they're all in on it.

we have video of georgia being stolen in the middle of the night and nothing came of it. If that kind of evidence won't even be looked at, let alone judged on (also forensic investigation of the machines by Allied Universal Security of Dominion machines) then nothing will

i've been a lurker for a few weeks, but after today i'm all out


bottom-line, if our government system were even 20% fair this election would have been overturned and righted WEEKS ago. I can't believe how bad things have gotten, it's unbelievable.

"It's scary" it absolutely is. We are afraid of our government, we are in a tyranny, period. We shouldn't have to be afraid of what they can do to us.

idk if you guys are as mad as I am at pence, but WOW did him backstabbing america blow me away. Made me physically ill.

elbow-bumping harris and all, has he been a fckn mole the whole time? dear lord it's like we live in a movie

they'll find more than enough funds if they implement the taxing they have in commiefornia all over the U.S. They already have enough money to toss trillions to foreign interest, that isn't enough for them.

2021-01-08 04:01:37 UTC [RobertGrulerEsq #election2020]  

we have vids of biden being a pedo, georgia election being stolen on camera, doesn't seem to mean anything to these fckn crooks. it's sickening.

2021-01-08 04:04:10 UTC [RobertGrulerEsq #election2020]  

even if you totally disregard the obvious fraud, the breaking of Constitutional law in the swing states was a cut-and-dry case. Scotus ran away. disgusting

2021-01-08 04:07:20 UTC [RobertGrulerEsq #election2020]  

@TaLoN132 what, you don't want obvious truths? fine, i won't speak about the elephant in the room that everyone, including government, is fully aware of.

2021-01-08 04:10:18 UTC [RobertGrulerEsq #election2020]  

@TaLoN132 "convicted or indicted" do you trust our systems that much? after the evidence we have we haven't had a single day in court over the election fraud. You think they care at all about a pedo in our government? Biden being alleged a pedo is <10% important over election fraud, and they won't hear about election fraud.

2021-01-08 04:12:37 UTC [RobertGrulerEsq #election2020]  

@Eden amen, and to add to that, forensic investigation has been done on the machines themselves by Allied Universal and they directly concluded that the machines are designed and built to commit fraud during voting tabulation. This blatant evidence doesn't mean anything to our corrupt government

2021-01-08 04:19:27 UTC [RobertGrulerEsq #election2020]  

@TaLoN132 if you're going to try and stretch that far, literally any investigation that occurs, ANYONE can say "this and such important person in that company is biased, thus the entire investigation means nothing". If you go by this logic, investigations are totally pointless.

2021-01-08 04:21:47 UTC [RobertGrulerEsq #election2020]  

@TaLoN132 there is video of people with dominion machines showing on cam that the adjudication process involves totally re-assigning ballot votes to anything they want with NO oversight and NO audit logs. And I'm getting tired of hearing about "legal processes exist that blah blah..." our legal processes are controlled by cronies, thus they don't mean anything, period.

2021-01-08 04:26:21 UTC [RobertGrulerEsq #election2020]  

@TaLoN132 "we have an adversarial system" you mean the system that, for DECADES, has been complained about by hard-dems and hard-reps for the last 20 years? Back in 2004 Pelosi, Sander's, countless others complained about on cam about these problems. They've been going on for decades. Stop pretending that our "system" has legitimate fairness-checks, it clearly doesn't.

2021-01-08 04:27:34 UTC [RobertGrulerEsq #election2020]  

@TaLoN132 there are no adversaries, the entire system is corrupt to it's core. That's the point.

@Humanoid Typhoon I would have agreed a few days ago, but the people entering the capitol that did no harm to anyone, bared no weapons, didn't destroy the place, and someone got killed and they got DEFAMED and destroyed on social media makes me now think different.

It doesn't matter at all how civil you are with your protests, you will be labelled a white-supremist evil terrorist regardless what you do or don't do.


Facts need a day in fckn court

@Livingstone fckn amen to that. The way we teach history and truth is laughable. The only issue there is if we regulate the teachings of history, if the government controls that regulation, they can lie all they want and it will be the status quo.

A seriously fine-line on education across the board

adding to that, the whole "common core" math they're teaching is absurdity, and making people dumber. And I'm not a boomer like people stereotype anti-commoncore people with, i'm in my mid'20's. wtf happened to mathematics.

Truth, my sister got her degree in education and she is constantly complaining about how everyone in the system is dense. They might not necessarily be dumb, but the way they've been taught to interpret/compute things is so braindead, they can't problem-solve at all on their own.

I'm a programmer for a living, and literally all you do is problemsolve, so when people have an issue understanding things like percentages i'm totally taken aback. I had a debate with a friend over mixing 2 cans of beer together, he said it'd make 10% alcohol if he mixed 2 5% beers together. This guy has a DEGREE

I laughed too but internally i was a bit upset. wtf happened to education, my lord.

Agreed, the upcoming generation of teachers are a total heartbreaker. Despite the fact that they're mostly indoctrinated by leftist ideals, they also are just NOT critical thinkers at all. They're the kinds of teachers that get mad when students point out a mistake they made during teaching and might even punish for it. It's a sad state of affairs.

And no, I have not.

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