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stay strong based stick man

I don't like communism tbh

Can we use pepper spray on those fascists?

Do we get cool jackets like the air force do?

I've noticed how all communists in the us and canada look ugly and unhealthy

You see with communism innovation and technological progression doesn't happen because you can't capitalize on it.

can we invade a state like Wyoming and force them to secede from the us?

my older brother threw away my maga hat


I've been bummed out all day because it cost me like 10 bucks

I went all the way to Spencer's gifts too get it

just eat healthy and pump iron that's what god intended

praise christ

I miss when my city wasn't so diverse

I came from /pol/ this seems like a bunch of /fit/ talk

get fit get lit

they don't have the brains or the brawn to combat us

I eat KFC and subway meatball subs is that ok?

My knuckles are pretty large I want to use them against someone's face sometime

can we please overthrow a cuck state like Vermont and succeed from the us?

or canada lol

invade a shit small country like Belize

It has a lower population than Wyoming

And they speak English

Search up Belize they have like no resources and is surrounded by shit countries

It'll take less then a year

I'm a libertarian

Most people don't support nazis for some reason so we can't say were nazis

I wanna install a libertarian gov on a country tbh can we do that?

government control business is shit and doesn't work

Invade Venezuela and invade Honduras

They have shit economy it'll be easy

I have the first amendment

Is it illegal to want to overthrow a foreign country that no one cares about?

nazism should have some reforms like not killing people based on their skin. also fuck islam

I can't accept why liberals just accept Islam like its a peaceful religion or something

That's y belize is prime invasion territory

they r just asking for a coup

The Ramones right

We need large boats witch is hard

We have to invade small countries first then get bigger and bigger

We could minimize deaths by only killing political leaders

Damn it's sad how the us lost the Vietnam war

Like Jamaica

We have to minimize media attention or we fucked

damn how about I just live a normal live in America and not invade any country?

lol fuck no sealand

it's not even a real country b

how did hitler control Germany? By using teamwork

we could invade belize then Central America then south then Mexico then the rest of the world it's so simple

We need housing and plumbing which is a lot of money for a place with no one on it

ok we can build out secret base their

I don't like direct murder tbh it has to far away from me

South Africa is proof that whites r better

Yeah genocide is bad

I'm tired that a bunch of people in the world are dying of starvation while others are dying of obesity

We need world peace right now or we have world destruction

Stop sending charity because it fucks the economy

Food is a short term solution

We need to actually help their government and economy if they want change

I like how streets buildings and cars are normal in the usa

But in others it's a luxury

Life would be better if everyone spoke the same language

Look at Haiti

They only speak French and their fucked!

Seriously Haiti is right next to the Dominic republic and Puerto Rico and their economy is fucking shit

fuckin France won't help them in the slightest

French is gonna be a dead language soon

Only people in France and Haiti talk it

I just want people to stop suffering and be happy is that too much to ask?

I don't know how blacks just keep fucking up

Name one country filled with whites that is poor and dangerous?

that's a Muslim country

Some parts in Russia are poor but barely dangerous

It's insane like can't blacks just help themselves?

I think it's because most blacks don't have a father figure or a proper home environment to live in

keep away from thots my people

Solution to refugee problem is to destroy isis then deport them back to Syria

kanye west

How about we help out Haiti first since they closer to us

Relocate all the people living in the fucking desert into actually livable condition and teach them english

Blacks am I right?

Kanye west had a better life than I do damn

I live in the lower class b hopefully I'll be able to get to the middle class. Thank god for captialism

New Jersey 1

Fuck ny b they disrespect us to much


Long island

What country do we invade?

Naw invade We Invade Belize

It's has a small government and population

I'm a libertarian

We have to revert back to the gold standard

3.5 billion people are living in poverty


Immigration wouldn't exist if their country wasn't shit

Like Mexico is a third world country but they have beautiful weather. But fucking canada is livin in the cold but have a great economy

Fuck ny those beavers will think they own the Statue of Liberty

We can't have world peace if Islam still exists

Y do Jewish Americans have such deep voices

My math teacher wears the same shit everyday

he's a Jew

I can't wait til anticom becomes a big organization

I live in town filled with democrats it's madness I wanna run for mayor as a libertarian but I'll lose

U probably never heard of it Bayonne

I'm sorry

I fucking love Ayn rand

lol I hate Hillary Clinton

Muslim women are liberals new go-to whenever someone wants to show tolerance

Even though Islam is the most intolerant religion of all time

I hope Barron trump becomes god

I wanna get a bachelor of fine arts degree

Can we get bomber jackets like the neo nazis do

do we cover our faces

I love usa

Communism is stupid

Yo trickle down economics was a genius idea

Why don't we make cars look cool anymore

They all look the same

How do I build skyscrapers like trump

I wanna buy a Taco Bell franchise

Can we form our own militia

I live in liberal north jersey

When can I buy ancom merch

New jersey has good walmarts

I love the Japanese

What if the child consents ?

the age of consent should be lower

Stocks and bonds are liberal words for mineyz

fuck I wanna goo to Japan

Japanese girls r hot fuck


We can't allow girls to get fat anymore

How do I steal a guy's girlfriend?

Come on she's got low self esteem and likes anime

It'll be easy

She's a cutie

her bf is fat and small

it'll be easy to steal her I just need two days

dam I just wanna get laid b that's all

No u

im 16

damn I'm a normal person guys

I wanna cuck him

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