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Hello all!

I'm Jacob, good to be a part

Elysian interviewed me

Hello all

checking in from KS

I live in the gym lol

I’m at the gym close to ten hours a day on average

On days I work, I take saturdays and Sundays off usually but still go to work out

As sad as Mollie’s death is, it’s still just the start.

It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better

Africans also have the highest testosterone on average. It makes them tend to be more aggressive and virile.
China is introducing soy to replace corn in many African nations. Soy is known to adversely effect Testosterone levels both chronicly and generationally.
China, meanwhile, is moving away from soy and increasing other protein option production - such as chicken and peanuts.
Almost like they have long-term plans...

It takes less water and effort than corn, which the Africans love

I'm not sure about that, but corn isn't great for anyone to eat.

Definitely ingest it in moderation.

Why are the most ethnically proud people usually the ones who should least be proudÉ

There is a Greek woman at my job who brings Greece up constantly, speaks Greek to herself randomly, and insults other nationalities any chance she gets while asserting that Greeks are generally better at everything.
She's also one of our worst employees and is very stupid.
Nor is she white, she's a half-Turkish second generation immigrant in America.

Wrote a rough draft of an essay following my meditations recently on existentialism.

I've been reading the Biblical book of Ecclesiastes and comparing it to Nietzschean thought regarding moralism, existentialism and Nihilism. I'm not a Christian myself (I typically tell people I am a Norse Heathen/Odinist/Asatruar) but I think the Bible and Christian teachings are deeply rooted in European culture/philosophy and the book of Ecclesiastes in particular fascinates me

If anyone wants to read what I've written and discuss, I'd love to talk about it - I'm wanting to revise what I have written and put it in a more formal essay form.

Shoot me a PM and I will try to respond in a timely fashion!

I don't think I'm actually in that one haha

Every time I talk with my dad about Israel he says "They're god's chosen people, so he can take care of em right? Stop giving em my money"

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