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Tinker Tom 2017-04-15 23:10:11 [Anticom #general]

Tinker Tom 2017-04-15 23:10:42 [Anticom #general]

The website I just linked is the best redpill out there

Tinker Tom 2017-04-15 23:21:36 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-15 23:21:40 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-15 23:32:07 [Anticom #general]

@asdfgasdfgasdfaoklk What are you doing in here

Tinker Tom 2017-04-15 23:33:12 [Anticom #general]
Tinker Tom 2017-04-15 23:34:14 [Anticom #general]
Tinker Tom 2017-04-15 23:35:34 [Anticom #general]

@asdfgasdfgasdfaoklk what do you mean?

Tinker Tom 2017-04-15 23:36:29 [Anticom #general]
Tinker Tom 2017-04-15 23:37:00 [Anticom #general]

@asdfgasdfgasdfaoklk Of course. My autism only shows up on the other server.

Tinker Tom 2017-04-16 01:26:47 [Anticom #general]

This is making me think hard, man.

Tinker Tom 2017-04-16 01:28:19 [Anticom #general]

So where do I go to be vetted my dudes

Tinker Tom 2017-04-16 01:41:42 [Anticom #general]

Hmm 🤔

Tinker Tom 2017-04-16 01:47:24 [Anticom #general]

@Rogi hey rabbi, whatcha doin?

Tinker Tom 2017-04-16 02:00:48 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-16 02:03:56 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-16 02:04:05 [Anticom #general]

Hung out with my father

Tinker Tom 2017-04-16 02:04:12 [Anticom #general]

I'm joking I don't have one

Tinker Tom 2017-04-16 02:04:45 [Anticom #general]

The middle finger is edgy next time do a 👌

Tinker Tom 2017-04-16 02:06:37 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-16 02:06:39 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-16 02:06:41 [Anticom #general]

Tinker Tom 2017-04-16 02:06:54 [Anticom #general]

I'm sorry

Tinker Tom 2017-04-16 02:08:04 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-16 02:11:16 [Anticom #general]

Tinker Tom 2017-04-16 02:11:51 [Anticom #general]

Doesn't count

Tinker Tom 2017-04-16 02:11:57 [Anticom #general]

He asked for trips

Tinker Tom 2017-04-16 02:12:01 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-16 02:12:20 [Anticom #general]

Tinker Tom 2017-04-16 02:12:27 [Anticom #general]

Fug u

Tinker Tom 2017-04-16 02:17:39 [Anticom #general]

Tinker Tom 2017-04-16 02:18:01 [Anticom #general]

Tinker Tom 2017-04-16 02:18:56 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-16 02:22:06 [Anticom #general]

Tinker Tom 2017-04-16 02:22:13 [Anticom #general]

He pooed on it

Tinker Tom 2017-04-16 02:30:20 [Anticom #general]

@Dangerlurking kys yourself

Tinker Tom 2017-04-16 02:30:50 [Anticom #general]

Tinker Tom 2017-04-16 04:23:46 [Anticom #general]

Tinker Tom 2017-04-16 04:24:17 [Anticom #general]

They're escalating it.

Tinker Tom 2017-04-16 04:25:15 [Anticom #general]

@Whitecheese Who knows? Its very silly

Tinker Tom 2017-04-16 09:13:38 [Anticom #general]

Pictured: little white boy getting surrounded by horny demons

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 01:43:38 [Anticom #general]

Yeah same. Sometimes when I take a shit I like to yell GET A LOAD OF *THIS* SONIC! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH as a nice log slips out

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 01:43:57 [Anticom #general]

Yeah same. Sometimes when I take a shit I like to yell GET A LOAD OF *THIS* SONIC! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH as a nice log slips out

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 01:44:03 [Anticom #general]

Yeah same. Sometimes when I take a shit I like to yell GET A LOAD OF *THIS* SONIC! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH as a nice log slips out

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 01:44:28 [Anticom #general]

Gonna get raped

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 01:49:23 [Anticom #general]

Yeah same. Sometimes when I take a shit I like to yell GET A LOAD OF *THIS* SONIC! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH as a nice log slips out

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 01:50:13 [Anticom #general]

Sometimes when I take a shit I like to yell GET A LOAD OF *THIS* SONIC! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH as a nice log slips out

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 02:12:55 [Anticom #general]

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 04:12:07 [Anticom #general]

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 04:12:14 [Anticom #general]

@Yuma County delete this

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 04:54:07 [Anticom #general]

Wait am I allowed to use racial slurs here

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 04:55:08 [Anticom #general]

Am I though

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 04:56:14 [Anticom #general]

So I'm allowed to say nigger?

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 04:58:06 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 04:58:37 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 04:58:52 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 04:58:58 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 04:59:05 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 04:59:13 [Anticom #general]

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 05:00:23 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 05:01:16 [Anticom #general]

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 05:01:50 [Anticom #general]

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 05:03:01 [Anticom #general]

What the fuck I gained 10 pounds this week

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 05:03:26 [Anticom #general]

Its fat

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 05:04:00 [Anticom #general]

Fucking Easter food

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 05:04:09 [Anticom #general]

I'm already fat as it is

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 05:04:28 [Anticom #general]

Time to not eat for a couple days

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 05:05:03 [Anticom #general]

@Requiem Well you're just a piece of shit

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 05:06:17 [Anticom #general]

Btw I always pick brotherhood I just like the name

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 05:07:04 [Anticom #general]

Bad strawman

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 05:08:26 [Anticom #general]

I agree

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 05:09:15 [Anticom #general]

Guys do you think socialism works on a small scale?

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 05:10:56 [Anticom #general]

I meant it in like pure socialism

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 05:11:41 [Anticom #general]

Well, let me get the definition stand by

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 05:12:49 [Anticom #general]

The socialism I'm talking about it just worker owned industry where everyone gets paid on how much work they do

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 05:13:28 [Anticom #general]

(ignore the fact that it would be hard to compare an engineer to person on the factory line, and all the other problems)

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 05:14:07 [Anticom #general]

Ah, but commies will argue it's privately owned

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 05:14:25 [Anticom #general]

And that it's exploitation to not pay them exactly how much they produce

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 05:14:54 [Anticom #general]

Of course

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 05:15:32 [Anticom #general]

Well, took a shit and lost 5 pounds

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 05:22:12 [Anticom #general]

It works, it's less likely to be spotted by radar

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 05:22:15 [Anticom #general]

They have a point

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 05:23:15 [Anticom #general]

If you don't know they're there, how can you shoot them down 🤔

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 06:36:13 [Anticom #general]

What the fuck is this video

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 06:36:56 [Anticom #general]

@TopHatt stop larping

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 06:37:44 [Anticom #general]

Idk video reminded me of communists

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 06:39:19 [Anticom #general]

@TopHatt Hmm, I don't know

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 06:39:42 [Anticom #general]

I think it's trying too hard, but I think everything is trying too hard

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 06:40:38 [Anticom #general]

Me? I'm just going to make smoke bombs and chuck them while autistically screaming

Tinker Tom 2017-04-17 06:42:02 [Anticom #general]

>not making chlorine gas bombs

Tinker Tom 2017-04-19 03:53:13 [Anticom #general]

Is this accurate?

Tinker Tom 2017-04-19 03:53:22 [Anticom #general]

What the fuck

Tinker Tom 2017-04-19 03:54:04 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-19 03:54:06 [Anticom #general]

The fuck

Tinker Tom 2017-04-19 03:54:10 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-19 03:54:17 [Anticom #general]

Think think think

Tinker Tom 2017-04-19 03:54:20 [Anticom #general]

Who did this

Tinker Tom 2017-04-19 03:54:36 [Anticom #general]

What the fuck

Tinker Tom 2017-04-19 03:54:44 [Anticom #general]

Think more

Tinker Tom 2017-04-19 03:54:47 [Anticom #general]

Even more

Tinker Tom 2017-04-19 03:54:50 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-19 03:54:52 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-19 03:56:26 [Anticom #general]

@mona 涙 wow you kike you're here

Tinker Tom 2017-04-19 03:56:57 [Anticom #general]

@bignigbarry wow so are you

Tinker Tom 2017-04-19 03:57:03 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-19 03:57:05 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-19 03:57:16 [Anticom #general]

Tinker Tom 2017-04-19 08:29:19 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-19 09:38:10 [Anticom #general]

@tittywizard88 that tweet was a fake

Tinker Tom 2017-04-19 09:38:21 [Anticom #general]

A Photoshop

Tinker Tom 2017-04-19 09:38:38 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-19 09:38:43 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-19 11:24:11 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-19 11:26:27 [Anticom #general]

>go to post
>remember I'm banned

Tinker Tom 2017-04-19 11:27:39 [Anticom #general]

/pol/ why

Tinker Tom 2017-04-19 11:40:20 [Anticom #general]

Tinker Tom 2017-04-19 11:57:31 [Anticom #general]

Yeah, I know

Tinker Tom 2017-04-19 23:53:32 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-19 23:53:36 [Anticom #general]

Worst thing

Tinker Tom 2017-04-19 23:53:41 [Anticom #general]

About this place

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:00:50 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:00:58 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:01:21 [Anticom #general]

You do it too much

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:03:45 [Anticom #general]

Is this the libertarians for pedophilia discord?

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:04:15 [Anticom #general]

Oh ok

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:04:22 [Anticom #general]

*grabs katana*

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:04:26 [Anticom #general]

No mercy

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:04:35 [Anticom #general]

*tips fedora*

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:05:01 [Anticom #general]

Here's the thing. You said a "trilby is a fedora." Is it in the same family? Yes. No one's arguing that. As someone who is an atheist who studies euphoria, I am telling you, specifically, in atheism, no one calls trilbys fedoras. If you want to be "specific" like you said, then you should too. They're not the same thing. If you're saying "fedora family" you're referring to the euphoric grouping of le reddit army, which includes things from neckbearded gentlesirs to highly intelligent intellectual like myself.
So your reasoning for calling a trilby a fedora is because random people "say that only neckbeards wear fedoras?" Let's get Mountain Dew and Doritos in there, then, too.

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:05:38 [Anticom #general]

>mfw in hell

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:26:36 [Anticom #general]

R8 my supper

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:27:51 [Anticom #general]

Tomato was buried in the salad

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:28:11 [Anticom #general]

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:28:59 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:29:04 [Anticom #general]

I fucking hate tomatoes

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:29:08 [Anticom #general]

With my soul

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:29:14 [Anticom #general]

I forgot that I hated them

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:29:36 [Anticom #general]

Me too

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:30:10 [Anticom #general]

Oh definitely

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:30:16 [Anticom #general]

These are raw though

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:30:25 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:33:15 [Anticom #general]

Why aren't there any commie rallies in Canada (more specifically Alberta)?

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:35:21 [Anticom #general]

>Antifa worried about pepper spray
>They're the ones who always pepper spray

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:37:29 [Anticom #general]

Best defense

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:37:40 [Anticom #general]

Collapsible batons

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:38:20 [Anticom #general]

@sup no don't do that

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:38:30 [Anticom #general]

I hear thats a bad idea

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:40:23 [Anticom #general]

>implying I'm not bringing metal armor

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:40:53 [Anticom #general]

What's that

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:48:01 [Anticom #general]

>implying I'm not bringing an axe with my metal armor

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:48:08 [Anticom #general]

Come on guys

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:48:21 [Anticom #general]

Axes aren't that expensive

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:49:07 [Anticom #general]

I have one made out of iron I think

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:50:42 [Anticom #general]

You guys are thinkung laterally

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:50:46 [Anticom #general]

Or horizontally

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:50:54 [Anticom #general]

Or diagonally

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:51:12 [Anticom #general]

What you need to do is get slingshots

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:51:44 [Anticom #general]

I'll bring my bow and arrow

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:52:04 [Anticom #general]

Go out and but yourself a bow and arrow

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:52:16 [Anticom #general]

Nigger we know

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:52:29 [Anticom #general]

It's fun to fantasize

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:54:00 [Anticom #general]

Ok, we need a group of people with shields, along with multiple people holding flags.

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:54:25 [Anticom #general]

We need units units are cool

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:54:37 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 00:55:03 [Anticom #general]

Plus we would look like more of a movement if we're all together

Tinker Tom 2017-04-20 17:59:38 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 00:13:28 [Anticom #general]

Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 00:13:51 [Anticom #general]

@D3VNT wtf you have sex with kids?

Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 00:14:28 [Anticom #general]

Child fucker

Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 00:15:24 [Anticom #general]

Lolis aren't degen tho

Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 00:15:32 [Anticom #general]

Pic.not related

Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 00:19:50 [Anticom #general]

@Nivdag I hasd gas mask

Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 06:29:27 [Anticom #general]

Your favorite Jew is here!

Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 06:29:37 [Anticom #general]
Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 06:31:15 [Anticom #general]

Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 06:31:21 [Anticom #general]
Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 06:48:43 [Anticom #general]

Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 06:48:58 [Anticom #general]

What's this guy's name

Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 06:49:26 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 06:49:32 [Anticom #general]

@I'mGoingBerserk change your nickname

Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 06:49:40 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 06:50:00 [Anticom #general]

❤ u

Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 07:32:02 [Anticom #general]

Woo, getting unbanned from 4cuck tomorrow

Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 07:32:17 [Anticom #general]

Faggot ass mods

Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 07:33:15 [Anticom #general]

@Yuma County I would if I wasn't in Leafland

Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 07:33:44 [Anticom #general]

They don't have any riots or anything

Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 07:33:55 [Anticom #general]

They just kinda, do nothing...

Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 07:35:03 [Anticom #general]

@Yuma County So yeah I would but nobody riots or holds protests

Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 07:35:19 [Anticom #general]

Ah, they do protest the weed laws by smoking pot on Parliament

Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 07:35:37 [Anticom #general]

But the police don't arrest unless you're in Calgary

Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 07:35:52 [Anticom #general]

So eh, we don't do much

Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 18:06:26 [Anticom #general]

Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 18:15:23 [Anticom #general]

Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 18:15:44 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 18:15:47 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 18:16:12 [Anticom #general]

I'm the Tank

Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 21:05:27 [Anticom #general]

Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 21:06:08 [Anticom #general]

@Hernán Cortés where can I get more of those pics?

Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 21:06:25 [Anticom #general]

@human person NOT A COMPASS

Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 21:07:28 [Anticom #general]

@niggers stink that's a racist name please change it

Tinker Tom 2017-04-21 21:09:29 [Anticom #general]

Can't be rood here

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 18:40:47 [Anticom #general]

If I post your face I'll certainly be banned

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 18:41:01 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 18:41:09 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 18:41:26 [Anticom #general]

This libertarian discord is turning into authoritarian

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 18:41:31 [Anticom #general]

No memes

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 18:43:50 [Anticom #general]

@TopHatt no irony, the memes take away from our message

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 19:27:42 [Anticom #general]

@Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe you have forsaken us

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 19:28:11 [Anticom #general]

This libertarian paradise is now bleakly authoritarian

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 19:28:56 [Anticom #general]
Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 19:29:02 [Anticom #general]

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 19:29:23 [Anticom #general]
Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 19:29:28 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 19:30:02 [Anticom #general]

@Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe can't in public sorry boi

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 19:30:13 [Anticom #general]

But it was a joke my dude

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 19:30:31 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 21:11:49 [Anticom #general]

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 21:23:30 [Anticom #general]

I want a daki

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 21:23:41 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 21:27:35 [Anticom #general]

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 21:28:35 [Anticom #general]

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 21:28:53 [Anticom #general]

@Extra Crispy get tendies if you saw that dispenser

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 21:30:30 [Anticom #general]
Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 21:31:15 [Anticom #general]

@breakneckelement fish tendies from a box

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 21:31:38 [Anticom #general]

@Extra Crispy I'm sorry

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 21:31:42 [Anticom #general]

Acidic niggers

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 21:32:09 [Anticom #general]

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 21:32:17 [Anticom #general]

Drake and Josh was a good show god damn

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 21:32:44 [Anticom #general]
Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 21:32:52 [Anticom #general]

Any store just buy a box

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 21:32:56 [Anticom #general]

And cook them

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 21:32:58 [Anticom #general]

And eat them

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 21:33:04 [Anticom #general]

Oh shid

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 21:33:07 [Anticom #general]

@Brass link

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 21:35:08 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 21:35:44 [Anticom #general]

Here I'll dox myself

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 21:35:47 [Anticom #general]

Here's my face

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 21:36:17 [Anticom #general]


Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 21:36:20 [Anticom #general]

Here's my face

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 21:36:22 [Anticom #general]

Get ready

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 21:36:29 [Anticom #general]

Here it is

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 21:36:47 [Anticom #general]

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 21:37:02 [Anticom #general]

@Ḁ̢̧̡̝̭̀̓̇̈̑yeExEye unironically cut yourself

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 21:37:49 [Anticom #general]

@Ḁ̢̧̡̝̭̀̓̇̈̑yeExEye I will never be banned, bud

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 21:37:52 [Anticom #general]

Kirk is my brother

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 21:39:01 [Anticom #general]

@Ḁ̢̧̡̝̭̀̓̇̈̑yeExEye I'm joking of course Kirk isn't my brother

Tinker Tom 2017-04-22 21:41:53 [Anticom #general]

@Ḁ̢̧̡̝̭̀̓̇̈̑yeExEye But you also suck dick 🤔

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