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Bravely *Second*

Anne, I believe

and that's "Kaiser Oblivion"


unless you farm mandragora with the Promethean Fire summon like crazy, it's gonna be tough to farm to make enough progress on/with

oh, you were about.... 1/3 done the game

I recognize some of those high-profile anime series you got pics of

but props for a few Touhou ones

ah well

is it bad to find out someone's porn site password is "Ashley Madison"?

no, not mine wep; it's a joke

and yes, that looks like Yukari Takeba from P3; I don't know if it IS

that... is a picture of Kaiser Oblivion and his fairy in Bravely Second

enjoy your joke for the new FOB event

inb4 Swimsuit I just shared in nsfw

that's... more of shota

older female, underage male

I'm 25

Shantae hour huh?

the same Sakuya pic twice huh? ah well

last one is Aya Shameimaru

not an anime; Touhou Project game

(late response to Mine about Aya)

that last one is Nitori Kawashiro

... that's sad when I can recognize characters from random hentai finds

.... or alleged hentai

'fraid not

I did spot one from To Aru Majitsu no Index/To Aru no Railgun above

the last one that's an internal cumshot

wow, didn't notice that one

I didn't think I'd talk about this, but Brazzers got a thing going; "Pornstar Go"

kinda laughing because they're serious

I think that first one after my post is Korra from Legend of Korra


/weird/derpy nerd


when you realize it

darn it

I **JUST** shared that


.... in its prime

first thing that came to mind when I saw that Snake/Quiet pic above:

Fully Integrated Security Technotronic Officer

... Jesus in porn!?

inb4 Dateline

in response to your Snake NSFW


Shimakaze from KanColle

ever since Brexit, do you think folks in Europe banned any and all instances of the UN-ARC weapons?

maybe it doesn't work as I thought

I'm guessing Miller never saw a Pikachu

hand meet head


the "UN-ARC" was a joke on "United Nations" rather than "UN-ARC"

which I know is more of "EU" (European Union)

a bad joke that prolly didn't have any weight

the Pikachu haircut was self-explanatory funny

nevermind it then


My Neighbor Harambe, No Harambe No Life, Black Harambe shooter, HaHarambe's Bizarre Adventure, My Little Harambe Can't Possibly Be This Dead, No Matter How I Look at It, It's Harambe's Fault I'm Not Popular, Attack on Harambe, Dragon Ball Harambe, Fate/Stay Harambe, Harambe Art Online

dat Youmu

it's slots, a bit of roulette, a lot of luck

commemorative photos xD

nice, Iku Nagae up there



ah, no

not really; some of them I recognize

that... is Muffet up there in the undertale

didn't see that coming though

59k signatures

here's the answer:


or a last-minute Metroid game

that *looks* fun

oooh, this line of conversationI wanna continue for a bit, but sadly I need to eat


https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CqAqdkuUkAE9gZO.jpg so what do you do when you're dehydrated and in a heatwave?

`editor, who played it back then` -Translate-blender

the guy who bought... I think either 200 or 2000 Rosalina Amiibos a few years ago


he *was* a meme and talked about after that incident

I just like bringing it up when it's least expected because old humor that's forgotten is kinda funny once in a while

I have something FUNNY to share, but sadly it's ... well, dick

just look up "the emperor has no balls" on huffington post; I got a lotta laughs


not me xD

though... Re:zero isn't *that* bad an anime (so far); the rest is pretty dull from what I know

that's just a Twitter guy

I disagreed with the guy who posted that


that's what I told him

`I do have to admit that re:zero is not that bad, but it's just me. The rest are bad to my knowledge.` -me on Twitter

I'm saying that having to groundhog day after a death does test my patience a bit

that's just my personal gripe

but it's amazing overall

I know

it doesn't take away from the overall enjoyment though

but yeah, I disagreed with the guy who posted it

I watched it, I like it, and I'm waiting for episode 21

I did

...... scared the shit outta me a good number of years ago

that School Days

Evangelion... watched it

it's good

can try your patience with what they put Shinji through

tried to watch Ergo Proxy; still confused AF


..... ok, twice the fun, and twice as prone to Bill Cosby

good god, that scene caused the episode to be banned, I think

Jynx, Porygon, Whiscash (earthquake coincidence)

Dratini (for guns used)


https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CqPY8iZWAAAtIR3.jpg new No Man's Sky gameplay footage


Bastion from Overwatch existed before the game was conceived

Iron Giant

very good classic movie

that's a bastion.... but no bird

.... but *now* I see what you mean

I did


nice response xD

https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CqbyUAQWcAAuPmX.jpg wow, um... looking good there, Fox ^^'

oh, FfS

..... not gonna argue that; good point

Took a while to get this set completed

Nintendo Olympics was fun

... in seriousness though, price of PS+ gone up is coming soon

it's poking fun of something relevant though

so... anyone that pays for PS+ is gonna shell out 60$ now

ah well

to be fair

if they tranq'd Harambe

they wouldn't know how he'd react

so ... it was a lose-lose scenario regardless of tranq or kill

they needed to get the idiot child out

so the kid is gonna grow up with a permanent badge of shame

no, really

"keep him away from the zoos!"

"look out, he's the Harambe Kid!"


I'm ready to play CoD with everyone else; lemme just get this into the game

that is a CoD

yeah, it's a fish

a cod

the joke being to play Call of Duty (CoD)

but you put in a cod into the system

oh, not just me

it's a Discord problem

I hoped it was too 😦

futa: chicks with dicks

in case anyone didn't pick up on that by now

if you didn't know before, that's what it is =w=;

..... dunno why, but it's stupidly popular

he's got a point

hunger games?

I'm Rick Harrison

and THIS is my MGSV farming shitpost

you never know WHO is gonna come through that FOB wormhole

Have you ever met my Demolitions Expert, Mr. *Carl Gustav*?

here's a picture of him

I saw that

and no; that's him as bare as you can get xD

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