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countrys were asked where they think the best country in the world to live.

my father and I are abbout to into buisnes with our very close friend who is an excelent gunsmith in Illinois. we are gonna be making some good shit. ill post here when the time comes but right now its still work in progress

also i bought a FAL from DS Arms.

2018-02-15 23:13:40 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

all 9 tracks are excelent

im not catholoc or orthodox but this is a nice sound

step asside JBP

buy the PMR-30 or save monet for a custom made 1911?

not a cath but gotta countersignal your mom there

like what is wrong with confessing sins?

some good theological discourse if anyone is intrested


me on the right

everyone in this discord rn

"i want to slaughter niggers and rape them too" -breadpill

ded server

take it easy big guy

Andrew Jackson was the best president

anyone who says otherwise is a fed

i feel bad for FTN

i like McFeels

and hal;berstram

uh oh



had my first Muay Thai fight friday

i did well but lost in a decision.


if i had stuck to my boxing more i would have slaughtered him

i had it in my head that i needed to use my kicks

he just blocked most of them and waited for an opening

every jab and and cross i threw landed

there is a revgear tourney coming up in october im gonna go do that one

i think i got a concussion in that fight because i forgot everytrhing that happened

it wasnt a major concussion

the post fight medical examiner said i was fine

i probably shouldnt have taken a nap after that but its too late now.

it has been 2 days and im not dead or anything

you ARE lanius

oy vey

whats up lads?

lmao im not a fed i promise

pick meee

oy vey

hey marcus

whats the deal big guy?

oh shit

i changed my name

im The Daily Oven

@beardsonbeardly u gonna get Bro team on TWS?


you will be waiting for a long time bro

skating is gay

i have been abandoned '

jews are EPIC

dont you ever fucking forget it!

this kills the Catholic

sorry for the bad meme

whats up everyone?

Imagine being so degenerate that you join attomwaffales



chinese merchantr

selling crypto

Oy Vey

TCR was so unbearable to listen to

it was the exact same thing every day

take it easy big guy


they all have an equal chance of not winning

not entirely untre

but the alt right is gay anyway

hey. i havent been on since sunday. why did the server get renamed?

@IAmHiding oh well it doesnt matter too much to me.

thanks for the info


>having a daughter



arabs fuck their children in the ass

big oof

huge off there buddy


wait a second you look almost exactly like me

what you weight 173?


im jelly

na just fucking with ya

im meme height of 5'11

175 LB

had my first MT fight 3 weeks ago

oof im actually glad im 5'11 now

imagine believing thaT

ENN word

go to hell dirt retard

brap posters get the brick first



real autism has never been tried

not at al


tummys are whitest


im nick

retarded dirt

cocaine mitch

@bobop6 nick snubbed me again to get you on.

i am so sad rn

i saved a crow once

he was huge

golden retrievers are the happiest dogs

@Deleted User thats a shitty meme

if you do get a golden

get the more red colored one

aight church time.


sup fellas?


i just ate so much sushi

uyh huh

i think youre gay

oh hi

rome was built in 30 seconds

My dad's name is Caie. People call him mordacai

He's not even jewish

Caie is a strong Scottish name.

If she is 10 I'm 10

Nice picture of a hammerhead shark

They're dangerous predators

Where's @Gregory Malchuk at?

Haven't seen the circumcision man anywhrte

Spain is based


It's a long road


Only nibbers do that

Who is excited for amfirst and tws?

I like raping statues

You're gay

Imagine being in this server and not liking amfirst

Greatest ally greatest ally greatest ally

What is Aleppo anyway?

It's a joke

Just like vic


I'm gonna get a nice haircut and shave real soon. Can't wait

How's it going @AlGoreRhythm al?

Oh shid

Never had one of thpse

Wait not true

I am allergic to bees

If gavin shoves another butt plug up his ads maybe then he can appeal the ban


Maybe I should go suck off Milo too

The one thing I really hate about Vox Day is that he stuck with faggots like Milo and posobiac

Theodore Beale is a smart guy and I support him but he stuck with the wrong crowd

Arkhaven and infogalactic are very useful and excellent ideas.

As well as castelia house.

Nick is gonna get taged by feds or mossad. And I'm not gonna be there to protec him.

Feels bad man

Pray for nick everyone

Hammerhead sharks are cute tbh

Q predicted this.

El oh el

Fuck. Ban that cursed image

So did the guy that stole the plane crash and die? I haven't been following g the story much..

What an absolute Chad

Oy vey

"Thank you white man"

At the pub with my dad

Sams club is worse


Big black pills

I went to church today

That's a solid white pill



๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ช ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ฌ ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฒ ๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡ถ

Look at these gay flags

Only retards live in these places

Cursed as hell.

Nick needs to debate Thomas wictor on isreal

@Deleted User suck my cock nigger

It's a meme name

Imagine thinking you're gonna slay some thots when you support isreal

Orbiting isreal like a good goy



Fight me faggots


Ooga booga

I'm not even a larper

I just think the name is funny

That's me


Thanks bro

I'm an amateur Muay Thai fighter

Some proof

Uh huh.

Thanks boi


Got me

@Deleted User I showed you my physique. Show me yours


Get ducked


@Deleted User is a coward


I would slaughter you in the squared circle bro

Ban this faggot


You got me fam

I'm just insecure


Proud of you

Proud of jew

The I wish I could nuke the middle east

I would actually rather nuke cook county



I'm a super nazi

See he is ghey

He fell door a trap

I'm a virgin and proud

Volcel life

I'm 21


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