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i bought it on sale but have never even loaded the game

lol wasted money

this gaaaaaaaaaaame oh my christ

@Olli399 the long dark

sandbox is better than story but i only think that bc i got it in beta

loadsa people say the story is fab

i got it on sale while in beta i only paid like a fiver dont know how much it is now

wait for the steam sale mate

@Olli399 soz i was drawing

same name mate


fuck off mate

ooo good point thank you

its not that bad

@Olli399 youre so fuckin demanding christ

also i got ark super cheap too

hmmmmm i might even be able to run it on my computer

i used to do family share w my brother so i have access to more games

im on gtx 660ti

ay wha?

you talkin specs or what

oh pic ur gae

bc one of them rattled so i replaced it w stock and havent gotten around to replacing it yet

saw a brill vid on a guy who made a micro itx inside an xbox

imma go for ram and ssd first, then next upgrade is a niiiice lightup graphics

acrylic duh

@Olli399 my motherboard is atxxxxxxx

why on earth would you want to downsize tho

also ryzen ew

@RomanoReichert im on intel i3 6100

eh i just never got into them

@RomanoReichert got mine for like Β£65 second hand, quad core and 3.6GB, overclockable to 4.0

@RomanoReichert see if you can get something with the same socket? so my cpu is crap but fits in the same socket as the high tier i5/i7

im looking at going up to an i3 6350k, worth it for the cores boost and +0.4GB?

guys the whole assassins creed franchise is on sale on steam

i got 2, brotherhood and black flag bc they were only like Β£5 each or less

elite, solar flux, how to survive, borderlands 2, and the AC above

@Kareemstar we were already aware of this

@Kareemstar i have a fairly stubborn mindset..... might take a few years

***i hate learning new space sim controls oh my christ why would you nerf yaw***

@AstroTorch yeah I have controller, I'm not gonna try learning a new system while I still have exams tho

You didn't tell me it was ***so*** atmospheric Cow!

Also sshhhhhhh I like sleep

@AstroTorch I have thermodynamics kinetics quantum mechanics and spectroscopy tomorrow ***and I haven't even started......***

@AstroTorch chemistry but there's a huge amount of physics in it too, I've done the non-physicsy exams already

And fuckin bombed my god I'd better do well here

@AstroTorch seriously!? Wicked! And thanks man imma need it

@Pivko not yet but by the end of the course potentially

I've just gotten up I haven't even had breakfast yet

I've just this minute gotten out the shower bloody hell

@Cow is an bulli


goddamn it early game is the worst part of these types of games

i tried

Will remember thank you


I find this not fair

Hmmmmmm apparently finding wrecks and escape pods is lucrative? Yay no fighting 😊

No bc thats gae

Thats mental

This is a ridiculously pretty game god


***theres planetary approach whattfttttftttfffttttt***

@Cow go touch it

How quickly do i want to move away from the starter ship lkke what

Whats this??

Goals????? I wanna just fly around and find pretty things

I literalΔΊy cannot fight in any game im so bad

Also wtf is the nerf on yaw thats gae

I like collectung things abr mining and shit

Cant type jesus

Preeeeeeetty looks like opal

binary red dwarf system locked into a giant's grav field

thank you @Cow i have found new maybe-favourite game

the graphics make me happy i like atmospheric type games

planetshine is so pretty

@Leeroy landing on a gas giant is p tricky, surely........

i wanna get the planetshine to eclipse but thats p hard.....

tadaaaaa last one i need to go to bed it's 2am

das it i promise

gnight cunts

@Cow oh my but that pulsar tho

did you know that your average real life pulsar is somewhere in the region of 20-50km in diameter but makes a full rotation every 50-1000ms (0.05-1 second) depending on their size?

@AstroTorch if you scaled it, on earth a teaspoonful of pulsar would weigh somewhere in the region of a billion tons

@Chad The Chad that is big gay. remastered is big gay. like you.

it is depressing how into this game i am

i have an exam in 8 hours and instead of revising or sleeping......

@Cow i slept eventually i got about 4 hours and didnt revise really at all? but the exam was nice sooooo all good

and now im dooooooooooooooooooooone

@Cow nah mate i now have a week to get all my shit ready to go back home, packing shit for storage, sorting the new house, all that i have to actually be a functioning member of society now

guess whos back (back back) back again

why are planets gae

what about stars? why are they gae?



i was so fuckin close to a station aswell

no upgrades to the ship nothing

didnt even try to fight just evaded till i had enough juice to jump again

all i wanted was pretty pictures.......

@AstroTorch ***i escaped it hahahahahahhahaha***

@AstroTorch i dont like this why are they chasing meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Doing data deliver bc its lucrative


That would explain things..........

gotta go ***fast***

point was doing missions to raise funds

oooooo im on 345k

loads more than i thought

got fuckin interdiction like 3 times

no other midpoint?

nah mate i was talking chassis


you know what i mean

yeah but im in a crummy sidewinder until then

and it's not looking like fun rn

And 1mill down in one........ need to get that much first

@Cow taaaaaaaaaaasty


I do dat shit around here to get around ive clocked nearly 5 just running errands and stuff

Thats unusual

Ok i dont get to do fun cycling like that

Im like halfway into central manchester, imean there are parks and cycle routes and stuff but nothing fun like that

im blaming cow for this. entirely.

@Cow take responsibility for the monster you have created.

i like space games and atmospheric games and pretty games and this suits all 3

Brown dwarf i think?

But yeah star

Ooooooooo ive found myself a pulsar!!!!

ooops, got a liiiiiiiiiittle bit too close there, good think i had heat sinks

I was on about 98% before i even noticed and got the sink off

theres something wrong with this star system....... it seems to be made of only star.

@Cow i found an earth like planet!! 😊

what iz boi


nah fam

dont play games vicariously thanks i like to actually play

like watching people shoot things in a game? nah

i mean i cant play fps to save my life butttttttttt

@Pivko emulate boiii

@Pivko i got breath of the wild running on my pc i get higher fps than the wii u game

also i know different console but the concept stands

nah fam, i built for around 600 and keep upgrading

cemu runs damn fine now

@Sharlock93 nononononono if youre recommending based upon your name im not fuckin watching it

i was crying for HALF THE FUCKIN FILM

@Deleted User those are highly attractive shots. I approve.

***its fine i didnt need a heart in my chest anyway***

ok cool the two worst creatures in the game and theyre between me and where i need to go ***this is fine***

@Cow and thus it begins.......

@Benelux from elite dangerous. A vidya game. Hence being in the vidya game channel.

thanks dad 😊

@Cow yknow this whole data delivery thing is rather lucrative........

Whixh was the ship i was supposed to get? Might even have enough now...

Thank youuuuuu

lol i wasnt paying attention to my cr aaaaaaaand...

last i checked i was on like 200k

already have a few i put in my sidewinder

ah well moneis

im clear.......... just

long as i dont get pulled into interdiction ***so fuckin much***

i dont fight like ever that shit gae

~~by which i mean im a massive coward sooooooo~~



Nah if i can avoid i will fuck combat

Hmmm i think imma stick to sp then

Presumably thats why the heatsinks are there tho? Vent heat quick as possible to reset cooldown?

Imean logically it would work like that buttttttttt

Does it not work for FSD heat? Gae

***o h g o d***


found it!


i want colours. but money. hmph.

but ***money***


i like colours

whats the point of having a student loan if youre not gonna be dumb w it, huh.........


Yknow how i had loadsa credits before? I dont anymore.

***g a e***

is that not a motto for life tho


i want death why am i like this

im so sorry guys

Minings fun

***i did.***

well yeeaaaaahhhhhh........

yeah but if it looks nice too.....

omg my poor computer is dying


havent put my ssd in yet

havent got the modular cables with me

***bloody fuck***

i quite like missions tho, you get a decent path up w some datadeliveries and just keep adding to the chain n hooray money!


tadaaaaa colours

does sound like fun

Can you transfer over?

Throw them a bone then crush their hopes and dreams?

Y u bulli poor pirates

Mean cow

Sounds like ***fun***



***totally just got too close to a star lol***

I mean im good at this game what

*everything is awful, everything is awful when you fly into suns...~*

thats about the view i got

Im more a skinny jeans kinda gal

Easier to find well fitting skinnies than any other cut surprisingly

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