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2018-05-29 03:19:32 UTC [Dank Brigade #content-promotion]  

Chill talk server

2018-06-25 15:28:17 UTC [Dank Brigade #music]  

Dont play songs about a made up place

Dick guns

Tbh make a gun you can hide by your dick

Boot gun?

Never understood the alure of the five seven

I just want a Springfield gold match .40


Get a flintlock

Just have that hanging around

Idk if you can find 10mm as much as .40

Kinda wanna stockpile it too

Dont get chilean shit


Silver is a good investment

Get whats avaible


I have about 5 thousand in .223 that i just wanna use

The shotgun?

I need a mag feg shotgun

Chinesium sucks ass

So will a nugget

I want a grand

Nice polymer stock

Fuck that

I would only get .458 in a bolt rifle

I got a new gas mask

Nice acme no.6 one


I inherited it

Go look it uo


Oh acme has one

Only shows eyes

You want the full face one like they use for painting

Acme no. 4 is a full lense @Brae


I hate mosins

M1 garands are where its at

Fals are awesome


My acme no.6 gas mask


.22 is cheap rn

Like .07 a round near me


Also i just inherited a fuck ton of ammo

@Brae get the isreali variant

Best one

But it will run through anything

Like a old ak

Tbh fals are great survival guns

Im doing a huge range day with my uncle

Like full day non stop gun


Never used one

Whats your buget and country

Ok your good


Go to a big millitary gun shoot

Also what state


If yes then go to knob creek they got some real nice parts and other fun stuff

They also sell a fuck ton of fertlizer in bags

And other goodies

Also ohio sucks ass

Reeloy are you a britbong


You cant get any nice guns in uk

No are u in lower ohio @Brae

What actions tho

Could you get a slam fire?

Like the ithaca 37

.17hmr too?

I dont like 22 winmag

To hard to find

17 hmr is rim just is faster then winmag i think

I never shot a .338 lapua

Gun brokers nice too @CJH

Can find anything on that site


You wanna immigrate? @Leeroy

Easy for Europeans to

Stick to rual places

Urban centers limit stuff

What climate would suit you

What degree are you going for

Cus education helps getti g you in

Yeah your probs gonna get in if you move

Idk if you can take guns out of uk

What guns do you want to move?

Save up longer then

Wait a month and shop around

Also guess how much this gas mask i got is worth


With filter like 250

I have both

But its a heirloom

But i would like more filters


Also i just got kevelar

Level 3a

Russian ones are garbo

Isreali has some good ones

Get adult large

You can strap it down

Filters are cheap and last a bit

Like 20-40 dollars

Are you m or f

Ok it should work

They always have some at surplus stores

Isnt that chez


Thats russian

Garbo in my opinion

Cant see shit

Fuck whats that game where every operator wears kevlar masks


Old ps3 game


Army of two @Brae

Like those ones

I would buy one for fun

How much do they run

Look up gsm

Its like 80 usd but nice quality



Us dollar

I want a m80 mask


Expensive af tho


You cant get them from america



Someone buy me a olive gren drab duffle bag

Ist fuckin rare tho like $200 dollars for a museum piece @Kareemstar

Here i go

Ok joe dirt @Brae



@boringmoon what do you think this is worth



The mps

Military police

My grandfather was one in jersey during nam

Keeping the peace in barracks

How does one put military stock letters on canvas bags?

Why would i want to ask /k/mandos

K just nigger rigs stuff

Shooting or carry? @RedWinter83

Ruger 9mm lcp

Nice a good price


Get a reg 22





Now to beat minoritys


I need another gas mask

A diffrent

I wanna get the new german m65 drauger

I dont want one of those

I like military ones

I got a isreali one and a acme no. 6 ome

Nice @Leeroy how good is the filter

Full vision is nice

I need respirator to clean out grain bins what one should i get thats good and cheap

Probs gonna need a ppm 10 one

And i can reuse the filters if i can get them clean with getting all the dust out of them

Just look up the model number

Gerber 20133


@CIA i bet their all gas operated



30 30 is nice

30 30 is a good coyote round


Are shotshell boxes worth it?

@Carl Volt no its a range box i bought that holds shotgun shells

I need a new range bag boys

Find me a good cheap one

I had one but its mia rn

Still lookinh

Ok thanks

I got a couple of black talons rn

If you want some just buy winchesters rangers stx its just the same just dif nam @Carl Volt

I can if you want tomorrow

What angles

I had some .44s but lost them

So mad rn


Its like 200 bucks for one box of bts

Im never shooting these ones

@Carl Volt check out local gun shows theres always a box or two their


I will see if i can get photos


It will be tomorrow at the earliest

Night est

Any other ammos you want me to look for

Any specific ones


Ask carl


If to gov then yes

I want a new ballstic helmet but im poor fag

@Carl Volt hows the prototypes

2018-10-20 22:48:20 UTC [Dank Brigade #cancer-shitposting]  


Found an old book on war gear from ww2

@Carl Volt any progress?

What filter does this one use


Its a acme no6

@Bald Eagle Jerk shell prices?

What load

2018-10-25 20:44:56 UTC [Dank Brigade #cancer-shitposting]  

What are you on about kork


2018-10-27 02:48:30 UTC [Dank Brigade #cancer-shitposting]  


2018-11-01 22:03:01 UTC [Dank Brigade #cancer-shitposting]  

You cockeyed fuck @lolfire

@Carl Volt any idea on eta


Looks like a stevens 520

Ye then its a steven savage 520


2018-11-02 23:26:14 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Hi hammond

2018-11-02 23:27:16 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-11-02 23:27:30 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-11-02 23:28:49 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-11-02 23:28:56 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Got kicked for it

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